Dodge Charger RT 2016❗ Model Modified❗😍 🔥🔥🔥

Review 122: 29.03.2021 at 06:00 pm


🕷 Hello guys! Welcome to a new review of Special Car by OTTO MAGAZIN, Modification jobs, are not just about engines! There are cosmetic modifications, and there are performance modifications, and some people combine both of them, i like that really.

Today’s star, Dodge Charger R/T, has a unique modification job, But before we start…bring your cup coffee or your tea, and Let’s start our article review guys!

Let’s go!🕷🕷🕷

Now we start test-driving this 2016 Charger R/T, This car, the star of today’s article, is not about mechanical modifications, or horsepower. Today’s article review star, has a unique body kit and great colors, Every man to his taste! Some might like it and some might not!

Frankly speaking, our dear readers! These days we’re test-driving body kit cars, not the usual high performance cars, So this may not be good for 800, 900, or 1000hp cars.

Hopefully, as soon as possible when the temperatures drop down, I promise! I have many surprises for you, All of them are 1000 hp+, The cars are ready! We’re just waiting for better weather and will Coronavirus crisis is over soon guys, Today’s star modifications…

At first glance you will notice the unique color scheme, The car is wrapped with 3 colors, blue, red, and black. There are also some mild graphics , you need to take a closer look to see it:

The car looks really good! It’s wild! The modifications also include a rear window protection grill, But you need to pay extra attention while driving , because it blocks the rear view.

So you must maintain focus while driving, The car is equipped with a rear spoiler, on the edge of the trunk. It looks great and improves aerodynamics.

There is also a sporty looking splitter, attached to the front bumpe, a nice diffuser in the rear, The car is equipped with Mopar exhaust system, Let’s hear it out! The car has a stock 5.7 engine, generating 370hp.

It’s not a 1000hp car! Let’s turn off the AC but we’ll keep Traction Control on, The V8 sounds great! My God!

This is why I love American cars, Most of them have 8-cylinder engines. Maybe they’re not super fast, but they sound great! and if you modify it, you will really enjoy it!

The modifications include an Air lift kit, You can control the suspension, to raise your ride or lower it. Via Remote Control, and you can control it using a mobile application too.

The car is also programmed, When you install this kit, programming is the most difficult thing, At the touch of a button, you can lower or raise the car. but when you go extremely low, you will not be able to drive the car, because tires will be tucked so deep in the fenders, and if you turn the steering wheel, the fenders will be broken.

Many people asked me, Is it comfortable to drive with air lift? The car is comfortable, but sometimes, at high speeds, you hear this sound, Maybe you can’t hear it! but there is a light sound, you hear it all the time, It’s not annoying or anything, but you keep hearing it because of the air lift kit.

The car is fitted with 20 black Ferrada Wheels, They look great specially when you lower the car.

There is a fully modified lighting system, in the engine bay, in the back, and for the wheels, We will take some night shots later, To show you how the car looks, with this lighting system.

One of the great modifications, made to this car, In the trunk, there is a huge number of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, The car has an epic sound system!

Another nice touch..When you open the hood, You will see a great airbrush paint job, in the engine compartment.

There is a painting on the underside of the hood , and there is another one on the engine cover, The car owner was really creative , with the body kit.

The doors can be open like ordinary doors, or you can open them like Lambo doors, and when you open the doors, you can read, Evil Dodge, on the door sills.They are illuminated in red. In the night, you will see everything! When it comes to car modifications, every man to his taste, Some people don’t care, about power and acceleration.

You can’t force people to increase, their car’s horsepower if they don’t want to! right guys! This is normal!🙈

🕷 Some says: It should have more horsepower, But it’s not always about horsepower! Your car modification job, represents your personality.

Your’e free to choose, how to do that: Power? Looks? Both? It’s your call!

Now i hear the engine roar! For the fans of American Muscle cars, One of the nice features, in Charger cars, The seats are very large!

Honestly, it feels like sitting on a couch! The temperature outside is about 41°C, but with the cooled seats, I’m very comfortable.

In long distance driving, you might even sleep while driving, because it’s so comfortable!

Today’s article, our dear readers, the key fobs are black, But hopefully soon, all key fobs will be red. Dodge fans would understand!😂

See you soon guys…🕷🕷🕷

🤡 I like this car really, hhhh hhhh hhhh my have a tour❓

🤡 No, this is my best car, you can see my smiling hhh hhhh hhh