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🤡 Microsoft Xbox has a variety of different controllers that you can use with it.
The quality of these arms and the additional features available to them vary, in addition to the obvious difference between the arms in their colors and additions.

Some of these arms come officially from Microsoft while others come from outside companies, but they are designed in cooperation with Microsoft.

🤡 Best overall controller for xbox:

The usual wireless Xbox controller that comes with the new generation of hardware is one of the best controllers overall.

This arm uses a Bluetooth connection to connect to other devices such as mobile phones or personal computers, and a special wireless connection for Xbox.

Microsoft also relied on a USB C port to charge external batteries – sold separately – or connect the arm to various devices.

The company has also developed the shape of the arm’s D Pad, as well as its various control buttons, to give it a longer life.

The company has also added a share button like the PlayStation 5 controllers in order to share screenshots and clips directly.

And you can use the official Microsoft Xbox design site to design your own controller to be unique.

🤡 Best wired arm for xbox:

Razer offers a special Xbox arm with a design very similar to the official arm but based on a wired connection.

This means that the arm must be close to the device in order for it to work with a wired connection only, and this arm comes under the name Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma.

The stick has a wide range of different features such as back buttons on the back of it like professional joysticks, in addition to customizable RGB lighting across the entire stick.

The stick comes at a slightly higher price than other sticks even though it uses a wired connection, but that’s to be expected due to the Razer brand and overall quality of the stick.

Best economic arm:

The PowerA Enhanced Stick is one of the best economical official controllers for Microsoft hardware, and its build quality and features make it better than the more expensive ones.

This arm has two reprogrammable buttons at the back of the device in addition to a special button to control the volume of the external speaker.

The arm uses a wired connection to the Xbox, but you can swap out the cable that comes with it for a slightly longer one for better convenience.

🤡 Best value for price:

The professional Xbox controllers have plenty of customization options that add new functionality to the controller.

Hence, professionals prefer to use these sticks as they give them great competitive advantages during online multiplayer.

However, these controllers come at a slightly higher price compared to the rest of the hardware controllers, so the Fusion Pro 2 is the best value for money Xbox controller.

The device offers all the important and key features that you find in the professional arms and the customization options in them as well.

You can also change the arm faces and colors by easily removing the removable upper part of the arm and purchasing its replacement parts.

However, the arm uses a wired connection instead of a wireless one, which may make it unsuitable for some users.

🤡 Best professional joystick:

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is one of the most professional Xbox controllers available.

The arm is officially available from Microsoft, so you don’t have to worry about various compatibility issues between the arm and the platform.

The arm may look similar to the first generation of it previously introduced by Microsoft, but the company has strengthened it by incorporating metal in the design of the outer body.

In addition to providing several external buttons that the user can use and swap with the internal buttons on the device in advance.

The arm also has an internal battery that comes with it and you can charge it using the USB C cable that comes with the arm.

However, the disadvantage of this arm is the cost of its purchase, as it is considered one of the most expensive external Xbox arms that you can buy externally.

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