Dyson V11 Absolute? 🤷‍♀️ Our Review 😈

Review 70: 14.01.2021 at 00:00 am

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This device is different, Why? Because it has lots of technologies and patents. It is Dyson V11. I personally use it, and my god, I am reviewing it now! bring your coffee and welcome to this new review from OTTO Magazin:😈

It is a smart and power vacuum, from Dyson, since I’ve been using this vacuum for more than a year, it’ll be easier for me to review it. I’ll discuss it in depth.

The design is modern and beautiful. Dyson has invented it and many companies are copying their design. The build material is very high.

Some of the internal parts are made from carbon fiber, This vacuum is basically an engine from Dyson with powerful technologies. This technology will help vacuum off dirt and hard remove stains. it helps remove dust mites, which are one of the main reasons for allergies. These mites spread during weather changes.

This vacuum helps removing 99.97% of small particles and dust. All of this without cables. Once the battery is empty, you can replace it with another charged to give to give you another 60 minutes.

The vacuum comes with a hanger.

The hanger can be fixed on a wall and fix the charger on it. The vacuum comes with a number of different parts to be used for different cleaning methods. The one I have is much bigger than this one.

The more the accessories the more functions the vacuum support. Installing the vacuum is very easy. Install the main piece to the stick. And then choose the mode you prefer. Whether was it the automatic, boost or eco.

Each mode has a name that’s self-explanatory:

The first mode saves the battery.

The second works automatically depending on the surface and dirt.

The last works with the highest power for better performance.

But this mode drains the battery faster. The vacuum comes with a smaller LCD screen, and it shows what mode has been chosen.

The vacuum monitors the system 8000 per second and displays the results on the small screen. It shows what’s left in the battery depending on your current usage.

To clarify, the version I have I brought from the US. But Dyson is officially available in other countries too.

The one I have doesn’t support some language like Arabic, but this one does. The digital engine inside is capable of moving the brush 60 times per second. The engine supports 125,000RPM. It offers powerful suction.

The vacuum supports Radial Cyclone technology. It is basically 14 cones that generate lots of power to push the dirt in the container without blocking the filter.

This will make the suction more powerful while cleaning. The battery is made from aluminum, nickel cells. It lasts for 60 minutes depending on which mode you use.

Fully charging it takes 4.5 hours. Emptying the container is very easy. Just push the red handle outside to open it.

Remove the cover, and then get rid of the dirt. The vacuum comes with 7 attachments. Each one has a specific purpose. One of the attachments has an engine in it.

So, there will be an engine in the vacuum and an engine in the attachment. This will help a lot in the cleaning process.

There’s also another clasp to attach to the stick. The clasp can be used to attach 2 small attachments to it for easier access to shift between them. The price of the vacuum is 817 USD and 664 Euro when i wrote this review article guys, and The vacuum comes with a 2 year warranty.


advanced technologies in the engine to provide more powerful suction power. It works without having to plug it in.

The vacuum comes with different attachments. Lots of accessory manufacturers make accessories for this vacuum. You can find lots of accessories on Amazon. You can find lots of dock stations for it.


the price is a bit high for some users! 🤨 It is a bit heavy once you use it for the first time. But you’ll get used to it since its weight helps add more pressure to the surface.

I wished they explained whether it can be used with water! 🙊

The vacuum design is nice and presentable. It doesn’t need to be hidden. This is the end of this review. This is the first time I review one of Dyson products. They have lots of patents with their products.

This is the end.🙏 see you in the next reviews.😈