Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor Modefied Review! 🔥🔥🔥

Blog 30: November 05-2020, at 11:30 pm

Hello Guys!
Many car enthusiasts have this model car But today we have the real car!

The legendary 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor, The star of Hollywood movie Gone In 60 Seconds produced in 2000.

Muscle cars fans consider this the pinnacle of muscle cars, Everybody loves this car!

I think it young guys’s dream car of American muscle cars, Do you agree with me? bring your coffee and Let’s start the action!

Let’s talk about this car! This is a legendary car and its price increased significantly, when the movie Gone In 60 Seconds was released in 2000, Of course, many of you have watched it!

11 identical cars were made for the movie they all looked like this car, Some of those 11 cars were destroyed during shooting the film and the rest were sold for a fortune each.

The car we have today is not one of the movies cars, But rather a replica that was built by a professional American company, It took them 1 year and 1 month to build it.

Today’s star has a modified 7.0 L Big Block, The crankshaft is modified , the rods, the pistons and the cylinder heads, The fuel system is fully modified.

The clutch is modified with 3 clutch plates to withstand the car’s power, It has a 5-speed gearbox the same stick used in the movie, The car is equipped with a nitrous system When you press this button you activate it.

Just press the red button and go! Here is the nitrous bottle in the back, A nitrous bottle means that you have an extra 100 or 150 hp.

There are many ways to install a nitrous system it depends on how much power you want. It’s a bit complicated but it is one of the easiest way to get more horsepower, When the car is equipped with a turbocharger, a supercharger or a procharger.

The result will be more powerful than naturally aspirated cars, The car is a true beast! I told you its engine was rebuilt, The camshafts are modified, The car sounds great when idling!

Welcome Muscle cars fans! How much horsepower does the car have?

around 500+hp, with nitrous it generates around 600 or 700hp, The car was built in a certain way which allows you to increase its horsepower as much as you want, But it’s programmed to use regular pump fuel, and the car is rarely driven.

We can see the car condition is excellent and attention is being paid to details, The American Company did a great job every thing is the same as the original car.

The wooden steering wheel! The power steering is working! The front and rear brakes are modified, the disc brakes and the pads, Even the brake calipers are modified to improve braking performance In case you drove the car recklessly.

Another thing, this car has a great AC, You can drive the car even in hot weather No problem!

The car has a fully modified radiator, Large, and powerful! It provides excellent cooling for the engine. The car does not overheat at all.

MSD spark plugs wires are used in the car, The car is such a piece of work! The gauges look really good!
The super snake logo is everywhere even on the dials, The snake is also used for the door locks, If the snake is up, the door is open and if it’s down, the door is locked.

The car is in excellent condition, The suspension is modified, it feels like a brand new 2020 car, The only comment is that the brake pedal is a bit hard!

You must step hard on it to control the brakes, As you see even the pedals are modified, Everything is modified in this car!

The car is also equipped\n with a very powerful sound system, With this exhaust, I don’t know why would you install a sound system! It is an extra feature! But the car’s sound is amazing! My God!

It is a melody! American Muscle cars has a unique sound! When the GT500 was launched back in 1967, It was the fastest road-going Muscle car the fastest road-going Mustang, It was a true legend!

From 1967 to 2020 this car is indescribable! A dream! Even though it is not extremely powerful but the car is a dream! I wish all Muscle cars fans would get a car like this!

Salutes to all car enthusiasts!đź’Ş