🕷The best Vehicle for the hunt 😍 Fabulous Modification to Nissan Patrol Super Safari VTEC❗❗ 😱💥💥

Review 153: 27.04.2021 at 02:00 pm


I can step on it it has a powerful 4.8 engine!
Hello guys! For fans of modified cars! Welcome to this special article:😍

If your friends invited you to the hunt, then, this is the best vehicle for the hunt: Nissan Patrol Super Safari VTEC.

A customized vehicle for the hunt, Before we start this article, bring your coffee and Let’s start this article of Special Car Modified by OTTO MAGAZINE with this hunt monster.

Now we start test-driving this monster in a hunting expedition, but we’re not going to hunt, we’re going to tell you about this monster:

This Is Nissan Patrol Super Safari VTEC, Mechanically, the car is stock No modified filter, exhaust or anything, But the car is customized for the hunt.

Hunting is a very popular hobby! Do you like it ? I do! So a hunt car should be without a roof guys.😍

This car is for Falconry So the seat behind me has a stand for falcons. 2 falcons or more are put there ready to fly at anytime, The seat hydraulic, There’s a button in the front and a button on the rear. So that I can fly? – Yes hhhhh! Bro! I’m going to fly for real! – Come back!

The guy who has the falcon sits and he releases the falcon, When the falcon wants to come back he goes back to his stand, or the guy raises his arm so that the falcon can land on it.

So, loosing the car’s roof is very essential in this process, If you use rifles for the hunt it’s very easy too without the roof, You can pull your rifle and shoot the rabbit or the lizard! Easy and simple! 🐰🦎😁

The four windows are always open there are no windows, the buttons are still there but there is no glass!

The suspension system is modified 2.55 King suspension, The car has customized tires to help you drive in the desert or anywhere. The body kit includes new wheels, a new iron front bumper that looks like the stock bumper, and another iron rear bumper.

There are also side steps that protect the car when off-roading, or if you hit a sand dune. There is also this roll cage, it can protect passengers in case of a car rollover, God forbid!

The A-pillars have a switch here so that you can open the windshield, which improves visibility. so that the pillars do not block the view. Especially when use a falcon, you must see everything.

The car has front searchlights, For night hunts.

About options and specifications… Everything is working, Very cold AC, diff lock, 4-wheel drive.. Everything is working, with an automatic gearbox, It’s a great car!

As a hunt car, it’s not modified for high speed, acceleration, and action, The ideal speed for hunting is about 60 km/h.

Everything is just fine You don’t need the car to be fast! Unless you prefer it this way That’s a different thing! Let’s try it out! But it’s a stock car, it’s not for speeding and stuff, When we go faster the wind gets stronger, The driver gets most of the fun because the AC is great! specially in 43 °C! 😫

The car has a Tire Air Compressor, so that you can inflate tires after your deflate them for sand driving. There is a water tank in the back for long journeys.

Nissan Patrol usually comes with an optional second fuel tank, The additional fuel tank in this car is modified te be much larger. So that you can go in long journeys in the desert without worrying about fuel.

If you get stuck then it’s your fault, not the car’s! 😅😅😅

They’ve cut the body, they installed wooden decoration so that your arm does not touch any sharp edges. To go on a hunt journey! this is the best car for you guys.✌

See you soon on the next review…👋

I want go hunting with Batman with this Fabulous Car… 😍😍😍

Allo? Batman is here? hhh hhh hhh