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Review 61: December 24-2020, at 00:00 Am

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Lovers games, lovers PS5, hello and bring your coffee, In this review, I’ll review the PS5 accessories, Sony released a number of new accessories, let me introduce you to these accessories so, let’s goooo…😈

The first accessory is the charging base, which Sony calls DualSense Charging Station, It is a charging base for the controllers, It comes with a smaller and simpler design, It of also more beautiful than the PS4 charging base.

The design is beautiful, and its size is reasonable. The colors of it go along with the PS5 colors. The base comes has two slots for charging two controllers. At the bottom, there’s a power port, and you can connect the cable it in a good way.

The box contains the base, charging cable, wall adapter and instruction manual. The charging cable’s length is nearly 2m. It charges with the same speed as charging the controller with the PS5 itself, It charges the controller from 0% to 100% in 3 hours.

The base is a good solution if you want to save PS5 ports for other accessories, Because you could use these ports to connect external storage or a bluetooth piece for headphones of even the camera.

You can also use it to connect a VR piece and other accessories.

Sometimes, you’re forced to buy a base because of the decoration since it looks beautiful, If you need the ports for other accessories or for aesthetics reasons then this charging base is a good option for you. The base costs 40.00 USD.


you can charge two controllers at the same time and save the port on PS5 for other accessories. Also, the design is honestly beautiful.


the cable isn’t long enough and it only charges two controllers at the same time, This is while I am being very thorough.

Let me now discuss the second accessory:

It the the remote controller, It is called PS Media Remote, It is a remote controller for the PS5, With this remote, you can use the PS5 as an entertainment device. Not just a gaming console.

The PS5 becomes similar to the Apple TV device or Chromecast or other devices from the same category.

The design of the remote is good, and comes with familiar buttons, It comes with the square buttons, OK button and volume rockers. There’s also a on/off button, remind/forward button and others.

At the bottom, there is 4 different button, each one is dedicated to a different platform, The buttons are for Netflix, Disney+, Youtube and Spotify, At the bottom, there’s a Home button. And there’s another small Push button. It is for opening the cover to change the batteries.

When paired with the PS5, you can also control supported TVs. You can change the volume and turn on/off the TV, And if your TV is connected using the E-Arc port, then your TV will be good. If there’s a sound bar that comes with the TV, then you can also control it.

But it has to be supported first.If you want to use your PS5 as an entrainment device, then this remote is a good choice for you. It costs 40.00 USD, and here’s a list of other currencies.


it is great for entertainment.


removing the back cover is a bit annoying, It is safe, but still annoying. The price for some users could also be a bit high, Since the functionality of the remote is limited.

Let me now discuss the PS5 Sony Pulse 3D headphones:

It is headphones released by Sony with the PS5, It is a surround headphones that provide a unique experience with gaming.

The design is modern and goes along with the design of the PS5. It comes with silicon headband to adjust to different head sizes.

The headphones come with lots of buttons. There’s on/off button and another on/off button for the mic.

There’s volume rockers and TV on/off button. There’s also another button to change the audio source from games to chat and vise versa. The headphones come with a USB-C port for charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack in case you want to use it wired.

There’s two mic holes at the top and bottom of it, The headphones is compatible with 3D audio found in PS5, But if you want to buy this headphones only for this feature, then don’t, as your phone’s headphone probably support it, But you have to make sure whether it is supported or not.

Also, make sure 3D audio is tuned on PS5 to fully enjoy it. In general, this feature will provide a unique experience. Yo can listen to the audio from the right to the left. It is somehow similar to spatial audio.

The headphones provide a unique gaming experience, but to buy it or not depends on the headphones you currently have. If your headphones is from this category, then it probably supports 3D audio technology. But if you want a headphones compatible with PS5, then this headphone is a good choice for you.

The box contains the headphones, charging cabe, 3.5mm cable and a USB bluetooth piece. It costs 133.33 USD in most stores.


it has a modern design that goes along with PS5, good audio with 3D Audio compatibility.


it is a bit expensive and might not fit all ears.

Let me now discuss the last accessories in this review:

It is the PS5 HD Camera, It is special camera for recording and streaming with high quality using the PS5 device. It is not meant for VR.

The design of the camera is beautiful and goes along with the design of the PS5. They both have the same identity, It comes with a base to be installed on TVs, but part of the screen will be covered by the camera’s base, It also comes with a long cable, which is excellent.

The device comes with 2 lenses capable of shooting 1080p videos, But why two lenses? To benefit from the PS5 software and features such as face recognition. The camera will be able to record your face and track it. It also help in isolating the background among many other features during steaming, It might also receive new features with future software updates.

The camera provide good and clear images, But what’s important is the software that allows steaming, which will be excellent with this camera, It is called Share Factory, This software comes with great video editing capabilities.

You can add transitions to the clips with excellent effects, It supports lots of features, When it comes to streaming, it is easy with the PS5. Just choose the platform you want to steam on, check the options and start streaming.

There are lots of steaming options. I advise you to check them. As I said before it is not a VR camera. VR camera is different.

The box contains the camera and the attached cable, It costs 80.00 USD.


the resolution and the steaming app are amazing.


it doesn’t support VR, Why would I have to cameras, one for VR and the other for steaming?

These are PS5 accessories, Choose what you prefer.

Would you like me to review other accessories?

Let me know in the comment section and I’ll gladly do it.😈

See you soon in the next reviews.😍