High capabilities in photography and wired and wireless charging of 100 watts! Honor Magic4 Pro! 😱

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We’ve been waiting for such a device for so long, and it has now finally arrived. This device replaces the beloved Mate device. In this review, I’ll give you the full details. This device offers a great camera experiment. It has an excellent battery and supports wired and wireless charging with 100W. Let me introduce you to the Honor Magic 4 Pro. It should’ve been called Mate 40, though. Anyway, let me start discussing this device.

As soon as we saw this device, we all said that the Mate series are back. But this time, it is made by Honor. Honor was part of Huawei before, but now they’re a separate company, and their devices support Google services. Honor isn’t known to offer premium devices, but this device is one of them, which is great. With this method from Honor, they’ll fill the gap that has been left by the Mate 40 device.

The Mate device was an excellent device, but it didn’t support Google services. But this Honor Magic 4 Pro device brings everything with it. I’ll discuss the pros and cons of this device in this review. And with our new approach, I’ll discuss the pros and cons before reviewing the device.

Pros: 😍

The design is beautiful and reminds us of the Mate 40 from Huawei. It has a good battery with fast charging support whether it being wired or wireless. Later in this video, I’ll discuss more details about it. The camera performance is satisfactory. Honor also created their own camera modes. The device offers excellent gaming and daily use performance.

Cons: 😣

In our market, it is only available with 256GB storage. Honor also offers a great offer that also reminds me of Huawei. The device also doesn’t support an SD card. With this new method, where I give you the summary of the device before reviewing it, I saved you time. Let me know if you like this new method.

Let me now start discussing the device:😜

The device is made from glass with a metal frame that is thinner than previous generations. The back is shiny and reflective. There’s also a circular modular to house the rear cameras. The front is curved with a 93.5% screen to body ratio. There’s also a punch hole to house the front facing cameras. The device supports IP68 water and dust resistant. The thickness of the device is 9.15mm, which is thicker than other competitors.

The reason behind its thickness is the great hardware inside it. It weighs 215g. It feels good in the hand, and it can be used one-handed, though it might be a little painful. The CPU is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with 8 cores and 4nm architecture with 5G support.

The GPU is the Adreno 730. In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 994 points for the single core and 3388 points for multicores. Here’s where the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors. With software updates, the results might be different. PUBG game started with the smooth settings with the highest frames, and ti was smooth and responsive.

In most cases, the frames were fixed at 60fps. The gaming experience is excellent. PUBG game must support 120fps, not the device manufacturer. The device supports high refresh rate, and I’ll discuss the details later. As soon as game and app developers support high refresh rate, their apps and games will work perfectly with this device.

The device supports a technology called Dual ETE, developed in cooperation with Qualcomm. It is basically a protection system. This technology will enhance data protection. The battery is 4600mAh. It supports fast charging with 100W using the SuperCharge technology. It fully charges from 0% to 100% in 36 minutes based on the experiments we’ve conducted here.

Some of you might wonder why don’t premium device come with batteries bigger than 5000mAh? It is because the CPU are built using a better architecture to save more energy. Some manufacturers tend to prefer to add more technologies to their devices than adding bigger batteries. Some of us, however, prefer bigger batteries. The device also supports wireless charging with 100W using the SuperCharge technology. But to benefit from it, the wireless charger must support 135W. Based on our experiments, the battery charges wirelessly from 0% to 100% in 46 minutes.

The battery fully charges wirelessly in less than an hour! For this technology to work, the charger must be 135W. But why is that?😵

It is because of the wasted energy caused by heat. That’s why the charger must be 135W to fast charge with 100W. The device also supports reverse wireless charging. The screen is curved and it is 6.81″ in size. It is an OLED panel, and it is called LTPO Quad-Curved Display. The resolution is 2848×1312. It supports more than 1073 million colors. It also supports DCI-P3 with 100%. It supports HDR10+ as well. The screen is IMAX Enhanced certified. The device has a dedicated chip to enable MEMC technology. This technology enhanced the frame rates in supported content. For example, videos with 30fps will play with 60fps. The device supports a technology called Self-Adaptive HDR Rendering. This technology enhances videos to make them support HDR for better colors and contrast.

The results, however, may vary, depending on the quality of the video itself. After experimenting with it, the screen offers natural and beautiful colors with high contrast. It is excellent even with low light content. It is one of the best flagship screens with all the specs and features it supports. It supports 120Hz refresh rate, which provides high fluidity and smoothness with supported content. It also supports Adaptive refresh rate.

While browsing photos, the refresh rate will drop to 1Hz to save more battery. But with content that supports higher refresh rate, such as games, it’ll be 60Hz or 120Hz. We’ve seen this technology before introduced by companies such as Samsung, vivo and others. But with this device, there’s an additional feature called PWM. This technology supports 1920Hz. This feature minimizes eye fatigue even in low light places.

This technology will reduce screen flickering, especially in places with low light. This will ensure less eye stressing in low light places. The device comes with 4 rear cameras with Ultra Fusion support from Honor. The cameras support AI photography. The first camera is 50MP with a 1/1.56″ sensor from Sony. And since it is a big sensor, it excellently withdraw light to enhance the photography experience.

The second is the 50 Ultra Wide camera with Macro support. The third is a 64MP periscope camera. The fourth is the dToF sensor for better isolation and depth. This dToF sensor provides better performance than the regular ToF sensors. It offers similar functionality to Apple devices.

The front facing camera is 12MP and it has 3D sensors for better depth performance. How do these cameras perform?🧐

The main camera offers great performance, colors and light withdrawal. Here are some samples of it. The colors are warm, and the saturation is satisfactory. In general, the camera performance is excellent. The Ultra Wide supports 122 degrees of view. The details are very good, and the colors are bit cold. But it depends on different circumstances such as photo processing. In general, the camera performance is satisfactory. In portrait photos, the isolation is excellent. The reason is because how efficient the cameras are in light withdrawal.

In general, the performance is satisfactory. The zoom camera support optical zoom up to 3.5x with excellent results. It also supports Hybrid zoom with up to 10x with very good results. It also supports 100x digital zoom, but the quality will degrade since it uses software. The low light photography is satisfactory. Even in extremely low light scenarios, the device manages to take good photos. It also supports recording 4K@60fps with satisfactory results.

The videos will be a little bit shaky, but it does its job well. There’s a mode called Film that supports 4K videos with HDR10+. There’s also another mode called iMAX, and it is similar to RAW videos. It is great for professional who require this kind of technology.

The front facing camera offers great and saturated colors with a little bit of skin beautification. Portrait photos are good. In general, the performance is satisfactory and won’t disappoint you at all. Since the front facing camera has a dedicated 3D sensors, it’ll be great for unlocking the device. It is great that there are companies who are enthusiasts about adding 3D sensors to Android devices. The device supports dual sim cards and is available with 256GB storage and 8GB RAM. It runs Android 12 with the Magic OS 6 from Honor.

Let me know what does this new OS remind you of. The OS is simple and easy to use with lots of shortcuts from Honor. The device fully supports Google services. It is really great that Honor is back with devices that support Google services. The device supports a feature called AI Privacy Call. This feature minimize audio leak while making phone calls. Others around you won’t be able to listen to your phone calls. The device supports bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 6. But to benefit from WiFi 6, your router must support it. But it works with all older versions of WiFi as well. It supports NFC to enable different payment methods, such as STC Pay. It has a responsive in-display fingerprint sensor. It also supports unlocking using the 3D sensors, which is also secure.

Devices with front 3D sensors are a scarce. The device comes with dual stereo speakers with DTX: Ultra sound support. After experimenting with it, the speakers offer great and satisfactory audio experience. The bass is also satisfactory. The box includes the device, clear cover, fast charger and a charging cable.

The price of the device starts from 1065, USD. If you preorder one, you’ll get gifts that cost 1077 usd. The gifts includes the warranty, which you won’t have to register by calling the company. Other gifts costs 780 USD. This is a great opportunity for Honor to compete in the flagship category.

Let me know what other devices should I compare this device with. This has been my full review of the Honor Magic 4 Pro 5G device. Make sure to evaluate your needs before you make a decision.

See you later.😻

Written by:

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