Finally Apple glasses leaks! An innovative solution from Volvo that changes the way you drive! Samsung has made its decision regarding the Note!

02.12.2021 at 08:00 pm

Apple glasses is finally coming soon! The specs of the glasses have been leaked. Volvo has an innovative solution to show information in cars. They won’t be using multiple screens in the car’s dashboard. Samsung seems to have made a final decision about the Note series.

Oppo’s upcoming foldable phone could be called Find N 5G, it is clear that most companies want to compete in the foldable market. There are no much details about this device, but it is expected to come with a 7.8″ or 8″ screen. The screen will be OLED with 2K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. There are other details about the cameras, but it is too early to discuss such details…

I recently made a review on how to expand the PS5 storage, ( is the next article), With this process, you can store more games on your device. I simplified the process of expanding the storage in the review. I also made another review about 4 different products such as a Pixel 5A device, headphones from Hyper X and Belkin.

Honor will replace Huawei. This is a great news for Huawei fans who miss Google services. I am currently in the university campus, it is amazing. Honor 60 series are expected to be released very soon. Here are the leaked specs. The device will come with the SD 778+ CPU, it runs Android 11 and uses 12GB of RAM. The device will come with a curved FHD+ OLED screen with 120Hz refresh rate. The device will come with a 108MP main camera and 50MP front facing camera, it supports 66W fast charging.

Let’s wait and see, and hopefully, this will mark Huawei’s comeback, who used and always offer the best and latest technologies with their devices.

This device can be fully charged in 38 minutes, it supports SuperCharge technology with 66W, it is the new Huawei Nova 9 smartphone. I recently made a full review review of this device, and it is available on the magazine OTTO.

We might finally see Apple‘s upcoming Mixed Reality headset at the end of 2022. The headset will come with an M1 CPU, dual 4K OLED displays that are manufactured by Sony. It is strange that they didn’t use Samsung displays. The headset will be a standalone device and it won’t need to be connected to an iPhone or a Mac. It is expected to weigh from 200 to 300g, and the price will be from 1000 to 3000 USD.

The Oculus Rift 2 headset costs from 300 to 500 USD depending on the storage. But since it is from Apple, the headset will have a higher price. It is great that it’ll be a standalone device, which could open the door for more competition in the future. This glass will support AR, VR and Mixed reality.

Comment: You don’t review Samsung tablets.

I do some review for Samsung tablets that are officially available in out region. keep here in OTTO magazine and search for the products you need.

Speaking of AR and VR, Volvo says why use a huge screen inside cars when we have a front glass to show different information on?

A day will come where all the information will displayed on the front glass. Volvo thoroughly explained this technology, but it needs a full episode to explain it. Do you think future cars will show information on the front glass instead of using screens? I don’t think it’ll be realistic. I think it would be a bit distracting. And the reason because the driver won’t get to see a plain and clean front glass.

Comment: Technology companies will produce the future cars. And it will happen before the introduction of super robots, which is expected to also be available for civilians. There could be a day where cars can turn into robots with a press of a button.

What you are saying is logical regarding technology companies manufacturing future cars. But when it comes to engineering and knowledge, car manufacturers have the upper hand. Cooperation with technology companies would be the way forward.

Leaks suggest that Samsung will stop manufacturing Note devices in 2022. The reason is because the Note’s most important feature, the S Pen, will be integrated with the S series. Also, the new Fold series support the S Pen. Fold series have been selling well despite its high price. In summary, there’s no distinguishing feature about the Note series, as most of them have been incorporated with the S and Fold series. We might not see a new Note device anymore, but it’ll live on with the S22 Ultra in particular. Samsung have decided to stop the Note series after 10 years.

Let me now go back to KAUST’s Open Week: Sustainability. There are great and new projects and researches being shown in the event.

Let me tell you the main story about this Open Week event. Humanity was able to deal with the current pandemic in a good way. In this event, the university decided to gather scientists and researchers and let them show their projects in the event. Most of these projects are somehow related to the pandemic. There are new products that have been developed specifically for the pandemic. Some of these projects are about detecting the Virus among various other things. Some projects aren’t only to lower the emission, but also to practically help in filtering the air from emission. There are lots of other great projects, which I’ll later give you more details about.

See you soon.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine