Google Pixel Buds headphones 2020!🤔 Worth buy it ? 😈

Review 80: 03.02.2021 at 03:30 pm

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Let me today review the Google Pixel Buds headphones 2020: Worth buy it? 😈

The case’s design is beautiful and the headphones are excellent. The Pixel Buds 2020 design is similar to many other headphones in the market. The case comes with a matte white color.

There’s a separating black lining to show where the case can be opened. At the bottom there’s a USB-C port to charge it, and on the back there’s a pairing button. The case supports wireless charging.

When you open the case near an android device, a pop-up menu will appear to pair it, and then it’ll ask you to download its app. When you download the app, it’ll explain to you how to use touch gestures. Such as play/puase and answer phone calls. It also teaches you how to play next content or go back to the previous content. And it is shows you the location of the two mics. It’ll warn you to use the right ear-tip. It’s not necessary to have the same ear size.

Which is something I was shocked with. Indeed, the ear size could be different. Using the app, you’ll be able to know the battery percentage.

You can also enable Find Device, in case you lose it. You can enable the Adaptive Sound feature to control the audio depending on where you are. But the feature isn’t very useful. Manually changing the audio was more practical. The headphones comes with an inside sensor.

It’ll detect when it’s not being used and will automatically stop the content. By the way, the first half and hour of using it, there was a lot of lost connection. Then it stopped.

This didn’t only happen with us, it also happened with lots of uses. It happens in the first half an hour of using it, and then it’ll stop.

The headphones size is small! The outer part is white and inner part is black. There’s also a rubber piece to help it stay in your ears. It won’t fall off from your ears when your exercise.

Speaking of exercising, the headphones is sweat, and splash resistant. You can use it for Google Assistant and assign lots of tasks to it. You can ask it to play certain content or call someone. It’s comfortable. But it is important to use the right ear-tip. Don’t use ear-tips and decide that’s that.

Instead, try different ear-tips. As I said before, your ears might have different sizes. The headphones have two mics. They offer excellent performance in phone calls. It also works well with apps that supports VOIP.

The headphones themselves -not the case- come with 4 different colors: black, white, ornate and mint green. It’s not officially available in all markets. I bought it from The Google store. It costs 179 USD.🤝 Good price no? 🙃 but Prices may change in your country. 🙊


The build quality is excellent. The design is different than other headphones available in the market. The Bass it offers is excellent. It has very good capabilities, especially with Google ecosystem.

The app is clear. It shows instructions on how to use the headphones well.


The size is of the case. It could’ve been better. It is pocketable, though.That’s my personal opinion. It is smaller than AirPods Pro and bigger than AirPods. It doesn’t support Noise Cancelation. Is it something that everyone needs? I don’t know, but it is not supported here.

When connected to an iPhone, it becomes an bluetooth headphones. It doesn’t have an iOS app. The app is only available on Android.

Always review your choices, and buy products according to what you want from the product and not just to show off ?! 😇

See you soon on the next review ⏳