Do they deserve an upgrade? 🤫Galaxy S21 / S21 + 😈

Review 74: 23.01.2021 at 11:00 am

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Are the S21 and S21 Plus different from the previous versions?

Let me showcase all the details for you, Yes, there are few differences between the S21, S21 Plus and the previous versions of the series.

But are these differences enough to upgrade to the the newer versions?
I’ll give you my honest answers as always guys, But before, I’d like to remind you to Your coffe and focus with me.😈

Let me start with the S21 device:😈

Is this new device different from the S20? S21 comes with a design more distinguishable from the previous version. It comes with a stainless steel frame connected to the camera module.

The LED flash is now not included in the camera module. The color of the frame and the gradient color back makes this deice not just better than the previous version, but one of the most beautiful devices in the market. And this if course in case you like the design. There’s also a weight difference between them. The device comes with a flat screen, while the previous version comes with a curved screen.

Let me now compare the screens:😈

Both devices have a 6.2 screen. Both screens are the same but with few enhancements on the S21 version. One of these enhancements is the higher NITS since it comes with 1300 NITS. The previous version comes with 1200 NITS.

S21’s screen is slightly better under direct sunlight than the S20’s screen. The new version support adaptive refresh rate. It changes between 10Hz to 120Hz, depending on the app your using or content you’re watching.

The previous version doesn’t support this technology. The resolution of the new version is downgraded from QHD+ to HD+.

Yes, the S21 screen has less resolution than the S20 screen.😈

You’ll notice that Samsung decided to downgrade technologies on the S21 and S21 Plus devices. The previous generation of this series comes with better features than the new version. But the new generation comes with better and more powerful specs.

For example, the CPU. The new CPUs will provide better performance whether was it the Exynos version or the Snapdragon version.

According to Samsung, the CPU will offer 20% better performance. The GPU will offer 35% better performance. The NPU is twice faster.

And of course it supports 5G. The device comes with either 128GB or 256GB storage. The previous generation only supports 128GB storage.

The RAM is 8GB, which is the same as the previous generation. But Samsung stopped supporting SD cards, and now users have to depend entirely on the onboard storage and cloud services such as OneDrive.

The camera model is better and different than last year’s. The device thickness is bigger than the older generation.

But why did that happen?

Is the cameras on the new generation better than the ones on the previous generation?

Samsung talked a lot about the camera enhancements and AI support. Hopefully, we’ll find out more in the full review. The full review article will show us whether this upgrade is worth it or not. I’ll show you the details knowing that these cameras will offer the performance you need and more.

With these kind of devices, the cameras are supposed to offer excellent performance, considering their high specs. Both devices come with 4000mAh batteries.

What’s great here is that AI will help in enhancing the battery experience. The 5nm CPU is also supposed to offer better efficiency than the 7nm CPU found in the previous version. Both support the same charging speeds, but the new CPU offer better performance with the battery.

The price of the new device starts from 900 USD. While the older generation costs approximately 500 to 600 USD. Both of these devices considering their prices, capabilities are considered premium competitors.

I am talking about the S21 device not the S21 Plus version. Imagine the Plus and Ultra versions’ capabilities! These devices offer excellent capabilities,

( wait my next review about S21 Ultra soon on OTTO Magazin ).😈

I think that if you own the previous generation, then it’s not worth it to upgrade to the new version. The new generation offer excellent capabilities, but the older generation is also considered excellent.

If you own the S20 version, then I’d recommend to wait for the S22 version. The S22 might bring enough changes to rationalize the upgrade. But if you own the S10 or S9, then the comparison would be different. I am working on a dedicated article for it. But with the S21 Plus, there are significant changes from the S20 Plus version.

Now, I’ll discuss the differences between the S21 Plus and the S20 Plus devices:

The same thing I said about the S21 design applies here, too. Both devices have a 6.7 screen. The same thing I said about the S21 screen applies here, too. The brightness is a bit higher and the refresh rate and how to manage is a bit better.

The screen resolution has downgraded from QHD+ to HD+. The same thing I said about the S21 CPU applies here, too. It is a 5nm CPU against a 7nm CPU.

The storage options are more on this device than with the previous generation. And of course, the S21 Plus supports 5G. The same thing I said about the S21 cameras applies here, too. But the previous generation comes with 4 cameras.

I reviewed the camera capabilities of the S20 Plus. It was excellent. You can find the review on the Magazine.

Samsung decided to remove the fourth camera from the new Plus version. The design of the S21 Plus is identical to the design of the S21, but it is bigger in size. The battery in the previous generation was 4500mAh, while with the new version it is 4800mAh.

Here, you’ll find a difference in the performance. Because the AI will help in optimizing the performance and the extra 300mAh will make a significant difference. If you’re facing problems with the battery of your S20 Plus, then you should know that these problems have been fixed with the S21 Plus.

This device will offer better battery performance:

I’ll now discuss the price differences then I’ll give you my verdict. The price of this device is approximately 1066 USD, And here’s a list of other currencies. The price of the previous germination is 720 USD now. The device still holds its value. Because when it was released it provided excellent balance.

Unlike the new version, the S20 Plus supports and SD card. If you use an SD card, then I advise you to keep using the S20 Plus. If you need one of these devices and the screen refresh rate and battery size make no difference to you, but you need a great deal for the price, then you should choose the S20 Plus.

For me, and honestly speaking, I think the S20 Plus is better.

Why? Because you’ll save your money.😈 and this is the primary goal of OTTO Magazin, is to protect consumer’s money.

For ordinary users, the biggest difference is the design putting aside the screen and CPU. If you buy this device, then you’ll save more money. While if you go with the S21 Plus, you won’t save your money.😈

It has a mix of good and bad specs. If you have an S9 Plus or S10 Plus, then I’d advise you not to upgrade. But my finally verdict will be in the full review of this device.

Samsung have issued the S20, S20 Plus, S21 and S21 Plus to last for more than year years. The new version will be a good choice if you like the new design.

Samsung was able to make an ecosystem that lasts for two or three years. Which is the approach that is being conducted by other companies.

See you in the next reviews and news Tech articles