Chevrolet Silverado 800 hp Modified 🔥🔥🔥

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🕷 Guys, Heros, Who is the best Car modification, German Garage, or American garages?

Stock crankshaft, gearbox, and differential 800hp!

Welcome again to a new Article of Special Car by OTTO Magazin:🕸🕸🕸

A modified Chevrolet Silverado with a 800hp twin-turbo engine, A magical formula for action! Regarding exterior the car is a rue sleeper! but Before we start talking about this monster…

Bring your cup Coffee, and Let’s start!🕸🕸🕸

Let’s turn off Trction Control press the magical gearbox button, I will explain later! Now we start the test drive of the 800hp vehicle, As we always do we’ll start with around of acceleration:

we’ll turn the AC off to get the car’s full power, You can trust this monster it’s a 4WD truck. I am Listen to the exhaust backfire! When you reach the maximum RPM take your foot off the throttle, to get your present from the exhaust!

What can I tell you about this monster! I don’t know where to start!

So many parts were installed, Let’s turn the AC on! The AC is freezing cold! Very cold!

How did this Silverado get the 800hp? As we know it has a naturally aspirated engine, It’s impossible for a naturally aspirated engine to generate such power!

This car has a twin-turbocharger, Garrett GT30 turbocharger kit, One turbo charger on the right and another on the left, but their air is combined in a common inlet, before entering the cylinders.

They did a great job! The car has a huge modified intercooler, The turbos have modified K\u0026N air filters, Air passes from air filters to the turbos and then to the modified intercooler, compressed air is cooled in the intercooler which is located in the front to be cooled by the wind, then it goes to the intake before that it goes to the throttle which was modified in this car, The same one used in Z06 of the Corvette C7 or the ZL1.

This throttle is larger and can take more air, The intake is modified by Holley company, It can take a larger amount of the air entering the combustion chamber.

The backfire is legendary ! I hope you can hear this great sound!

When you drive this car the turbos whistle in the front, Incredible sound! and the melodic exhaust plays backfires, and all kinds of beautiful music!

Let’s go back to the vehicle !🕸🕸🕸

The car is powered by a 5.3L 8 cylinder engine the same capacity as the stock one but it was modified, The pistons and rods were modified to provide more safety, so that the engine can live longer.

Two turbochargers generate a lot of air pressure inside the engine, So the pistons and rods were modified, The crankshaft is stock it can take it!

The camshaft is a Stage 2, Camshaft basically is a rotating shaft This rotation operates valves and controls how much they open and close.

When you push the valve a little further or when you increase the camshaft by using a modified camshaft that is This provides more airflow to the combustion chamber.

As we all know more air inside the combustion chamber, means more horsepower!

So, a Stage 1 camshaft is fine, Stage 2 increases airflow, Stage 3 increases it more, Stage 4 increases it even more.

You must have know the sound of Stage 4 modified cars When the car is idling it sounds like this.

I’m using my voice but the guys will show you an example, When a car sounds like this it means the engine is about to stop, because of the increased airflow.

When the car is idling there isn’t much fuel injected, You’re not hitting the throttle, when airflow increases the car sounds like it’s about to shut off.

Both cylinder heads were ported and polished by a CNC machine, CNC provides high level of accuracy in polishing the cylinder head.

The whole surface is polished to the same level without any differences, This way the cylinder head take the same amount of pressure, which improves durability and performance, CNC machine is very expensive.

🕷 Get another coffee guys!

The engine is very powerful! Cool sound, turbos, American Muscle! What a great mix!

But I haven’t told you about the best part, Let’s finish the modification parts first!

🕷The car’s fuel system is modiified! 🕸🕸🕸

Chevrolet Silverado 800 hp Modified

There are 2 modified fuel pumps in the tank, They send a huge amount of fuel to the engine.

There is a fuel pressure regulator on the engine which sends fuel to the combustion chamber, This part is modified and it is taken from Z06 Corvette C7, so it’s very powerful!

There is also another modified fuel pressure regulator, to generate more fuel pressure for the main fuel regulator, taken from Z06.

The car has an oil catch can, Which collects oil fumes from the piping for a smooth airflow, so that the engine can live longer, The electric wiring in the car has golden insulation.

This is a professional insulation to preserve the electric wires from heat, This is not the first turbo Silverado we test drive.

In the first season we have test-driven a Silverado equipped with a giant turbocharger, This Silverado has twin turbo, From a professional point of view I believe one turbo is better than 2.

As we know, heat is the first enemy of any sports car, 2 turbos generate more heat and they need more pipes.

This may cause more heat and result in overheating in the future, The gearbox may overheat too which can be harmful!

This car’s setup is working just fine, I’m not saying it has to be a single turbo, This is a twin turbo car and it’s working just fine!

AC is very cold and everything is just right! The gearbox is stock and it has a large modified oil cooler, This is the best part of the modifications made to this car.

🕷How can a stock gearbox withstand 800hp of max power?

The gearbox settings were reprogrammed, If you remember, in the beginning of the episode I pushed this button, This is the tow button.

In case I connect a trailer or something, I press here so that I can tow the trailer, But this button was removed and this is a secret button.

When I press it the towing light turns on.

Right away! The torque is unbelievable!

With this programming the stock gearbox could withstand the power.

General Motors‘ gearbox is not bad! It’s excellent! The gearbox is stock and so is the rear differential, Originally this is a RWD car but we are using all wheel drive system.

Accelerations from zero No problem! A RWD can not accelerate like this! The car accelerates from 100 to 200km/h in about 7s.

🕷Let’s step on it! Enough talking!

It’s a monster! A huge pickup with poor aerodynamics, You can see the large fascia! Professional work!

ECU is stock and reprogrammed TCU is also reprogrammed. The car was professionally modified.

My comments about this car… What I think it needs to be perfect, Modified brakes…

The brakes are good, but after a couple of acceleration rounds, it will not withstand this amount of power.

The car needs modified shock absorbers It keeps jumping because of its horsepower.

To control the power of this car they used HKS Boost Controller, You have 3 stages; The 1st stage is 7 psi, The 2nd stage is 10 psi, and the 3rd stage is 12 psi.

The car is programmed for pump fuel, but there is a methanol kit in the cargo bed.

It cools down the combustion chamber and improves car performance in hot weather.

Can you get more horsepower? Yes! if you reprogram it for race fuel

We have a number of gauges; This is the methanol system gauge!

and here is the water temperature, and another gauge for air fuel ratio, to know more about combustion and emissions.

The methanol system is programmed to work automatically when I step on the throttle, it opens and does its job automatically.

Another comment… Something I liked very much, The car has a custom made\n Bullet exhaust system.

A short one in front of the rear wheel, Its size is 4 inch, but the car’s sound feels normal at low speeds.

It’s not loud or disturbing, It sounds great! and it is a daily use car.

Exterior modifications include modified rims they’re not lightweight.

The front grille was modified so you can notice that this Silverado is different.

Inside, there’s a carbon fiber steering wheel cover.

Alcantara, red stitching, and strange red leather, There are LED lights and Alcantara on the headliner, This adds a nice touch.

We reached the end of ourblog today, I hope you enjoyed it !😎

See you soon on the next reviews…🕷🕷🕷

I like German and Italian cars more! But i like this modifiction really! 😻