Exclusive Special Report💥: The 5G War! 🔥 How will 5G determine who leads the world? 😈

06.01.2021 at 00:00 am

5G! How would you determine who leads the world?
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Everyone agrees that it is the future that everyone should reach, and that those in control of it will know everything about others with the push of a button! China spent billions of dollars on it until it became the industry leader in it, and the West woke up late to a Chinese genie looking out from the world of the Internet, Trump hastened to declare war on Huawei, then amid all the misfortunes of Corona, a Western alliance of 30 companies around the world is forming to fight the race or battle, so to speak, All of them are in the face of only two Chinese companies, which are a danger to their consumer with a closed eyes, and a blessing for their product who will see everything, from the ingredients of the last piece of pizza you bought to the last movement of a battleship on the high seas, the strongest of our time now is the one who has more information and a bigger data collector, And catch the nerve of Big Data.

Bring your delicious cup of coffee, and welcome to this exclusive report by OTTO Magazin. Our hero today is 5G! This is how the global conflict revolves around the fifth generation of the Internet, which is the most recent development after four previous generations, and because research and development do not stop, 5G technology came, which is at least 100 times faster than 4G, and may reach 1000 times, meaning, that you With it, you can download high-definition Netflix movies in limited seconds, and it will provide the speed of data exchange necessary, for conducting remote surgeries, and enhance our approach to the world of the Internet of Things in which your home is connected to your computer, your phone, your car, and your wristwatch to the state health system, all of which is related to the state’s control system! In short, it is what will make the Internet stronger, more controlled, controlled, and more competitive than ever before.

You will use it one day, but you will not be able to compete in its industry easily, because it is the world of giants only, and even giants need a lot of work, effort, money and persuasion before they prevail over it, in 5G, you will not need connections of any kind to your phone, car or computer, that Not that you are communicating with satellites, but rather with a huge infrastructure of terrestrial antennas. Therefore, it is said in its physical form that it is more grounding of the Internet, and that is because it operates in the short-wave radio band, not the long-wave like 4G, and the short wave has two problems: the first is that it covers short distances of up to 300 meters, and the second is that any natural or man-made barrier can be He can cut it easily, and even rain can absorb it, and the solution to this problem is by creating more antennas (wireless distributors), and for these distributors to be smaller, closer to each other, and higher in the ability to transfer data.

To understand the story more, let us give a simple example, suppose you live in Tokyo, and you connect to the Internet with 4G technology, and you download a movie, your computer exchanges data with the nearest wireless distributor, with a wireless long wave range, and the wireless hub exchanges information with the Cloud, on which the film is uploaded Through other distributors, now, the speed of signal arrival between you and the distributor and between the distributors between them is called (latency), and the lower this latency, the faster the movie download, 😍 What if we want to raise the speed at least 100 times as long as 5G?

Answer: By reducing latency, this lowering latency requires not only increasing the antennas much more than we know today, but also increasing their capabilities. Your self-driving car must connect to other people’s cars, and all of this is connected to your phone, computer, road network, traffic lights and more. Meteorology, municipalities and others …

In the sense that we are facing a reality represented by a significant increase in the number of devices connected to the Internet, and facing the challenge of maintaining an amazing smoothness in exchanging data, interpreting it and directing a response on it, and all this at a speed of less than 1 millimeter per second!

Now, we understand what we need, are we able to do?🤨

Herein lies the big question, who can create the necessary infrastructure for the new technology? 🙊 Everyone wants to compete on their networks, but that is difficult! Not even the majority of countries can do it, as it needs huge economies for huge companies, so a frenzied competition flares up between the big companies to enter the race and convince the countries concerned about their digital security, a competition that reaches the point of announcing the entry of a digital control war by Trump in the face of the Chinese company Huawei openly. And his people are promising to win this race, (Trump is out of power now!). And the contestants on 5G technology started the race! You should first know that the Internet of Things economy, whose commercial value is estimated at $ 12 trillion, is closely related to the 5G network. This staggering number pushes about 50 companies around the world to compete for it.

The confrontation between the China axis and the Western axis over who owns the future? 😈

In the confrontation, you find names of companies, but in the subconscious, you are in front of China, America, South Korea and Europe, what distinguishes China from others, that it preceded them by stages, it spent hundreds of billions of dollars to the top, some say that it does not want profits only, as much as it wants more Who control data, and what data !? The data of the whole world, when you use 5G, you enter a completely interconnected world, much more than the past, in short, all information travels through it and to everywhere and thanks to the progress that you make and reach the largest number of countries, you have laid the first building blocks to control the future China owns Huawei, which controls my relatives 40-30 percent of the market, and accounts for 15% of the patents therein. It also has ZTE and it is one of the very advanced companies, and they form the Chinese arsenal in the manufacture of communications equipment around the world ..

At the other end, we find Swedish Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung, and finally a global alliance of 30 companies formed in May 2020, (in the height of the Corona crisis!) To confront Chinese supremacy, and now, Chinese companies provide attractive offers to countries, speed in implementation, cheap price, and let us We say guarantee, so the other axis will find itself facing two dilemmas, that it cannot compete in prices 😱 and that it will not be able to race against time to reach technology without China, and that China provides him with a cheap but insecure alternative! 🤯👀 What should I do? 🤕

America woke up late! 💤 Huawei and ZTE had begun to extend 5G networks on their territories, then the US National Security Agency came to doubt that Chinese companies provide their government with some ability to access the data of companies and users with whom they interact, and that they hide in their systems killer keys that can impede Western communication systems in the event of an occurrence. war! This was followed by the announcement of the US ban on Chinese companies from extending 5G lines on their territory, and on top of these companies, Huawei! The ban was accompanied by an invitation to the Allies in general and the Europeans in particular to follow the same approach, but the West is not according to the thinking style of one man! Australia responded to America’s call and banned Huawei! But some European countries look at Trump from suspicious eyes! And the tongue itself says: You want America alone to become great, and your war with China is in the interest of America and not in the interest of Europe, as Britain has announced that it will allow the use of Huawei equipment! In 30% of its 5G network, it was a surprising and shocking decision! 🥶 There are expectations that European countries will pay other excuses to take, especially since the European Union promises that the year 2025 will witness full coverage in all urban areas and along the main road tracks in all its countries!

There are also common interests between European countries and China. Germany, for example, does not want to lose its Chinese market, but European openness to the Chinese does not mean that they will open up to it digitally. They find in China an authoritarian regime that is considered the fiercest and fiercest, not commensurate with the spirit of democracy they cherish. A system that will never tell the truth as it did with the Corona virus! But China today represents a threat to the strong economic position that characterizes Europe, and above all, the countries of the European Union tend to ensure their cyber security by contracting with mainly local companies, Estonia and Poland imposed strong restrictions on the extension of 5G networks, fearing for their security, and this is a great trend. For example, India is trying hard to keep this technology original, home-made and safe in the words of its Prime Minister (Narendra Modi), but funding stands an obstacle. Imagine with me that India’s spending on 5G reached $ 31 million in 2018, and that China’s spending on 5G is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars, so the Indian company AirTel often signs with Nokia, and questions still loom over its intention to contract with Chinese companies someday!

Trump has threatened the Arab Gulf states, either the American companies or nothing else! He is annoyed by reports indicating that Huawei is participating in building part of the infrastructure in the Arabian Peninsula, and he wants to keep China away from his military bases there!

Late USA! 💤 Why attack China instead of marketing its services? 😒

It is true that many American companies produce the most advanced 5G software, but they do not manufacture all the hardware necessary for digital infrastructure! On the foreseeable future, the USA will not have global competitiveness. It is trying to cooperate with Nokia and Ericsson and is pressuring local companies such as Oracle to start manufacturing radio transmitters, in order to enter the 5G economy from its widest doors. Will it survive that? 😯 USA can do the miracle if it provides the necessary funding to support this industry and encourage the private sector that fears high costs compared to short-term profits! The USA Senate approved a billion-dollar package for current Huawei and ZTE users to exchange for US companies, and seeks to spend an additional $ 1 billion on research and development in 5G technology. However, it is a fraction of the $ 15 billion that Huawei alone spent in 2019!

An alliance headed by Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel and a group of local US companies in addition to Samsung to confront Huawei, USA and its allies want to achieve two main goals in a race against time, to provide its self-sufficiency and national cyber security, and to play a role far beyond its borders In extending these networks and competing with China. The wheel of developing this technology around the world is moving as fast as possible, and competition for it among the giants has just begun. Corona and its problems are ostensibly overwhelming, but it will not delay the race much. China today excels, but no one knows who will be the last word, 🙊 The battle will be security, commercial, political, and perhaps cold global! Trump sees it as existential! China sees an unfair competition! It will not be possible to stop China, especially in emerging non-democratic countries, the USA will be absolutely prohibited to China, and Arab countries will think a lot before they think about overcoming the American will, even if this comes at the expense of more money and more waiting, and Europe will not show hostility to China , It will not ban its companies publicly, but it will go to the race with the USA despite all the differences with Trump! And does China have the tools of its commercial pressure on the Europeans? True, but it is not the size of American tools, the war flares up again, it is the data war 🔥..

See you in the next reviews and Tech news.😈