Dobly Cinema Technologies⁉ 🙄do you know it Guys?😈

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I’ve wanted to explain Dolby technologies for you since a long time. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. These technologies have started to appear in our smartphones, Smart TVs and smart appliances.

I have to explain this technology in a right way, so, bring your Coffee and welcome to this new Tech review from OTTO Magazin:😈

There are many cinema in the world that supports Dolby Cinema technologies, This Dolby Cinema technologies uses audio and video technologies from Dolby.

To be able to explain this technology, I have to divide it into two parts: Audio part and Video part:

Let me explain the video part. Dolby themselves created this Dolby Vision technology, Content creators in Hollywood enjoy this technology as it helps viewers watch their content as they intended. This means that you can enjoy particular parts they want you to enjoy.

Color range is 60x more in this technology, This gives the content a special effect and makes the films different than the films that you watch at home using a regular TV.

Black colors in these movies are true black, and this is available with special technologies such as Dolby Vision, This is a dedicated and specified video encoding.

The second thing that I want to talk about is that Dolby Vision requires special kind of projectors. Only these projectors are capable of incorporating this technology.

This technology requires 2 laser projectors, each one is 4K. Each projector uses RGB (Red, Green and Black). Each color has a dedicated laser in each of the projectors. This means that the colors will appear totally different.

We’ve also noticed that tech manufacturers started to incorporate this technology in their devices, Because it makes the content beautiful.

Apple added this technology to their latest iPhones, and for sure other companies have incorporated it in their screens.

Nothing compares to watching such content on a comfortable chair. We’ve discussed Dolby Vision, let’s now discuss Dolby Atmos.

Before I continue with this technology, you should know that there’s a strategic cooperation between cinema company and Dolby. This cooperation have brought Dolby Vision to more countries.

Let’s go back to technology now, It’s illogical to be under this roof without enjoying the experience. There’s something else that I can do for you. Turn off the lights, please.

Simply, when you watch a movie in total darkness with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Where it has reclining seats for maximum comfort. You can also get your popcorn and snacks.

This will include the best audio and video experience, such as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. It’s great that some cinema company have brought their own rules form USA! it is so wonderful. because These rules help special needs people.

The best chairs to be in the third row, not in the first row, Third row is actually the best row for visuals. Even the sound system and subwoofers will help them enjoy an audio experience just like how the content creators intended, This is great for special needs people as they won’t have to move their chairs.

With this experience, you’ll enjoy the best audio with Dolby Atmos, and the best video With Dolby Vision and You’ll also enjoy the most comfortable seats.

Simply, download the Android or iOS app or even visit website and Choose the film you want to watch and enjoy these technologies I just talked about. The thing that you also have to do is to make future plans. Choose which time you’d like to watch the movie and choose a seat in the middle of the hall to be able to enjoy.

See you in the next reviews guys.

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