GALAXY A71 5G! 💥 Is it worth buying or not? 🤫

Blog 44: November 17-2020 at 00:00 Am


Gooood Morning guys, This is the Samsung A71 5G? Do you buy it or not? 🙊

Let’s get to know this device together:

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The A71 5G device, This device comes with the same A71 device, But there are simple changes, such as the the separating line on the back.

Each side as a variant of color, The upper side comes with a light color, while the bottom side comes with a darker color.

The device weighs 185g, and its thickness is 8.1mm, It is 6g heavier than the older version and slightly thicker.

The version I am reviewing today is the 5G version, so the main point about it is the 5G support.

Let me now discuss the specs. The device comes with 6.7 screen with FHD+ 2400×1080 resolution, The screen is Super AMOLED+.

Samsung calls it Infinity-O screen because of the shape of the front facing camera, The screen comes with 393ppi density.

The frequency of the screen is 60Hz, Basically, the screen is unchanged from the A71 screen, The device comes with 4 rear cameras, similar to the older version.

But I’ll test them again, The cameras are as follows:

The main shooter is 64MP, The Ultra Wide camera is 12MP and it provides 123 degrees of view (similar to the human eye)…..

The third camera is the 5MP depth sensor, There’s also a 5MP Macro lens. The cameras come with an LED flash and support AI.

The front facing camera is 32MP and it is located in a punch hole in the screen, and that’s why it is called Infinity-O. Let me now test these cameras.

The main shooter provides good details, bright photos but with saturated colors.The colors change depending on different circumstances and photo processing.

The Ultra Wide camera performance is very good. The quality is better with warm and saturated colors. Portrait photos vary.

The isolation is good some times, and other times it faces problems, and I expect this will be solved with future software updates.

In genera,, the results vary depending on the light. And honestly, these cameras do their job.

Macro photos are between normal and good, and the colors are somehow brighter. The front facing camera offer very good quality with warm and saturated colors.

Isolation in portrait photos is acceptable. The device supports shooting 4K@30fps videos.

And after experimenting with it, it offers acceptable steadiness with good details quality. The device also supports the Super Steady modes, which improves the steadiness of videos.

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But this mode only works with videos with 1080p@30fps resolution? Samsung always add their own touch the front facing camera.

Let me change my position form artificial light to the sunlight, so that you can see how the 32MP front facing camera perform with sunlight. And indeed it offers very good quality results, With enough light, the photos and videos will be very beautiful.

This is a test of the rear cameras of the A71 5G device. The CPU inside this device is the Exynos 980. Unlike the older version, which came with the Snapdragon 730 CPU.

The CPU comes with 8 cores and is built on the 8nm architecture. The GPU is the Mali-G76. In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 659 points for the single core and 1810 points for multicores.

Compared to the older version, the new 5G version scored 117 more points in single core and 241 more points in multi-cores. The CPU performance of the 5G version is better than the CPU performance of the older non-5G version.

PUBG game started with normal settings with HDR enabled, and the performance was very smooth and responsive.

Let’s also not forget that the device supports Game Booster mode, which will enhance the performance of gaming. It also shows information such as heat percentage and battery performance.

It’ll also let you know capture photos and videos of the screen while playing among other options. The RAM is 8GB and the onboard storage is 128GB.

The device supports 2 SIM cards ‘OR’ one SIM card and another SD card up to 1TB. Unlike the older version, which only supports SD card up to 512GB.

You should also consider that 1TB of SD cards is very rare to find. There’s also a significant differences, which is that the older version supports 2 SIM cards ‘AND’ and an SD card, while this 5G version only supports 1 SIM card and another SD card.

You should check your needs: either 2 SIM cards and an SD card with the older version of 1 SIM card and one SD card with the 5G version. This brings us to the 5G topic. 5G tests were excellent, but it depends on your area and 5G signal coverage.

If you will use this device in a country with no 5G support or weak coverage, then this version might not be the best for you.

But if your carrier doesn’t offers good coverage, this the additional investment with this device might not be better for you.

But if you have a good 5G coverage and need better internet speeds, then this device will be worth it for you.

The device runs Android 10 with One UI 2.1 on top of it, This UI is very famous, light and easy to use. It supports Dark Mode, sidebar for easier access to frequently used apps.

The device also supports Knox, which is a very secure method from Samsung. The device comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor and offers acceptable responsiveness.

It performs very similar to the fingerprint sensor found in the older version. It also supports unlocking using face recognition, but it uses a 2D photo instead of 3D sensors.

I advise you not to depend on it for more security…🙊🙊🙊

The device supports bluetooth 5 and NFC and is compatible with Mada Pay. It also supports technologies such as VoLTE and WiFi Calling. But it depends on your carrier and whether they support them or not.

The device comes with a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The battery is 4500mAh.

It supports fast charging with 25w, and it charges from 0% to 43% in 30 minutes. The content of the box: the device itself, cover, 25w charger, charging cable and 3.5mm headphones.

The A71 5G version comes with black, silver and blue colors.


it offers good performance and it is considered a great mid-range device.

The OS is responsive and easy to use. It is also compatible with all Google services.

The screen is beautiful and offers saturated colors. It also supports 5G.


The build quality hasn’t change, and I wished it was better since it supports 5G.

The performance of the fingerprint sensor is disappointing, especially that devices from this category come with faster fingerprint sensor.

It also supports either 2 SIM cards or one SIM card and another SD card.

So, If you prefer having 2 SIM cards AND an SD card, then go for the non-5G version, since it approximately $80.

But would you prefer a 5G equipped device? 🤨

it is up to you to decide.😈

See you in the next review, i protect your Money, don’t forget this.😎👋