First look at the iPhone 14! 😱

Review 165: 22.09.2022 at 12:00 pm by OTTO.

This is the new iPhone 14 that comes with lots of enhancements, but has it really changed? In this first look review, I’ll discuss the new features of this device.

I’ll discuss the iPhone 14 in this article, Keep viseted us to find out more details about the new technologies.

The new iPhone 14 comes with lots of enhancements from last year’s iPhone. The first enhancement is the camera performance. The cameras have been developed compared to last year’s iPhone. It has a better battery now and a beautiful screen that is enough for whatever you throw at it. There are pros and cons about this device, but I’ll discuss them in the full review reviews. I’ll discuss all details about these devices while showcasing all the available colors.

The device comes with nearly the same iPhone 13 design. However, the device is now slightly thicker than the previous version. And it weighs 1g less than the previous version. The device supports IP68 water and dust resistant. And it can now withstand up to 6m for 30 when submerged in fresh water. The device comes with last year’s A15 Bionic CPU.

The CPU is known for its powerful performance in photography and photo processing. The device now supports a new SOS feature. It also connects with satellites to ask for help. This service is currently available in USA and Canada. And it is expected that this feature will later come to the rest of the countries. With this feature, the device can offer help when/if you get lost in a desert or woods.

The device now also supports a feature called Crash Detection. God forbids, when you’re in an accident, the device will recognize it and call the emergency for help. The device supports fast charging with 20W. The device comes with a 6.1″ Super Retina XDR screen.

The screen supports brightness with up to 1200nits with HDR content. The device runs iOS 16, which comes with lots of new features such as the dynamic lock screen. It also supports new features for customization, new iMessage features, new notifications’ layout and so on. I advise you to check the new customizations of the device.

The new iOS 16 is available to download to iPhone 8 and above. The cameras have been also updated with new sensors. But it still comes with 12MP sensors, unlike the new Pro version as it has a new 48MP sensor. All three cameras of this device are 12MP. The new main sensor is now bigger than before.

According to Apple, the new sensors are x2.5 better when it comes to light withdrawal. The Ultra Wide camera is now x2 better than before. Even the Truth Depth front facing camera is now x2 better than before. The cameras now support features such as the Photonic Engine and Deep Fusion. These features will increase the quality of the cameras.

I’ll discuss whether it is worth it or not to upgrade from previous generations. Enable the notification bell for more details. The device now supports more camera modes. The Cinematic Mode now supports 4K@30fps videos. There’s a new Action Mode available on both the Pro and the regular devices, This mode offers better stability when recording videos.

The device now supports bluetooth 5.3, WiFi 6 and 5G. The US version only supports eSIM. The device will support a physical SIM card and an eSIM in the rest of the world. The device comes with Midnight, Purple, Star Light, Blue and Product RED colors.

The price of the device starts from 1009 USD, or 3799 SAR, The price increases as you add more storage. There’s been a talk that the device hasn’t been developed much. But it is not true as the device is well-developed and needs no development as it is fully-matured. This is one perspective.

The second perspective suggests that the device needs a new design, similar to other companies. In the full review, I’ll discuss more details. Keep visited OTTO magazin to find out more. What’s important for me is the comparison with the older generations of the device.

Hopefully, the upcoming reviews will help you make an informed decision with this device. This is the end of this fast review guys.

See you soon.

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