Does Apple fool iPhone 12 users? My review😈

December 19-2020 at 06:30 pm

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Every year and you are good, as everyone knows that the last event was Apple’s release of the iPhone 12, and like every year, there was a sensation on the phone after it came to the market, but the hype this year was completely different, people did not accept the release of the iPhone 12 without headphones and no charger !

Why did you do this immoral movement, Uncle Cook? 😅 We are your customers! Did anything come from us that angered you, for example ?! My uncle Cook replied that he wanted to protect the environment from pollution! No man? I mean, isn’t your aim to steal your customers in the price of the charger and headphones?😒 My uncle Cook replied: No, environmental protection!😈OK!

Of course, the exasperation of protecting the environment from my uncle, Cook is an empty justification that has no basis in truth, and I will explain why this is nonsense. What Apple did is a deception for all iPhone users, but the irony is that people will buy strongly the iPhone 12 even though they do not need it, there are no differences Great between iPhone 11! And strangely enough, there are people who will borrow money to buy it!

This causes us to ask some questions:

What is the reason that causes the consumer to change his smartphone every year, although there are actually no fundamental differences between the version he owns and the new version?

And why does Apple deal with its users dryly?

Your hot and delicious coffee and welcome to the facts and neutrality magazine, OTTO Magazin:😈

Think with me, my friend, for a minute: Imagine with me if all the smart phone companies led by Apple canceled issuing any new copies of their phones this year due to Corona and the global crisis? We as users will not be affected by this decision, because we all have modern phones, and we are very happy, and our lives will not stop for this reason, right?

But on the other hand, phone companies will have a major problem, let us take Apple as an example, the largest company in the world by market value, talking about a value of 2 trillion dollars and more, and its most important profits last year were iPhone sales and services for 260 billion dollars, the iPhone It alone achieved sales of $ 142 billion, and is thus the company’s most important product.

But despite that, Apple and other companies are facing a big problem, which is the trend of the global market towards saturation, for example during 2016, people who bought the iPhone for the first time in their life were about 129 million people, but the number decreased to 46 million people who bought the iPhone for the first time within a year 2019!

So, if you were your Uncle Tim Cook, what would you do to fix this problem! Of course, the hawab is easy, it is to convince iPhone users to do Upgrading, sing simply buy the latest version of the iPhone and leave the old version, and this process will work Apple to persuade you lovingly or force you to do it! but how?😱😡

In December 2017, Apple admitted that it had made changes to the iOS system, which were the reason for slowing down the old versions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, which led to a lawsuit by users, and at the beginning of 2020, Apple agreed to pay about $ 500 million in compensation. To solve the lawsuit against her.

The second reason that Apple plays in order to force you to buy the new version, is the new development of its devices, good, but there is a simple note, that there is no big difference in the development between the successive versions! The development was all about camera quality and battery life! It can be said that the results were somewhat satisfactory, but the development is in raising the quality of the cameras from 10 megapixels to 12 megapixels! It is not the great development that encourages me to leave the current version to buy the new version, for a very high price of more than $ 1000! 💣

Although the consumer will agree with me previously, the majority of consumers will nonetheless buy the new version of the iPhone, because the majority of consumers do not perform the technical comparison process between the new version they bought with the old version, which is an irrational decision, because they fall into a trap called Comparison neglect, or neglecting the comparison, and therefore most of those who buy the new version of the iPhone, for psychological and social reasons, and the extent of a person’s self-esteem, means self-satisfaction, and many people try to compensate for the deficiency in themselves by purchasing the latest products, because they see it as a fulfillment.

But there are other users who justify their purchase of the new version of the iPhone, because of the device’s support for the fifth generation 5G, and no one denies the important role that the 5G networks will play in the speed of the Internet, but one minute, the 5G networks are still in their infancy, and their spread is still very limited, at the end of 2019 networks The 5G used to cover only 5% of the world’s population, and unfortunately the spread of this network is very slow due to the presence of technical and logistical difficulties that make its installation very expensive, and even the 5G networks in USA are confined, weak and very heavy, and this is what Apple dont wants to tell its consumers.

Now and in the future, the consumer will have to buy new devices for the iPhone without a charger and without headphones, the box will only contain the body of the phone only, so if you are a greedy consumer and your requests are very illogical and wasteful and you want the charger and headphones to be with the iPhone 12 case, you will COOK responds to your request and asks you for more money.

Apple’s argument for excluding headphones and the charger according to your uncle Mr. Cook is its keenness to protect the environment, on the one hand protecting it from the huge electronic waste that is thrown away every year, and on the other hand it reduces carbon emissions after the iPhone 12 cases become very small. You will need fewer cars and planes to charge IPhone, OK, no problem because we also love the environment.

Let’s talk quietly with you uncle, cook, this new iPhone that I will buy without a charger, how will I charge my phone, it is natural that I need a charger, and I will buy it from you for 20 dollars, and after the expiration date, I will throw it of course, Eden will damage the environment no?
How do you claim that you want to reduce carbon emissions and at the same time make for us a wireless charger, its electricity consumption is 47% higher than the regular charger, does this not increase our electricity consumption?
So the environment has been damaged in all cases, COOK will give you an additional $ 20 for the charger.

There are several ways to support and protect the environment, sir, such as encouraging consumers whose phones are still good not to change them, and encouraging the purchase of used phones that are still in good condition, or you can hear the advice of the European Parliament, which voted in January last on a resolution calling on all smart phone companies, including Apple, that Make a unified charger that works in all devices, or at least an Apple charger that works on all Apple devices.

But Apple does not and will not work on these solutions that actually help in protecting the environment, because it will lose materially, so we as consumers lose 20 or 40 dollars Yes, Apple is losing? No.

And Apple is the only company that was able to take this strange and greedy step, and no competitor can do the same step, and this gives you an image about the dry treatment that Apple deliberately uses with its customers.

This was a light review on Apple’s ways to profit more and more at the expense of its loyal customers, so you only proceeded with your money according to your needs.

See you in the next reviews.😈