Camera for daily photography with interchangeable lenses! SONY ZV-E10!😍

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Hi guys, i’m back, Welcome to your best Tech magazine, OTTO magazine, We’ve been long waiting for such a camera from Sony with high specs and features. In this video, I’ll review this Point&Shoot camera. The video of this camera, and the audio is from an external mic.

The main feature of this camera is lens changing. This is the new Sony ZE E10 Point&Shoot camera. I’ll review this camera, change the lenses, experiment with the audio and audio accessories. This review will help you make up your mind about this camera, which allows you to shoot vertical and horizontal videos. Peace be upon you all.

We’ve indeed been waiting for this camera from Sony. The reason is because it comes with lots of enhancements that weren’t available with the previous cameras. This camera is great for vlogs, has a small size, is lightweight and comes with lots of shortcut buttons.

One of the buttons is for isolation, which will be great for your videos. There’s also a button to control zoom in an easy way, it comes with an LCD screen with touch input support to help with focus and changing between modes. One of the great features of this camera is the high video recording performance, it also supports fast autofocus. This camera comes with an APS-C sensor, which is 10x bigger than sensors found in your smartphones.

This sensor performs very well with light withdrawing. To remind you again, I’ll change the lenses and use the professional mic designed for this camera. But first, I’ll discuss the camera, its performance and then I’ll discuss the accessories.

The built-in mic is triple and supports Noise Cancelation. There’s also another professional mic called ECM WTBT. It is sold separately, and comes with two parts, one to be installed on the camera and the other on you. It has side buttons to control the audio. It resists humidity and dust. And it offers great performance, especially in open places, and the battery lasts for up to 9 hours. This mic is great for making interviews, but it is a bit hard to hide the mic while wearing it. It charges using the USB port, and it can be connected wirelessly or using a cable, which I find better.

You can easily change the lenses. The first lens is called SELP1650. It is a lightweight lens that helps greatly with stabilization. It also offers good isolation when needed. It also minimizes shakiness while taking photos or recording videos, it provides excellent performance in low light settings. The second lens is called Sony SEL20F18G, and it is sold separately. This Wide lens comes with an F/1.8 aperture and it is lightweight. It provides a smooth isolation and it is 20mm, which means it is a Wide lens. But this lens doesn’t support Zoom but it supports isolation.

The third lens is the Sony SEL1018, which is also sold separately. It has an F/4 aperture, which is Ultra Wide, and it comes with a built-in stabilizer to help in photos and videos, this lens supports isolation. For me, this lens is better for vlogs. It supports isolation, and since it is an ultra wide lens, the distance between you and camera is ideal.

Let me now discuss the pros and cons of this camera and accessories:

The build quality of the camera is excellent, and the external lenses and mic are great. But you should evaluate your investment to know what’s better for you. This camera brings lots of enhancements, and the interchangeable lenses offer better performance than smartphones. It is a bit heavy, but you’ll quickly get used to it, it also supports vertical videos. This means that it is great for different social media platforms.


It is a bit late, since smartphones offer better social media integration. But still, you can’t compare a dedicated lens to a camera lens. These cameras take better videos and photos than smartphones. Also, this camera camera and its accessories are easy to carry. Sony usually makes the best smartphone cameras. It is impossible to compare a camera sensor on a smartphone to camera sensor on a camera like this. This is the end of this review ..

See you later.👋

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