Facebook users tend to fake news😂❗ Amazon enters the TV market 🙄❗ Apple postponed the child protection feature ❗

18.09.21 at 08.00 pm

Amazon wants to make TVs, and Huawei found a solution that might let it enter the US market. And Apple will delay the CSAM software. The German government proposes something great with smartphones. The proposal is meant for companies with two or three years of updates.

I am now in Munich, there’s a lot of futuristic cars here. This is a new News article no matter where I am in the world, I will keep making news episodes no matter where I am in the world.

Let me start with the first news, and it is why I am here in Munich. I am currently attending IAA Mobility event. The big Mercedes, and thanks for all the technologies they’re working on. They’ve released new cars in this event, two of them are concepts. The concepts are the the EQG and an e-Maybach. For sure you’ve seen the content I that I posted, They also showcased their future vision in cars, which is the Vision Avatar.

Mercedes will announce a number of electric cars in the upcoming years. They promised that they’ll sell an electric car for each transitional car they sell. Their strategy has changed with cars. According to Digital Riser report, KSA is number 2 in the 20G group in digital competition. DGA Saudi has published a report with the full details. The report is now shown on the screen. The first aspect of it is the digital initiatives and attracting investment from outside while creating jobs.

I received the TAG Heuer smartwatch guys. I am currently test it. Let me know what do you want to know about it? This smartwatch is very beautiful with all its specs and features.

A study from NYU and Greenable Alps confirms that Facebook users interact with fake news more than real news. Do you know the result of the study?

It’s shocking. The ratio is 6/1. Can you imagine that?

The moment you interact with 1 real news, 6 people interact with fake news. ok guys, I’ll discuss the study, The study was conducted over a year, and it covered more than 2500 publisher on Facebook. I already told you the result of the study. Facebook representative said that the study focused on reach instead of interaction. Reach is the criteria as there are more than a reason a post would appear in your timeline. But the interaction is the problem. Whether it was a like, comment of share. All of these interactions help distribute fake news. We should be careful of fake news and educate others about its dangers. Its affects are harmful for our health, manners and countries.

I am excited to come back to Tangier to review the robodog. It supports AI and is packed with technologies. Keep visiting us to know more.

Amazon is preparing to compete with its own 55″ and 75″ TVs. Alexa and other Amazon services will be supported with these devices. It’s said that TCL will manufacture these TVs. But it is not confirmed yet. According to leaks, Amazon will manufacture these devices by themselves. Leaks says that Amazon aspire to be a competitor in this market. They want to compete with the likes of Samsung and LG. Is it possible that Amazon compete with these manufacturers?

Amazon was able to compete in the tablet market, but they weren’t the leaders. Let me know your opinion.

Let me now discuss Apple news:

Apple will delay CSAM, which I discussed in previous reviews. CSAM uses AI to scam iCloud photos. AI could detect users who are dangerous for kids. Appel confirms that the feature will be delayed for several months. The reason is because they’ve listened to experts and feedback from users. The reason of the delay is because Apple wants to introduce it in a better way in the future.

I expected that they’ll release it, but lets wait and see. What do you think of this step? I was happy that they’ll implement it. A while ago, I asked you about your opinion. Do you think Apple will introduce it in a better way for all users? Would you change your mind about it?

Comment: It’s strange that you explained VoLTE for iPhone users and excluded Android users!

😅 During that time, VoLTE and WiFi Calling weren’t available for all devices.

Comment: Samsung’s Sero TV is heavy and isn’t consistent. =The screen reflects light on it and apps are not supported, and the screen doesn’t have a purpose!

I am content creator, and lots of users agree with me that vertical content will continue. This screen deserves respect, as it supports vertical and horizontal content. Let’s wait and see. Thanks for the comment, but there are people who like this screen.

Comment: I received an email from Samsung saying that I won money. Is it logical?

😱 It is not logical. God protect us!

Let me discuss Huawei and their problem:

Huawei is prohibited from buying 5G technologies from the US. USA has harmed Huawei. It’s hard for them to make new Huawei devices that support 5G. What’s the solution?

The company is workin with lawyers that know about loopholes. The idea will be more clear in the future, but I’ll give you the details. Huawei will buy powerful CPUs from Qualcomm but without 5G support. 4G isn’t bad. This way, Huawei will be able to release new devices in the US market without any problems. Latest leaks suggest that the Mate 50 Pro and the P60 Pro will come with the SD 898 CPU without 5G support. This could be a great solution for Huawei.

I think it is a smart idea that will help Huawei return to competition in the US and around the world. At leas temporarily. The only problem left is the Google services support.

The German government has proposed something great. All smartphone manufacturers are supposed to support their devices for 7 years. Their reasoning is logical, and we always demand it. Not everyone wants to buy a new device every 2 or 3 years. There are users who keep their devices for a long time. Why do these devices not live for a long time?

Apple is the company that meets the new German law. Their devices get updates for nearly 6 years. Which is great, especially for iPhones and MacBooks. Android devices, on the other hand, need more work. Most companies support 2 years of software updates and 2 years of security updates. Google and Samsung are the best in this regard. Other companies don’t do that. I think 7 years is a long time, but that’s what the German government is asking for.

What do you think? Is it logical?

And what’s happening with Windows OS?

Let me know what you think of Android and Windows devices. I’ll ask representative of these companies about their opinion, too.

See you soon guys.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine.