😻 GMC Sierra 💣 with a professional modification job Off Roading 🔥🔥🔥

Review 114: 20.03.2021 at 05:00 pm

🕷 Hello guys! a new article of Cars modified, In this program we host any special car, Anything that has 4 wheels or more, we will do our best to present it to you, It’s not exclusive for 1000 / 900 or 800hp cars.

Today’s star is GMS Sierra, with a professional modification job for off-roading, Before we start our article… Don’t forget to bring your coffee or Tea and Let’s start!

I don’t know where to start from about the modifications made on this pick up, It was done in a professional scientific manner. All the parts are original and creatively fitted.

Let’s start with the body kit of this extraordinary vehicle, The front and rear wheel arches were enlarged as part of the custom made body kit made of steel.

Some will say Steel increases weights, it should be made of fiber, But the advantage resulted of this…weight increased because of the use of steel in the front and rear wheel arches, and this improved balance.

We all know that the most of the weight is in the front of the pick up in the back it’s very light, So when the weight increased in the back the balance improved.

Specially that the vehicle jumps occasionally, So if it hit something the fiber would be broken, But steel can take hits.

The front bumper is customized and so is the rear bumper, The front bumper is connected to a bar this bar has a certain part that holds it in place, it’s connected to the car’s chassis.

If the front hits something, this part will absorb the energy of the impact, It’s an original part, so it can take hits, and if the hit was too strong, this part would shatter, but the chassis will stay unharmed, To a certain extent of course!

Don’t crash the car at 200 km/h and expect the chassis to be untouched! This is a great advantage an example of the scientific modifications.

There is also a safety panel in the front to protect the car in off-roading, If the car hits a ramp it protects the gearbox and the engine, The beast we have today has a huge number of lights.

In the front, under the grill on the hood and in the back, All are original American Rigid lights, Not the cheap “Made in China” lights.

Here we have all the control buttons, You can activate the lights you want The upper lights, the lower lights…everything

About the rear LED lights… They have their own button It’s called “Chasing” » When I activate it…

Let’s say at sunset we’re a group of cars going off-road, So when I activate it it starts flashing, Like Police cars lights, The emergency warning lights.

So if we were in a convoy and I got stuck, When I do this, it attracts the attention of others.

The car has Method 17 wheels, Strong, modified, light weight wheels, and the best thing about them is the “Lock” feature. We all know when you go to a desert you should deflate the tires.

What does that mean? 🤔 You should decrease air pressure in the tires in order to improve, the car’s performance on sand, If you keep the tires filled with air you will be stuck, even with a powerful car.

Because there will be a great amount of air in the tires and the car will be very violent, It feels like using super hard shock absorbers! You can’t take it.

Even worse than rally cars and you’ll be stuck too! You should decrease air pressure in the tires, so that you can easily drive on sand.

Now, these modified wheels have “Lock” feature, If you extremely deflated the tires and you hit a ramp, causing the car to deviate, the tire would come off the wheel and that’s a big problem!

Lock” feature in these wheels holds the tire preventing it from coming off, So no matter how low is air pressure the tire will stay attached to the wheel, This is a very good feature.

The tires are also modified BFGoodrich tires, The best tires for off-roading, All rally cars use them.

Let’s talk about the mechanical parts …:💥💥💥

The car has a 5.3 L V8 Naturally aspirated Not supercharged nor turbocharged, The car has a modified air filter, The headers are stock.

All the filters and Catalytic Converters are in place, Then there are 3-inch straight pipes for better sound, The car sounds normal when you drive slowly.

If you step on it you will get a different sound… Like this! Nice sound!

🕷 What modifications were made to the engine?

There is a new program for the ECU, To improve combustion and increase power, This program is designed to increase horsepower but it’s safe software.

They could generate more power but it’s safe and there is a program for the gearbox to improve performance and provide heavy duty performance.

The car’s owner usually uses it for off-roading, so he completely modified it for off-roading.

The car was built to live in the desert, Some of the best modifications made… The car has Mid Travel Baja Kit, What does it do?

We all know that there are shock absorbers and front suspension, The upper and lower dampers are modified in Baja Kit, They’re lighter and harder, and the most important feature is that the front and rear axles are extended.They’re stronger and longer.

🕷 What do we mean by axles?

Excuse me, dear professional drivers , We should explain these terms, Because some people ask me about them:

A little piece of information and hopefully it will be useful, The axles are the shafts connected to the gearbox and the differential, Through the gearbox rotation the axles rotate on “Drive” the axles rotate forward and the wheels move forward while on “Reverse” the axles rotate backwards and the car reverses.

🕷 Is it clear yet ?

Now in the world of modification some people use a part called a « spacer » which is installed on the wheel to push it out a little bit, Instead of the extended axles we mentioned before.

The car will look good and everything, but regarding performance and power delivery on the street, It’s not 100% right. While in this beast with Baja Kit and the extended axles.

Everything is 100% right without any problems, The wheels are further pushed out and at the same time performance improved.

When the wheels are pushed away from each other performance improves, and when the front and rear wheels are pushed away from each other, it becomes more unlikely for the car to be stuck.

🕷 This is a great advantage! This car has Mid Travel Kit and there is also Long Travel Kit, is the difference?

The main difference is that Long Travel Kit includes some welding on the chassis.

OK, the axles are more extended and the dampers are stronger, But if the mechanic made any mistake installing this kit…

Basically, Long Travel Kit is for people who are obsessed with sand driving or for rally cars, In this case you need Long Travel Kit, This car has Mid Travel Kit and it’s more than enough. Because you can use it for driving on sand No problem!

If you want to do extreme off-roading and turn it to a rally car, Then choose Long Travel Kit and turn it into a rally car, Don’t worry about inspection because it’s a race car now hhh

The suspension has a 3-inch Lift Kit we can see it’s high and when you open the doors you can see the running boards.

you can step on them when you get out of the car, and at the same time they offer protection for off-road driving, The car clearance is excellent you can use it for extreme off-roading, You can take it to Tal Mor’eb No Problem!

About the side mirrors…:

When the car was first ordered from the dealer it was ordered with HD mirrors, They look different Heavy Duty, The car has a gearbox oil cooler, As you know, when you take the car for off-road driving and extreme action.

The gearbox oil heats up and goes in what we call “Safety Mode” This affects the car’s power, So, the oil cooler cools down the gearbox oil, it takes a very long time before oil temperature rises, This is a safety feature and it allows you to better enjoy off-roading.

In the back, we can see this huge tool box, and at the same time there is a place for 2 spare tires, The places are chosen carefully to improve the balance of the car in the back, Because as we mentioned before…

The most important thing in a single cab vehicle is improving balance, The weight shouldn’t be concentrated in the front, This way you increase the weight in the back.

If the car overjumps, It’s always better to land on the rear wheels before the front wheels to avoid crashing the front. So this way everything is 100% right.

The modification job was done in a scientifically manner, Other modifications include an oil catch can, It collects oil fumes.

🕷 As you know, most of the time this car is driven on sand, this causes oil fumes to spread everywhere it might even reach the intake, and it can goes back to the combustion chamber.

This might harm the car, and dust may also enters from air filter, with the oil fumes, this might seriously harm the engine. Oil catch can collects all these fumes.

So every now and then you should empty it, to protect your engine and increase its durability, Some will say:

Wow! All these modifications and customization..and you couldn’t use a supercharger or a turbocharger?

Well, this car is used on a daily basis, It’s a very practical car Without the use of superchargers or turbochargers the car can live longer, it doesn’t break, as often and it can withstand more heat without any problems!

The car’s owner says he is satisfied with its power, Its power is excellent, relatively speaking considering its size. The car’s power with all the modifications is 390hp, at the engine.

So these are great numbers for its size, A true beast on wheels!

🕷 Do you prefer superchargers and turbochargers?🙈

Or natural aspiration without worrying about temperatures? Tell us what you think!

Don’t forget to bring more coffee guys 🙊 The car’s owner took good care of his car and didn’t cheap out!

The car’s seats are the same original seats but they were modified and turned into racing seats, As we can see here, and they were custom made to fit the size of the car’s owner.

Thanks God we’re the same height And we have racing seat belts 4 points, These are connected to the car’s chassis. If the belts were connected to the seat the seat bolts might be detached, then the whole seat will fly out of the car and you will be seriously harmed!

But when the racing seat belts are connected to the chassis, It’s impossible to be detached regardless of the crash conditions, You will be on your seat that’s attached to the car’s chassis.

God protect us all from car accidents.

The modification job in the back also included fully modified leaf springs, Not the welded type, No, they were fully modified in a scientific manner.

In the back we can see two red pieces of equipment one on each side:

They have 2 functions, The first is to work as fuel tanks their capacity is excellent, And the second function, when you get stuck on the sand, you can empty them in the fuel tank and place them in front of the stuck wheel.

This way you’ll have a solid surface so that you can get the wheel out of the sand, It helps you get out of this tricky sitution.

This beast is really powerful on sand, The first rule in off-roading for everyone! All cars are good for off-roading but there are bad drivers, This car is well equipped to be driven on sand without being stuck.

Let me take of the seat belt, tell you about the last feature in this car.

There we have a bunch of buttons for the lights we mentioned before and there is a single button here, With one press…

Traction Control system is completely turned off, Just one button, I don’t need to keep pressing on the original button which doesn’t turn off Traction Control 100%.

By this single button I can turn Traction Control on and off, What’s special about it?

This was programmed in a scientific manner and connected to the ECU, It’s different from removing a fuse from the fuse box, When I turn it off The power steering will keep working, while ABS will be turned off, because I want Traction Control to be completely turned off.

But when you remove the fuse from the box and turn off traction control from here, power steering will be disconnected and it will be very difficult to steer.

So this was bult in a scientific manner and it’s well programmed, As you see in a second I turned Traction Control on, and now I turned it off!

Very simple!🙈

Another thing, for Sierra enthusiasts, After you turn off Traction Control in the desert by removing the fuse, when you want to turn it back, you must put the fuse back, drive for a while and then turn it off again.

It’s very complicated.

This button is much better, one press to turn it on and off.

🕷All the modification job:

Suspension modification of body work
Tires of wheels
Seat modification with racing belts lights
Paint job of engine modification

🕷 See you in the next reviews…⏳

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