Group of BOSE Products Germany 😍! it’s nice to listen your favorite songs with it? 😈

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Before I start this article guys, let me tell you that these devices cost 1000 USD! ( Oh my mony! 😅), I’ll review a number of products from the German company Bose, All of them have to do with audio, but one with visuals and audio. your hot cup coffe and welcome to OTTO Magazin, Let’s get to know them together.😈

First, let me start with the Bose 700 headphones:

It is an over-ear headphones with a light and elegant design. The material are from aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. It also comes with comfortable ear cushions. The arms are made from stainless steel. The arm size is adjustable. The right ear cup comes with a pairing button, and personal assistant button. On the left ear cup, there’s a button to change between different Noise Cancelation modes. The right ear cup supports touch gestures such as value control.

You can also add shortcuts to play/pause, forward/rewind and so on. The left ear cup can be customized to add another shortcut.The headphones comes with 8 mics, 6 of them are for Noise Cancelation.

The Bose 700 headphones review by OTTO:

4 of them are for picking audio and Noise Cancelation.There are 2 mics that work for Noise Cancelation and picking audio.The headphones come with bluetooth 5.0, and it still works even of they are away from the phone. The headphones comes with USB-C port and the battery lasts for 20 hours. Charing it for 15 minutes will provide 3.5 of listening.But it depends on the content you’re listening to and whether Noise Cancelation is activated or not.

After experimenting with it, it provides excellent and pure audio quality. And as always from Bose, Noise Cancelation is excellent. It even performs great in Ambient Sound mode. You can pair the headphones using the Bose Music app.

I advise you to use this app. This app gets frequent updates and supports all different headphones form Bose. All Bose products can be paired from this app. Using the app, you can control the shortcuts, Noise Cancelation level and other options. Don’t miss to use the app.😈

The headphones comes with black, luxe silver, soapstone and dark blue colors. Bose headphones cost 560 USD.


clear audio, excellent Noise Cancelation and good battery life, It also comes with with a bag that contains all the accessories, i like music with it!


when you take them off, the content won’t stop. You’ll have to stop it manually. But it could be supported with a new software update.

Sometimes, when touching the headphones, it could be resisted as a shortcut gesture. This is the first product.

Let me now move to the Bose Quiet Comfort:

The Bose Quiet Comfort? Review by OTTO Magazin

It is an in-ear headphones. It comes with a high quality design, but it is big compared to other headphones such as the AirPods. Even the case is big, and you might find it difficult to store in your pocket, which in unlike the AirPods case which is small. But with the big size comes lots of specs. It’s worth mentioning that Bose have used a soft silicon for maximum ear comfort, Even with extended period of usage. And indeed we haven’t faced any problem with discomfort as the headphones are very comfort to use.

But some users might need some time to adopt on how to wear them. Don’t forget to choose the right silicon fit since it is very important. It comes with the same Bose 700 shortcuts, You can swipe up/down for volume control. The same thing applies to the other side, where you can control the Noise Cancelation modes.

The headphones comes with 4 mics. Bose have added lots of Noise Cancelation technologies with this headphones.

After experimenting with it, it provided excellent Noise Cancelation performance for its category. You’ll notice the difference in a very crowded placed with the the highest Noise Cancelation level.

Let’s not forget that you customize shortcuts to control Noise Cancelation levels from the app. I’ve previously mentioned the app ie. Bose Music. The headphones have provided excellent audio quality. he audio is detailed and deep.

This is what we’re used to with Bose, of course. The headphones support bluetooth 5.1 and it stays connected within a 10m radius. It is IPX4 certified. Which is great for sports. The battery last for 6 hours.

The case provides additional 12 hours. In general, a total of full battery charge will last for 18 hours.

The case charges through the USB-C port. It also supports Qi wireless charging. The headphones comes in two colors: triple black and soapstone, and It costs 280 USD!


excellent Noise Cancelation. Clear and deep audio with good battery life. i like listen


the price could be a bit high for some users. But the specs in these headphones are an extended investment.

Check your needs before you make a decision.😈

And now, let me discuss the Bose Frames:

the Bose Frames: review by OTTO Magazin:

These sunglasses come with a speaker in the arms. The sunglasses come in masculine and feminine design. Both come with the same audio capabilities but with different design. The arm is a bit thick because of the inclusion of the speakers.

The lenses are luxurious and high quality, You can change the lenses by buying new ones that are compatible with the frame. Or you can send lens prescription to Bose. And they’ll design new lenses for you, But this will cost more! 🙊

The headphones are not in-ear or even over-ear, But they are close enough to the ear to hear the content. You can also answer phone calls.The headphones comes with mics that support noise reduction and wind sound.

These specs will provide a better phone calls experience. Imagine answering your phone calls using your sunglasses. It comes with a pairing button, play/pause, rewind/forward and so on.

You can control the audio level using touch gesture on the arm. The sunglasses support bluetooth 5, It stays connected in 9m radius when paired to a smartphone.

You can answer phone calls using the sunglasses, It is IPX2 water splash certified. But it is not meant for exercises.

The battery lasts for 5.5 hours. It fully charges in an hour using the included magnetic charger. It costs 250 USD, The price is a bit high.

You use it while while walking or during the car.

But if you’re in a mall, it’d be a bit strange. It wouldn’t be logical.


good audio quality, even though the speakers are not inside the ears. But people around may hear the audio if it is a bit too high.

The design is good and the lenses are hight quality.


the audio leaks it is a bit high. Don’t expect high bass since it is not an in or over ear headphones. It is a new generation of sunglasses from Bose and they’re investing in it as this is the second generation.This is the second generation.

See you soon in the next reviews 😈