GT2 PRO! Review 🤡

Blog 38: November 09-2020, at 04:30 pm

One hour with battery lasts for two weeks! How does this matter? Why does the watch come with two bracelets?

These two bracelets are leather and another type, Let’s follow the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro:

Hello Guys, this is fast review to the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro, It is a new watch that was announced at the recent Huawei conference.

The same conference in which it announced the Huawei Mate 40 and its entire series, Let me along to discuss the design, It is closely related to the previous designs, but feels bigger.

As it appears that Huawei has changed the colors under the metal frame, making the colors close together, The buttons are more elegant and have a convex feel.

The metal used is titanium, And the color of the skin is consistent with it to give a smooth look.

The biggest different advantage between the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro and other Huawei watches is the wireless charging feature, Now the charging is completely wireless.

The base for wireless charging comes without the copper heads through which you know what the charging is like, So it is charging wirelessly.

You can charge it with the same charger in the box or via any charger that supports Qi technology, Or you can charge it through your mobile phone if it supports the reverse wireless charging feature.

The screen size is 1.39 inches, with a resolution of 454 x 454, because it is circular, The screen is of the type of AMOLED, And definitely touch support.

The watch weighs approximately 52 grams without the bracelet itself, The watch has 4GB internal storage and comes with the Kirin A1 processor. And it supports the speakerphone to answer calls and also supports water resistance.

And the battery is supposed to, God willing, last for a long period of up to two weeks, But here it is explained, according to usage, The more you use the internal sensors, for example in the case of daily running, you will notice that the battery will last less than two weeks.

And that remains, if the battery lasted for one week, it would be nice, From experience, charge the battery once a week, or charge it whenever the battery reaches 30 or 50 percent.

A moment before I finish, I’d like to make a comparison between this hour and another, Tell me which watch you want to compare with Also, subscribe and activate alerts to get this comparison.

Let me now give you an overview of the sensors in it, There is a sensor to measure acceleration and heart rate. There is a sensor to measure air pressure and a sensor to measure psychological pressure.

But you need to do it from the phone through the health app, You can also measure blood oxygen saturation.

As for sports, there are many sports styles such as walking, cycling, swimming, and others.

Two bracelets come in the box: one made of leather and the other made of silicone, similar to plastic.

There is also a USB-A to USB-C cable that is used for charging, There is also a wireless charging dock, You must find a supported charging head to charge this watch.


It fully supports all languages and you can link it with any system, whether Android or iPhone.

You can link the headphones to the watch itself and then link it to your phone.

But I always recommend that the smart watch and the smartphone be from the same manufacturer, except in exceptional cases.

This will make the harmony between them very great, Also the battery is excellent and it lasts for a good time. The battery lasts more than a week with this screen size which is a good thing.

As for the things that you wished were better, you wished that the buttons were more effective by controlling them.

For example, it has a rotating calf like a traditional watch.

Currently, these buttons are only for choosing between menus and playback. I also hope that the warnings will come in full according to their accumulation.

For example, if there is more than one WhatsApp alert, you can read them all. A watch update may come to enable this.

Soon, there will be more experiments and updates on the same watch.

The end of the article, I see you well guys.