🕷Dodge Viper 1000+ hp 🤨 Car Modified Review🔥🔥🔥😍

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🕷 My God! Let’s start the action! Hello Guys! A new Special Car article Review, Today we have the most venomous snake!

An American missile, An extraordinary Dodge Viper, It has about 1000hp, Before we start the blog…bring your cup Coffee.

Let’s start the action! Let’s go! Don’t forget to comment the car per 100%, Now we start test-driving this 1000hp Viper and let’s step on it! My God!

The exhaust sound is amazing! i hope you can hear it! A major concern for Super-cars manufacturers, is to make a car with an incredible 0-100 time. Dodge Viper cars do not face this problem.

Because with the 1st gear the car can reach a speed of 100km/h, I up-shifted to the 2nd gear at 100km/h. This means you can accelerate without shifting which guarantees great acceleration times. A stock Viper can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4s, Let’s activate Launch Control! All of the car features are working!

🕷Even the SRT Performance display! Let’s go!

Dodge Viper 1000+ hp Review

You must deactivate Traction Control 100% in order to get the right launch, We activated Launch Control and it’s not the best ever, But Traction Control Must be fully disengaged.

Especially that the car has Kumho high-performance tires providing great traction, The car has a 8.4L 10-cylinder engine! Great displacement!

An engine worthy of trucks in front of you, The stock engine generates 640hp, and the car’s top speed is 330 km/h. Let’s talk about the beast we have today and its modifications.

We said it has about 1000hp and the stock viper has 640hp, This car has BMC air filters, American Racing long tube headers, and the rest of the exhaust parts are from Corsa, Dodge Viper has a short exhaust the exhaust tip is located under the door.

It does not go to the end of the car, The car is so loud! But the modified exhaust, when you drive slowly…It can be quieter than the stock exhaust. But when you step on it! It can get very loud!

How did the car get the 1000hp! It’s not an easy task, you know! You can see what’s in the back! 2 Nitrous bottles! For action time, there is a Control Unit here, This display! and here are the buttons to activate the nitrous system

When you switch them on you have 2 bottles of nitrous! You have 2 kinds of shots one shot for 250 and another for 350. The nitrous system provides the engine with excellent cooling, It’s the easiest way to generate more horsepower.

The best thing about the the nitrous system installed on this car, is that it has progressive controllers.

So that when you activate the nitrous system, it sends multiple shots, instead of a single 350-shot that suddenly increases the power, This way is different. The shots are sent progressively, small shots are sent to the combustion chamber while driving, which guarantees excellent acceleration.

When you activate the system it works automatically, This is the easiest way to generate more horsepower. Two nitrous bottles and professional work to install the pipes, air filters, etc..There is also a pump in the front to ensure good boost.

Dodge Viper 1000+ hp Review

🕷 Let’s take a break to tell you bring your cup coffe guys!

So! A quick piece of information about this car: The car has a modified McLeod dual clutch to withstand the car’s power, Especially with the nitrous kit.

Let’s step on it! The car feels safe! The car’s stability is exceptional! The car is lightweight, about 1.5 ton, With exceptional brakes!

The brakes are good for its power, The car has a 6-speed manual gearbox and Reverse is selected like this! The car is fun to drive! How do you select Reverse? – Like this!

The same way you select the 5th gear but you must pay attention, because its beside the 5th gear and there is a space between them .

Be careful not to select Reverse while driving because it will destroy the car. Let’s activate the nitrous system, Let’s open the first bottle!

This is the pressure gauge then we select Arm, Everything is right! To make sure the nitrous is working there is a nozzle here on the hood, We will show it to yoiu now! To make sure it’s working properly. My God! A missile!

You must be very careful wit it! Very powerful! for a naturally aspirated engine. Let’s stop the nitrous system! Just press herthe botton! and close the bottle, To ensure nothing is left in the pipes

You press this red button, to get it out of the nozzle, It’s empty! The problem with Viper is that it is going to extinct, Unfortunately, they stopped its production!

The suspension system is modified in this car adjustable coilovers. You can lift the car, lower it, make it harder or softer. The car has Forgestar 19 lightweight wheels, The tires equipped on this car, this Viper SRT.

Not ACR , nor ACR Extreme, but they’re the same size, The rear tires are 355mm and the front tires are 295mm.

If you look at the rear tires of this car they look extra large! Which provides better launch. Because the car is very powerful and you can’t control it, You must be short to drive a Viper!

I’m tall and my head can reach the roof!! It’s very difficult for others to drive it!

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