Ford Mustang GT suralimentée 825 ch Modified🔥🔥🔥

Review 123: 31.03.2021 at 06:00 pm


🕷 Guys! 😍 before reading this review, bring your cup of coffee and welcome 🕷🕷🕷 Not anyone can modify a Ford mustang the right way to get a great deal of power out of it.

Today’s star has 825 hp, all of which are delivered to the wheels in a professional manner, Remember this car and beware of it!

So, Let’s start our review guys! Now we start test-driving this modified Ford Mustang GT which has 825hp, We will explain today how the car got its horsepower.

I want to say something first…You can increase the horse power of the 4-cylinder Mustang and make it very fast, but it will cost you a fortune!😱😱

The 6-cylinder Mustang… which is discontinued for the new generation. The old generation 6-cylinder Mustang can also be modified to a certain extent, Your best choice is the 8-cylinder Mustang GT.

🕷 Let’s start with a round of acceleration!💪

Ford Mustang GT suralimentée 825 ch🔥🔥 Review

Hello there! One important note…In these blog, we are not in a race! I’m just here to tell you about the car, have some good time with you guys, and explain about the modifications made to the car 💪🔧We’re here to have fun!

Regarding the exterior, I believe the car is a true sleeper, It was originally equipped with Performance Package. So, it has a front spoiler to improve aerodynamics, A rear spoiler from the GT350 Track to distinguish the car.

The car rides on modified 20 wheels, 9 wide front wheels and 10.5 rear wheels, It has 6-Piston Brembo brakes included in the Performance Package. The brakes and the brake pads are modified, This sums up the exterior modifications.

Now, let’s talk about the magical formula that generated 825hp, First of all, it got more horsepower, because it was transformed from naturally aspirated to forced induction.

The car was equipped with Whipple 2.9L supercharger kit The intercooler is large. Whipple kit includes 5 air filters and 132mm throttle body.

The supercharger kit provides a great deal of airflow to the combustion chamber, The boost of this car is 11 psi. They can increase boost as the car has modified supercharger pulleys, but they kept it at 11 psi for safety reasons.

The pistons and rods are stock, but they will be modified soon, This will increase boost and horsepower. Because when you use new pistons and rods you can increase the boost to about 18 psi, and the car can generate about 950 whp which equals about 1100 bhp.

🕷 The Mustang is amazing!😍👍

Happy tail as they say! When the car is fishtailing, But the car is very powerful and agile and the supercharger sounds great! The car has Toyo semi-slick rear tires which provides good traction, We launched this 800hp+ car easily!

I love it when modifications are well orchestrated, One advantage of the car is that it was equipped with Performance Package, which includes Torsen limited-slip rear differential Performance Package is for the people who like to go to circuits.

The package includes manual gearbox, and limited-slip rear differential car fans enjoy Performance Package. It also include these gauges just like Shelby’s, We can see some chrome decorations because the car is equipped with Performance Package, It’s not a regular Mustang.

This is a GT350 R steering wheel because it’s red, In GT350 it’s black, The car has some nice touches!

The car has 1000cc injectors, to ensure enough fuel is delivered to the combustion chamber. There is also a modified fuel pump that sends a great amount of petrol to the injectors, in order to provide the needed petrol supply.

Programming this car is dangerous and not easy, because if you tune it to generate too much power pistons might brake. The car was programmed in berlin, but by an American company through Online Programming. The car is doing just fine until this moment.

Soon, the car will be equipped with modified pistons and rods, In addition to a coilover suspension, and it will generate about 1000hp. Driving a manual gearbox is fun, The gearbox of the regular Mustang GT.

The car is equipped with Mcleod Twin Disc clutch kit to withstand the torque, horsepower, and acceleration, So with this clutch kit the car’s performance is great without any power loss.

🕷 The car is amazing!😍

The modifications include an oil catch can that gathers the unwanted fumes in one place. So when you service the car you just empty the oil catch can, and that’s it! If you know how to drive a Mustang you will have a lot of fun.

The car’s sound is great! It’s not too loud if you drive slowly and if you step on it you get the original sound of American Muscle cars. But there are other cars that sound good too! The car got a fully modified ARH exhaust system.

The car’s bushings are all modified, As you know a modified car may do burnouts or go tail happy.

So, all the bushings were modified to withstand the car’s power, By doing this you can save time and money because they last longer.

My God! A true American beast! If you know how to drive it it will not let you down! Soon it will be modified to generate more than 1000 hp.

🕷 Wait more reviews soon guys….😍👋

This is USA Man….hhhhh i like US cars!

Of course Man, hhhh

German cars is very nice to hhh hhh but this cars is wonderful too and very strong!