Facebook and Apple problem gets even bigger!🔥Facebook has found a new big ally! and More…😈

December 29-2020 at 11:00 am

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Hello Guys, how are you! welcome to this new news article by OTTO Magazin, your Hot cup coffee and let’s go: 😈

What’s happening in the computer community?😱

The first news is a bout a computer that heats up chicken! This device is in cooperation with CoolerMaster, who manufacture computer cases. It also includes Asus, Seagate and KFC. The device’s name will be KFConsole. The device was promised a long time ago, but the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. But a new teaser was issued and the product is real. It’ll even come with a 1TB onboard storage and i9 CPU. The specs have been officially released. They also said the insolation between the device itself and the oven is insulated.

Isn’t there new ideas other than a chicken heater?🙄

Users would enjoy more innovative solutions! I am not sure how users will use this chicken heater!

Let me now discuss Samsung news, There will be 2 events for them in January. In January the 6th, there will be an event for their screens, During the event, they’ll release their new screen technologies.

There will be screens with Micro LED, Mini LED technologies. There will also be QLED 4K and 8K screens.

Hopefully, the event will be great since this event will pave the road for future screens and technologies from Samsung. Their second event will be the Unpacked S21 event, and it is expected to be in January the 14th. This event will be for the S21 series. It’s also been confirmed that the S21 Ultra will come with S Pen support, And probably older S Pens from older Notes will be supported on the S21 Ultra device.

I am excited for the event to know more about the device and the box content. What’s interesting is that the S21 CPU tests have leaked. The shock is the the Exynos CPU performs better than the SD888.

The SD888 is found in the Xiaomi Mi 11 device. CPU tests of the Mi 11 device have leaked since the device was released in 24th of December. The same leaks showed the tests of the Exynos CPU.

Some tests show that the Exynos CPU won, Others show that the SD888 won, But with time, SD888 test will be better.

Let’s not forget that the device hasn’t been released yet. The CPU is still being optimized. Could it be that the Exynos will perform better than the Qualcomm CPU just like 4 years ago?

Will this happen in all regions? 🤔

A tweet from Elon Musk has found a lot of media momentum. He said that he requested a meeting with Tim Cook to discuss whether Apple is willing to buy Testa😨 ! The offer was 1/10 of the current value of Tesla, It feels like Musk is bragging about the current status of Tesla.

Let’s not forget that Tesla have done great things with e-vehicles. They’ve added their own technologies and batteries to the cars. Some users think Tim Cook is regretful. But I don’t think it is realistic.

He’s the CEO of Apple, and the decisions he makes are valuable. Who knows, maybe if decided to buy it, Tesla wouldn’t be this big.

In addition, Apple has their own project, which we’ve been hearing lots of rumors about. It is the Apple Car project. It is their e-car, and is expected to be released in 2024.

The car is supposed to be packed with lots of technologies. These technologies are found on the devices such as LiDAR and other sensors. They also have their own algorithms and collect data from small devices.

Apple will benefit from these technologies and data for their big project. They could have it already sorted out.

They’ll probably have a powerful upcoming project, but for me Elon Musk was right about his stance. This could be the reason why he’s so enthusiastic about Tesla company. We don’t Tim Cook’s position back then.

I am not trying to give pretexts to others, but my God! he worked hard on his project and it’s become successful.✌

A new patent from Apple shows that not everything they do is innovative. For starters, I didn’t like their patent, which includes teeth and teeth sound!😕

Supposedly, with the AirPods 2, there will be gestures.You can do these gestures without actually touching them with your hands. You can control the content with gestures.

The sound of teeth will help navigate between different content with the AirPods 2. This is according to the new patent from Apple. Of course it includes more details about it. But would it be a nice thing to make teeth sounds to control the contnet? But if it was for accessibility, it would be a great thing.

Phones comes with lots of accessibility features, which is great. But Apple has to rationalize this new patent. But who know, it could be something good. We’ll try and see how it works.

But it is still strange, right?😈

Let me now discuss the problem between Apple and Facebook:

The tension has risen, and news suggest that Facebook employees are not convinced with the Facebook arguments to convince users and businesses. Apple tries to protect users’ privacy. They want their users to know apps that tracks them and collect their data. Which is something great.

Facebook employees are not convinced with the arguments provided by Facebook. There are alliances now with Facebook regarding Apple’s new privacy settings. The new ally is Google.

There will be an alliance between Google and Facebook.The alliance will help protecting Google and Facebook apps.

This alliance is about iOS14 and the privacy settings. If two big companies make an alliance, then there’s a bigger story. News suggest that Facebook has to spend $500 million on ads owned by Google.

Other news suggest that we Facebook is doing is to protect small and medium businesses. Time will show us more and more. We’ll see whether this will make a difference for users or not.

Since we keep installing ads on out devices and use them. But users might know what information to store on their devices. And if so, they can install whatever app they want.

The last news in this episode before the weekend is about science.

The news is about the way masks should be used and how it affects or protects users during the pandemic. The study confirms that the way the make is used determines whether you’ll be protected or not.

If masks are used properly, then users will protect themselves, But if there were bad habits, like using it for extended periods of time, then users won’t protect themselves effectively. It is true, and we see it in our community a lot.

Some users use their masks for days. Each masks box comes with instructions on how to use them and how effective they’ll be.

Some masks are designed to be used for 6 hours, and should be replaced after it. Some masks can be used for 20 days after being washed and cleaned.

After that the masks won’t be effective, and should be replaced. These studies have a purpose, of course. They educate us on how to properly use these masks.

God grant us health and wealth, Hopefully, I’ll see you healthier in the next news article and reviews,

See you later. Don’t forget to leave comments.😈