First look at the New Apple Watch Ultra!😍🙃

We’ve been waiting for a new watch from Apple for years. And now we’ve a new watch meant for athletes. There’s something important about this watch that I’ll discuss in this review. The original Apple Watch up until the Series 8 come with the same design. The same thing applies to the Apple Watch SE Gen 1 and 2. But now, we’ve got the new Ultra model. It is a rugged watch meant for extreme sports. It comes with the biggest battery in any Apple Watch. This is my first look at the new Apple Watch Ultra.

Hello Guys, This is a first look review from OTTO magazin for the new Apple Watch Ultra. It is a new luxury watch that is bigger than the standard Apple Watches.

Let me now discuss the pros and cons before I briefly discuss the new watch. The build quality of this watch is very high. It is a ruggedized watch that can withstand extreme sports. The watch supports the MIL-STD 810H standard. The brightness of the screen is very high making it viewable in open places. The battery reaches up to 36H and 60H using the new power saving mode. It has a new CPU that offers more performance.

The watch supports a new temperature sensor and a new feature called Crash Detection. I’ll discuss the cons of this watching in the full review . There are a few tests that I have to make with this watch to be able to tell you the cons of it. Keep subscribed to find more details about this watch and how it compares to other watches. The watch is bigger than the Series 8 and weighs 61.3g. It is only 10g heavier than the Series 8.

The size of the watch is 49mm. The body is made from titanium. It supports MIL-STD 810H standard. It also supports IP6X. It supports water resistant up to 100m, which makes it great for swimmers and divers. I’ll discuss more details about diving and swimming with it in salt or fresh water. The 49mm size of the watch doesn’t make a difference with backwards compatibility with bands. The watch supports previous bands meant for Series 8 and SE watches. Still, these bands are not 100% fit with this new watch.

For the first time, this watch comes with an additional orange button called Action Button. This button can be customized for different shortcuts. You can use it to start a new workout, start a new diving session or other shortcuts. The screen is completely flat with flat edges as well. The screen itself the Retina Display OLED. It supports Always-On display. The brightness reaches up to 2000 nits. The watch comes with 3 mics that support Noise Cancelation, which is great when the weather is windy. I’ll test these mics in windy weather.

The watch comes with dual speakers that provide 40% better audio compared to the Series 8. The GPU included is the advanced dual band L1 & L5. This means that the GPS will be better in crowded cities. The watch also supports waypoints tracking. This will help you to return to your main point when you get lost. The CPU is the S8 SiP with dual cores. It provides better performance than the previous generation. The battery is 76% bigger than the battery found in the Series 8.

The battery lasts for 36h and 60h using the new low power mode. The battery charges to 80% in one hour and 100% in 90 minutes. But you have to use the included cable and supported charger to enable fast charging. The watch supports a new temperature sensor. You can double tap the action button to make the watch make a 86 decibel sound. The sound keeps getting higher and higher. The watch supports a new app called Depth to show you the depth of your dive. It also supports lots of new watch faces that I »ll discuss in the full review video. Before I discuss the price, Apple has made this watch for pro users. It is meant for extreme sports. And that’s why it has the Action Button.

Unless you need this extra button, then this watch is not meant for you. If you don’t require the new Action Button, then the new Series 8 could be a good choice for you. The price of the watch starts from 3599 SAR, or 957 USD, It is available with different bands that you can check on Apple’s website.

Let me know what extreme sports should I be doing to test this watch as my knee has now become better, See you later.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

Content Editor, OTTO Magazin Manager.

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