Compare the gaints! 💥💥💥 Who is the best for you?🙊

Blog 39: November 04-2020 at 05:00 pm

This is a new compassion guys, before you buying one of this smartphones, Let’s find out which is the most powerful device.😍

But briiiiiiiiing your strong coffee and read this article with me:😛☕

This is a ‘numbers’ comparison between the new S20 Ultra, iPhone 11 Pro Max, P40 Pro+, Mate 30 Pro and Note 20 Ultra.

These are the latest devices from tech companies no? hhhhh 👏👏👏…

We’ll compare the numbers and see which device has the best specs.

Let me start with the design no! please!🙏

Design is a personal preference. All of these device come with great designs and colors, It is a personal preference.

Let’s begin the numbers’ comparison starting with screens: The biggest screens are on the S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra, The screen with the best density is the S20 Ultra screen.

The screens with the highest refresh rate are the S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra.

The screen with the highest touch sensitivity is the iPhone 11 Pro Max.The most powerful CPU according to numbers is in the A13 Bionic in the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Let’s discuss the OS: iPhone is the only smartphone that runs iOS. The rest of the devices run Android and nearly do the same tasks. But the Note 20 Ultra could be the device with most features and services.

The reason being the S Pen capabilities, additional features and multitasking. »

All devices come with 512GB of onboard storage except for the Mate 30 Pro.The biggest RAM is on the Note 20 Ultra with 12GB. RAM usage depends on the OS and apps.The iPhone comes with least RAM, but the compatibility between the RAM, OS, CPU gives it excellent performance.

The device with the most secure unlocking options is the P40 Pro+, It comes with front facing sensors and an in-display fingerprint sensor among other options.

The most secure unlocking option according to test is the Face ID on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It also works with paying methods and other features.

The best cameras when it comes to numbers are in the S20 Ultra and the P40 Pro+, The best photographing algorithms are found in the iPhone 11 Pro Max then the P40 Pro+. The biggest battery and quickest charging is found in the S20 Ultra.

Devices with reverse wireless charging are the S20 Ultra, Note Ultra and the P40 Pro+, Device with reverse wireless charging support are increasing.

You can use this feature to charge other wireless charging accessories. All devices support IP68 water and dust resistant, The most expensive device is the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The device that maintains its price the best is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The prices of these devices drop after 1 year.

So, Who is the most powerful phone? 🙈

The best is the iPhone, 🥇 Mate 30 Pro 🥈 and then the S20 Ultra 🥉 .

I must confirm that this comparison is for numbers only, and i’ll make more comparison blogs between these devices. Keep with us, but only when you bring your coffe okay guys.😎

The results of the upcoming comparison blogs will be shocking.

See you soon.👋