Charge two devices at the same time! How is that?🔋🤔

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💬 Which charger you should use? And more facts about chargers considering the current situation.

Hello guys, first, I apologize for our delay, I work as a legal advisor for companies and this is exhausting work, and it takes time and effort, so I try to allocate another extra time to review the latest electronic devices, as well as review modified cars.

So, i bring my coffee to write this article, Mmm, it’s delicious, today we have Aukey 🔋!

It is important to know the available charging solutions especially that some companies started NOT to include a charger in the box.

It would be great to charge two devices with a single charger.

For example, this Aukey PD wall charger can charge two devices using two USB-C ports.

This charger comes with 2x 18w PD USB-C ports.

But if you use a single port, it’ll provide 30w.

But what does this mean?

It means that you can charge the new iPhone, which support 20w with this charger. You can also change iPhones 8 and above with 20w.

Only the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max charge with 18w.

This means that you can charge two iPhones at the same time.

But what does multi-tasking means with this charger?

This means that you can charge a MacBook Air with a USB-C port, but when you connect another device to charge, the charger will split the wattage between them.

If you use the two ports, the outcome will be 36w.

But when using a single port, the output will only be 30w. But in general, both ports’ output is 36w.

This Aukey Focus Duo 60w comes with 2 ports: USB-C and USB-A.

This charger’s capacity is 60w, and you can get it fully from the PD port. »

The maximum output of the USB-A port is 12w. With this charger, you can also charge two devices at once.

But if you want a solution with more than 2 ports, then you should know that there’s an Aukey PD Charging Station solution.

Bring your coffee guys! 😋

This solution offers 5 ports, One of these ports is a USB-C 45w.

The rest of the ports’ output is 63w. This table shows the details of these ports.

Aukey is officially available in all markets, They also have lots of other solutions such as cables for example.

They have a kevlar braided 2m cable, which will help with heavy duty uses.

This braided cable is tough and withstands heavy duty uses with different angles.

They also have wireless charging solutions, don’t forget my advice:

Check your needs before you decide✌

I personally think wireless charges are great when charing my devices at night.

I charge my devices at night wirelessly.

Graphite Bodium wireless charger supports 15w.

If you need a wireless charging with a 10w USB pass-through, then you can get the Aukey USB Data Hub charger.

And if you use this charger with a MacBook, you can get the 100w charging speed with a pass-through USB port.

This wireless charger, like other wireless chargers, don’t come with a wall adapter.

You can use a 100w charger to charge your laptop and also get a USB pass through.

Check the outlets in your place to know what charger suits you the best.

If the outlets are high, this charger can be a great option.

But with lower outlets, this charging station can be a great option, where it can charge multiple devices.

If the outlets are covered by a sofa for example, then the experience wouldn’t be smooth.

But you can use a long cable to make the experience better.

I keep saying to use original chargers from reputable companies.

Aukey is a great company, and I’ve been using their products.

And before you decide to buy a charger, check where to place in your home and how you’ll be using it.

If you choose a charger that can charge a laptop and a phone together, then you’ll save cables and adapters.

You’ll also save money, But make sure to choose the solutions that work for you the best.

With these devices, you’ll protect your investments.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy using these chargers safely as save money at the same time.

but since you’re still here, let me give you some advices:😎🔋

When charging, enable Don’t Disturb mode.

With smartphones, turning on the don’t disturb mode will save energy.

Receiving notifications will turn on the screen, which will result in more power consumption.

Newer smartphones will provide with a better battery experience after 2 to 4 weeks with the use of AI.

See you in the next review guys.😜