Happy News Year 2021!🍻🥂 Your inquiries about #HUAWEIFreeBudsStudio⁉ 😈

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Guys, Happy New Year 2021, i hope the new year will be better 🥂, In this article, I’ll answer your questions regarding the FreeBuds Studio headphones. your dring and Let’s start.😈

This is a new « Your Inquiries » article, but this time, it’ll be about the FreeBuds Studio headphones. This headphones is the first over-ear headphones from Huawei. They’ve brought a number of new technologies they invented to this new headphones.

These technologies were developed and adopted by them such as mic, Noise Cancelation, surround sound and so on. I received these questions in the review video and the comparison video between it and the Bose 700 headphones.

Do you think they can compete with manufactures such as Sony, Sennheiser and Bose?🤔

😈 Practically, they can compete, yes. If you have a number of new technologies, you can put them in a new product that can be beneficiary to users. And this is what Huawei have done.

Let’s not forget that the FreeBuds and FreeBuds Pro from Huawei are very popular. This means that these headphones come with great specs and features. And yes, they can simply compete with other manufactures.

Huawei have used lots of technologies in these headphones. They’ve created a new competition, especially with their prices. This means that customers can afford these headphones with these technologies that they pack.

I’d like to travel in plane and use it. Does Noise Cancelation work as the Sony headphones, since the Sony’s are expensive?🤔

😈 Actually, I could travel to test them, But Noise Cancelation is excellent in them. We’ve tried it with Noise Cancelation turned on, and it was excellent. It competes with the Sony and is very close to the Bose.

Sometimes, it won the Noise Cancelation test, other times the Bose won. But its performance in correlation to its price is excellent. This headphones supports 3 different Noise Cancelation modes.

The modes are: General, Ultra and Cozy, The Ultra mode will be excellent in planes and trains.

General mode will be excellent for cafe shops, restaurants and places with little noises. Cozy mode will be great in libraries, offices and so on. You can use the FreeBuds Studio with your iPhones. You can pair them as a bluetooth headphones. You can also use them on Android devices.

You can pair it using Huawei’s AI Life app, and it is available on Android devices and Huawei devices, of course. The right ear cup supports touch gestures. I made a full review on how to use these gestures in a separate review article.

Is it comfortable to use, especially after a long time? Does it cause ear fatigue? 🤔

😈 Let me explain this to you, since these headphones come with a leather-like ear cushions. Every manufacturer advises to take a break for 5 minutes for ears comfort.This is the correct way of using headphones.

If you read the instruction manual of the Sony, Bose, Sennheiser you’ll find the same thing. For me, I’ve these headphones to be comfortable to use. This leather-like material is comfortable.

With time, you’ll be able to use it for long periods of use. I wore it for 5 or 6 hours. The experiment was excellent.

How does the mic perform on these headphones? How long does its battery last?🤔

😈 Let me start with the battery: Charging it for 1 hour will provide 24 hours of listening without Noise Cancelation activated. Or 20 hours of listening with Noise Cancelation enabled. Charging it for 10 minutes will provide 8 hours of listening without Noise Cancelation. Or 5 hours of listening with Noise Cancelation enabled.

It is good for PUBG and PC games? Does it work with PS consoles? 🤔

😈 Yes, they’re bluetooth headphones, It’ll work with any bluetooth enabled device. It supports bluetooth 5.2, which means you can connect it on two different devices at the same time. This means connecting it to any device that supports bluetooth an excellent and easy step. Latency will be even less with bluetooth 5.2, Which is great for users. The FreeBUds Studio is an example of this.

Can you compare it with the AirPods Max? 🤔

😈 Comparisons take a lot of effort an time. I can’t make a comparison between them in this artilce guys, A comparison article requires lots of experiments and requires a dedicated article.

But why not? I could compare both of them. In the past years, Huawei brought excellent headphones and they bring lots of developments with them. I also expect the Huawei will released a FreeBuds Studio Lite version of this headphones.

And there’s a possibility that they’ll release a Pro version, too. My experience with Huawei is that with every product they make, there will be 3 versions of it. Norma, Lite and Pro versions.

This means that there’s a space for development for these headphones. These products will be offered to users with great prices. When choosing to buy a headphones, you should consider few things. The tech supported in these headphones, and whether you’ll need them or not.

Also, the device you’ll be pairing the headphones with. If you travel a lot, then then the Noise Cancelation Ultra mode will be excellent for you.

You’ll also need other things such as cables to connect it to the ports int he plane, If your headphones of choice are practical, then it’ll be excellent for you.

Having a protection bag with the headphones is also excellent. Unfortunately, the AirPods Max doesn’t come with a bag! Rather, it comes with a smart case. And for sure accessory manufacturer will make a protection bag for it, and I’ll let you know when they do.

And of course, Audio is a big department. It’s hard for a company to release a product and then control the market with it. But it’s their right to compete. And it’s also their right to provide users with everything they need.

We’ve seen how companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi and many other companies have risen. This is what I aspire from Huawei and other companies by providing us with more technologies.

This is the end of this article, Happy new year and see you in the next review and news articles.😈🍻