Crazy lens captures close-ups and underwater 😂😂😂! Laowa Venus Optics! 😈

Review 77: 30.01.2021 at 10:00 pm

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One of the strangest camera lenses. It is called Laowa. Sniper, It is a 24mm lens. It is capable of crazy Macro capabilities. It is also capable of great zoom abilities. There are 27 elements inside the lens, divided into 19 groups. These elements provide crazy good pictures. There is a video about it that shows it as a sniper gun! but It is really great.

What do you benefit from such a lens?

Let me start talking about its main specs, It has LEDs at the end. Also, the the top of the lens is water resistant. You can put the lens in water to capture great photos. There are two adjustable gears on it too: one for the focus, and the other for the aperture.

You can adjust the aperture and focus to your likings. The lens itself is F/14 up to F/40 aperture. It will provide great aperture capabilities. You can also plug it to a battery or power bank to use the LEDs. It also comes with cables in the box.

There is a cable to adjust the brightness of the LEDs. This will help you take pictures of different places. The lens needs a lot of light to function so that you can take great and unique pictures.

One of the great things about it is that the background of the object you want to take a picture of will have a bokeh effect. The price is 1.499 USD, The lens is limited to use, but the outcome is great. It works for photos and videos. Both will be great. It is a full frame lens.

You will have to also buy the suitable mount for it. I bought the Canon EF. It doesn’t come with 3/4. Links in the VD. I am sure we are all excited for some shots taken by this camera. I am trying now to take a photo of a magazine.

The light source is not high. Let me adjust it. The slider is doing the motion. Let me increase the speed of the slider. The LEDs on the lens is enough for taking a great shot.

Don’t ask me why do we have this amount of Ping Pong in Tech Pills studios. It is normal that the LED ring on the top of the lens to appear. It could be harder for phones, there are difference of light when the LED ring is turned off.

This is a beautiful shot of a tree leaf! That’s it. Excellent!😍

This is a beautiful shot of a tree leaf! By OTTO Mgazin

There was 0 light, The idea is different now. Look at this image qualit! Enjoy this shot. This is the difference between this lens and other lens. It changes your perspective. You can do great experiments with this lens. This lens is unique. You can see things you can’t see with your naked eyes.

Laowa make strange lenses. The make lenses with huge aperture, wide macro and this lens I’ve been using. The distance between me and the camera is 1m only. It is an Ultra Wide lens. The aperture of this lens is crazy. It is called the 7.5mm from Laowa.

This lens is crazy. Whoever called Sniper is right. It produces great shots. I used the slider in most of shots.

The slider will enable you to take the shots in a vertical way, but you need enough lights. I can also take Macro shots.

I hope you enjoyed these fast review guys. I will be using this lens to make content on Instagram hhhh To show you the capabilities of this lens. Let’s hope the shots will beautiful.

It is really a Sniper lens 😁😁

I’m still writing a great topic about who will win in the comparison between the two giants Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max, who will win ?! Wait for the snap! 😈

See you soon guys, 👋