Fortnite Island is turning on its head at the end of the second chapter ❗🤔🔥

Review 254: 05.12.2021 at 09:00 pm

Fortnite relies on the system of seasons and seasons to keep its game alive and to introduce new changes to its world, and the events of the second chapter of the game, which included a fierce war with aliens and the queen of cubes, has ended.

Fortnite ends each season with a major event that changes the shape of the map and paves the way for the events of the next season, and these endings make you feel like the game is a movie or series that ends with the last episode of it.

The events of the second chapter in fortnite:

The second chapter of the game carried a wide range of unexpected surprises, starting from its first seasons. At the beginning of this chapter, a big blue cube appeared in the middle of the Fortnite island among the players, and the cube had little effect.

But players would bounce off the cube if they tried to jump over it for no apparent reason. Then a ball of energy that contained the Queen of Cubes appeared, and was circling the island without doing anything.

The real events of the season began with the countdown to 10 minutes, as the Queen of Cubes started laughing sinisterly and her laughter reverberated all over the island. After that, hordes of zombies began to appear in the game world and attack the player bases and the blue cube in the middle of the map.

Fortnite has provided all players with additional weapons so that they can stop the zombies and prevent them from advancing to the cube. When the countdown clock reached zero, the Cube Queen started to move and shot a luminous beam towards the sky. And then suddenly a large flying saucer appeared that was able to cover the entire island.

And the flying saucers continued to reach the island to start the fierce war with these monsters. The monsters then tried to approach the blue cube in the middle of the game.

Movie scene at the end of the chapter:

At the beginning of the end of the chapter events, one of the flying saucers blew up the blue cube completely, and then the game started showing pre-made cinematic scenes.

The movie scene takes us to an underwater setting, under the island of course, and there we find Agent Jones in the evil doctor’s lab. When the Doctor is close to killing Agent Jones, a new character, The Foundation, appears trying to save him. It later emerges that the person under The Foundation’s mask is actor Dwayne Johnson. Several characters appeared on the surface of the island wearing a mask similar to the Foundation.

The characters on the surface of the island ask players to follow them in an attempt to escape from the island and reach the interior below. As you escape to the interior of the island, the island begins to completely overturn and sink, and when you reach ground zero, a character from the game appears to assure you that you have managed to escape successfully.

Suddenly you find yourself in the ocean around the island and watch the island completely capsize and defeat the cube queen and aliens together. Where the queen of cubes sinks with the island causing the gates that were attending the aliens to be closed. When the island returns to normal, many of the island’s topography and features have completely changed. But if you try to get close to the island, it sends you away on strong waves.

When does fortnite come back to work?

If you try to enter Fortnite now, you find your character in the middle of the sea without any information or ability to move. There is no timer or countdown to the return of the game and the appearance of the third chapter, but a trailer has been leaked showing part of the details of the third chapter.

Everyone expects this event to continue for several days until the game returns to full operation and the third season begins.

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Otto M Yassine

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