Economical laptops with chrome system from Google! Lenovo ChromeBook C330 & Dell Inspiron ChromeBook 11! 😈

Review 83: 06.02.2021 at 08:30 pm

Dell ChromeBook 11
Lenovo ChromeBook C330
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I always get asked about laptops suitable for students. So, I brought this laptop which no one talks about. Honestly, its price is suitable, and the performance is good.

Let’s talk about some Chromebook laptops, let’s start:

But What are Chromebooks?

Everyone knows there are laptops that run Windows and others that run MacOS, no? There is a third OS called ChromeOS. Google owns it. It is based on Linux, and it has an app store. I will talk about the benefits of these laptops later. But first, let me explain these laptops.

The laptop runs ChromeOS, and some Google apps are already preinstalled, Like Google Chrome browser, Google Play where you can install apps from.

You’ll find apps like Microsoft Office and others. You can also broadcast the screen on any Chromecast enabled device. You know these Chromecast devices that broadcast your phone on external screens? This feature is integrated in these laptops.

Here, I have two laptops, one from Dell and the other is from Lenovo.

Let’s first talk about the Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11:

The CPU is the Intel Celeron N3060 dual core. It scored 1135 for single core and 2073 for dual core on Geekbench app. The GPU is the Intel HD Graphics 400. The RAM is 3GB of LPPDR3 and the onboard storage is either 16GB or 32GB. This means that this laptop is designed for light tasks. I will explain later.

The screen is Anti-glare LED Backlit 11.6 with HD resolution. It has 2 USB ports, HDMI port, SD card, charging port and the AUX port. The battery lasts up to 11 hours. But in my experiment, the battery lasted for more than 11 hours.

The audio isn’t powerful but it is acceptable. This means that you shouldn’t depend on the laptop speakers, rather, use external speakers.

Not only is the device lightweight, but also the OS is also lightweight. With its price, the performance is really good compared to other devices. You can install apps from the Google Play.

The design isn’t that great, and the screen has huge bezels, which might be annoying. But the screen is good to watch content on it on the go. We tried the Asphalt game, and the performance was satisfying. The game didn’t lag. But PUGB didn’t perform well.

There was a lag, and when the game started it, automatically started with low performance. Chromebook is great and light for surfing the web, watching content and simple tasks.

There a version that comes with a touch screen and could become a tablet, but the version we have is the regular one. The price will shock you. By the way, I received these devices from, They are hardworking.

Chromebooks are famous in USA. They are always on sale. Sometimes you can find Chromebooks that would cost nearly 300 or 400 USD. It would be just a waste of money to pay 300 or 400 USD for a device that you won’t use a lot. That’s why I brought these Chromebooks.

Let’s discuss the Lenovo Chromebook C330: 😈

This laptop supports touch input, and can be turned into a tablet. The moment you fold it, it will access the tablet mode.

The CPU is the MediaTek MYK8173C, The GPU is the integrated MediaTek. The RAM is 4GB of LDDR3 and the onboard storage is 32GB or 64GB. The screen is 11.6, HD IPS Anti-glare Multi-Touch.

The charging port is USB-C, it also has a HDMI, USB and the SD card reader. The other side contains AUX port, volume buttons and power button.

According to Lenovo, the battery lasts for 10 hours. My Impressions, The same things I said about the Dell is applied to this one, but the design of this way is way better than the Dell. The materials used are great, and the screen has more beautiful colors than the Dell.

We tested Asphalt and PUBG, and both offered very good performance.

You can play PUBG using the keyboard or the touch screen. These devices are great for light tasks like surfing the web, watching content and light games.

You can connect them to an external screen using the HDMI port. You can also use the Chromecast feature. The great thing about these devices are the prices.

For example, the Dell Inspiron price starts from 270 USD. Shipping not included. Other currencies are shown on the screen. With less than 200 USD, you can buy a Chromebook.

The Lenovo price, which is way better than the Dell costs 279 USD, The prices are from the Dell and Lenovo websites.

But why am I reviewing these devices?

Some people spend 2000 or 5000 USD for a laptop, and all what they do on it is surf the web or print documents or runa server. Chromebooks are good.

Make sure you have the apps you need and you will save lots of money.😈

You can buy these laptops from SL4. Link in the VD. Chromebooks are great for light tasks.

See you on the reviews…⏳