Canon EOS R5 Review 😍📸

Blog 35: November 05-2020, at 00:00 am

Hello guys, the star of the day, is the Canon Eos R5, the best camera in the world now, photos and videos, our review today concerns content owners, travel owners, and photo and video lovers.

I tell our fans, bring your coffee and welcome to this technical review from the OTTO Magazin +.

During the year 2018, Canon introduced its new cameras, the R version, this system is wonderful, especially the lens meter options you will not find in any other system, but there was something about this system, it is a high-quality professional camera, because the R camera was not very professional! It was hobbyist, so I haven’t reviewed it earlier, because my readers are not hobbyists! is not it?😁😁😁

It offered rather modest specs, especially if we compare it to competitors from Sony, Panasonic and FujiFilm …

And after requests from Canon users, to offer us Canon during the year 2020, the Eos R5, a camera that explicitly broke all expectations, the R5 comes with unnatural specifications:

All these technical specifications, which Canon relied on some of them for the first time, only come at 3900 dollars, the price is not simple, but the fact of the device is worth this price, because it has very great advantages, because it has specifications that we did not see previously in Canon cameras and not in Competitor companies’ cameras, and during my personal experience of the device during the past two weeks, I will tell you a secret, usually I do not say it, but because of the wonderful specifications that you have, the accuracy of photography, and the quality of the image, make you a professional.

Some friends say the equipment isn’t necessarily, the camera alone will do the trick! But after my experience with this camera, I strongly recommend you, to use its equipment, because it creates a difference, the mixture of its equipment gives you really terrible picture and video quality, I really liked it, but there is a shock in the matter, which shocked me personally!

The camera after using it, gets hot! Heats up too much! 😫 Especially in enthusiastic situations!🤢

But first, what is the EOS R5 new Features okey 😍? Next we will talk about overheating of the device problem! 🙊

The body of the R5 came with some slight modifications from the R version. First of all, the screen can flip it as you wish, in all directions, and also became brighter and clearer, so that you can control the image or video very accurately:

There is the top screen, which shows the settings in a simple way, and makes it easy for you to adjust the mode easily, and the device is strong and sturdy frankly, with the addition of professional and very practical features for professional photographers, as support for installing two discs, an SD disk, and a CF Express disk, which is very expensive, which Unfortunately it has to be purchased to have video capabilities like 4k 120, it working just in CF Express disc.

I liked the camera menus that have become tidy, as it is the best system in the world now, helping you to control videos and photos easily and quickly.

But not every mod was awesome! There was a change for the worse, the addition of HDMic which is pretty bad, the previous one was better left in the R.

In terms of size, the body of the R5 has become larger than the R, so that if you are used to the R, you will notice that the R5 is heavier, and the way to hold the device has become more difficult, as there is not enough place to place and hold your fingers on the device while shooting.

The really positive point of the R5 is the resolution and the quality of the pictures and videos! You will be dazzled by the pictures when you transfer them to your computer. You will notice the accuracy and quality of the pictures. No matter how much you enlarge the image, it maintains its accuracy well. Frankly, the installation is awesome, and the camera does everything for you, like the iPhone camera.🙊

As for filming through videos! The video shooting capabilities of the Canon R5 are a quantum leap in the history of Canon cameras, as if Canon has responded to the complaints of professionals, since Canon does not develop videos! The company responded with R5! Really fabulously! My cup of coffee has expired while I am writing this article. It’s okay. I will fall asleep right after I finish writing this interesting article. Interesting, no? 😅😅

But What are the R5 video modes?🤔

And all the modes and resolutions in the camera, it can be IPB, Low bit Rate, or All-i, High bit Rate, the latter gives you higher data rate, and for that, 4k UHD and 4k DCI.

You can shoot videos in RAW 8K! I mean, without any modifications or additions, you control everything in the video! 😻 Every color in the scene is present, so that you control the colors and everything, RAW gives you accurate color information, so it gives you 12 bit, so you know how many million colors? 😅 68,000,000,000 😱, Hope you are aware of the advantages of the R5! You take the accuracy and quality of cinema literally my friend, Action!😂

I tried to move away a little from the numbers, I just described my personal experience with the R5, so that the article is not just a list of numbers in a boring way, so our aim is to present the device in an accurate way, but with some fun to avoid the boredom of numbers, but this device is a problem as I mentioned previously!

However, is the R5 reliable for recording videos? 🙈

R5 is overheating problem!🔥 It heats up in all the modes we talked about, except in two modes, 4k Full Frame normal, 24/25/30, as well as 4K Crop, Over Sampling, 5.1K modes, it does not heat up to 24/25/30, that is, normal photography.

But the temperature of the device rises frighteningly in other modes, and the R5 camera in all situations with high temperature or conditions in which the temperature does not rise, the duration of the video is only 30 minutes filming! After that, the shooting stops, and you have to press the play button again!

From my personal experience with the R5, as a content maker and technical reviewer, I photographed a lot in all modes for long hours, and when I shot in 8K Raw Rec mode, after 33 minutes the device felt hot! But after I cooled the battery compartment with a cooling fan, I was able to shoot 8k Raw video for an additional 48 minutes, which is a total of 1:20:00 minutes of filming! Oh my God! With just a minute then 3 minutes of cooling, I could shoot for over an hour! Notice with me the role of cooling! 🤷‍♂️

A wonderful device with new and wonderful features, and the question is, is it worth buying? 🤔

After you get used to shooting with mobile phones, and switch to a real camera, you will find yourself making a double effort to photograph! But then you will forget this effort because you will get wonderful and very professional pictures and videos, accuracy and quality much better than smart phones! With the R5, you will not tire much as if you are shooting with an iPhone, and you get great accuracy and quality that you will not find currently in any other cameras, the quality of the cinema is really, but in fact if you are a professional photographer, you go around the world to create video content, then the R5 will offer you the best solutions The results are very impressive, but due to the frequent heat issues of the device, I do not recommend you to buy it, sorry Canon! 🙏 but the truth is our headline.

See you tomorrow guys with 2 others review.🥱