Honor is back with Google services! Apple is in first place, Is it a conspiracy against the Chinese companies? and more…😈

02.02.2021 at 06:00 pm

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Is it a conspiracy against the Chinese companies?

How dare Chinese companies produce a new technology that the US companies didn’t do before?

Is this technology safe or not?

And Apple is number one, and unfortunately, Huawei is out of sight, and no one talks about it! 😅

Let’s start this News article, which contains lots of conspiracies. Peace be upon you all. your coffee as always and focus with this new Science and Technology news.😈

This article is full of conspiracy theories. There will also be technologies that might not see the light.

First, I’ll start with the wireless charging technology and explain few things about it.

Wireless charging has been available for many years. It works by placing your device on a wireless charging base. The device must be very close to the base, at least not more than 0.5cm away from it. When the two devices are near each other, the charging will start, and when they’re away, the charging will stop. »

And now, we have a new technology called real wireless charging. Where the smartphone could be away from the base but the charging will not stop. Mi Charge from Xiaomi can be placed in a room and it’ll charge all the devices in it. The charing speed will be 5W. It’s not that fast, but with time, To clarify, this charger will have antennas that sends beams of energy to charge other supported smartphones.

There will also be similar smaller antennas in the smartphone. The antennas will receive the signals and start wireless charging. The charger can be placed in any room, and it’ll start wirelessly charging supported devices. The current devices we have now don’t support this charger.

Smartphones should have antenna receivers to support real wireless charging and should be from the same company. Because this new technology hasn’t been standardized yet. If you cover the antennas, the charging might be interrupted.

They shouldn’t be covered so that the wireless charging can work properly.

There are reports that cast shadows on this technology. But official websites confirmed that covering these antennas will interrupt the charging process.

The charging efficiency will be interrupted, and probably the thing cover the atenntas will be affected, too. Is this wireless charger safe or not? It hasn’t been confirmed yet.

We’ve used to these technology to be issued first in the US or Europe or places who thoroughly study them for side affects. For these technologies to be approved, they have to go through a very long process of registration and safety and so on.

After the technology gets approved, it’ll be mature, safe and ready to be used. If not, the company will be vulnerable in courts. By doing this, they protect themselves more than anything else, i know that because i am a legal law man.😈

Also, Xiaomi didn’t announce when this technology will be officially available in the market. They also didn’t confirm which devices will support it. But they confirmed that it’ll continue to be developed where one charger can be used in home instead of in every room.

Or even one charger in the whole floor or even building, so that all devices can be wirelessly charged. 5W charging speed isn’t fast, but the device will keep charging all day long. If your’e at home, then the charger will work all the time. This is not a problem. But saggy is the main concern, which no one can prove yet.

Motorola announce a similar technology, too. They tried to charge two devices wirelessly and the experiment was a success. They proved that they can manufacture this technology. Sometimes, technologies can be great.

They also might compete and win with other technologies in the market. If a company announces a new technology, they’ll dominate its market. They’ll have a monopoly over it.

Most companies don’t like this, especially US companies. We’ve seen what happened with Xiaomi and Huawei from the US. We’ve seen the amount of attach they’ve received. Do you think Samsung and Apple will announce similar technologies to this true wireless charging technology?

We’ll start to hear more news about this real wireless charging technology soon. I’ll wait and see what happens next, because the theory of this technology has been circulating for more than 12 years.

Let me now discuss other news:😈

Honor’s CEO confirmed that the company is coming back to compete. They’ll get Google services support, which means we’ll see technology from them inspired by Huawei technologies. I don’t think the cooperation between both companies will stop any time soon. Which means that Honor devices will come with technologies from Huawei.

I am excited for this comeback. I’ve received the SD888 version of the Ultra device. Up until now, it’s been really strange.

One time the Qualcomm version is better. Other times the Exynos version is better.

For me, use and not just numbers will show which version is better than the other. We had an experiment that proved that Exynos version is way better than the Qualcomm version. But after that, the Qualcomm version received an update and I am not sure if it was by chance or not.

After the update, the Qualcomm version was slightly better, the Exynos version received a new software update. Both devices were receiving software updates because the device has just been released. Of course there’ll be updates.

We should know which one is better than the other. The information you all requested so far is about the charging and battery. And whether the device gets hot or not.

Also, about multitasking. And whether they device gets hot during gaming or not. And of course, the battery and power efficiency. Both devices come with different CPUs, but both claim that they’re better in power consumption. If you’d like me to test more things, let me know in the video description and I’ll gladly do it.

Samsung has started to provide foldables screens, whether vertical or horizontal folding to 3rd party companies. Which means that the company is open to compete with other devices similar to the Z Fold and Z Flip. I expect that many companies will release foldable devices in 2021.

I also expect that this technology will spread more and and more and the prices will be more affordable. Apple is number one in sales in 2020. They’ve sold more than 91 million devices.

Thus, being number one in sold devices. Who was the number one two years ago? Huawei.

By they’ve been fought. The result now is that Apple is deservedly number one in sold devices in 2020. We’ll see more statistics from specialized sites soon. »

We’ll also see whether Huawei will continue being able to compete or not. Xiaomi officially announced that they’re sueing the US government because of the laws against it imposed lately. They confirm that their business is legal and shouldn’t be added to the US blacklist. It’s not acceptable, and we know that this step from will be success if everything goes according to their plan.

Hopefully, what happened to Huawei won’t happen to them. I still wait for Huawei’s comeback to compete and enjoy their technologies and ability to compete. I am working on a new comparison between the S21 Ultra and Huawei Mate 40 Pro. This comparison will be done with the Exynos version.

The details of this comparison is interesting. Both devices bring lots of camera and zoom capabilities. But one of them deservedly wins.

Despite the fact that the OS point goes to the Samsung. You should watch this comparison. It’s coming next week.

A Washington Post report shed light on theApple’s App Store. It mentioned how the nutrition label isn’t accurate.

Famous apps have nutrition labels showing the amount of data they collect. But the report writer found a game that collects more data than it shows in the nutrition label. This means that the nutrition label isn’t 100% accurate. This means that the focus is on big companies. But smaller companies, they can collect data and share it with Google and Facebook since their users are limited. They also could be the secret behind this game.

Hyundai are not happy with the decision Apple will take by manufacturing their car in the US. This means that the Apple Car will be completely built in the US.

They won’t depend on 3rd party companies like Hyundai or others. Instead, they’ll manufacture it in the US.

Apple knows that this move of manufacturing the car in the US will be 100% successful. Even though, this will be reflected on the price of the car, since it’ll be made in the US, which means more expensive human force.

This also means that this car won’t be produced with huge volume and its price will be high. Will this car come with speakers?

Do you also have to pay extra for AppleCare?


The car will come without a screen but there’ll be 3 rear cameras. This is the end of this news article guys. thank you for your visit, there are so many news and review soon, don’t miss it.

See you soon.😈