🕷Cadillac Escalade modified❗ 😵😵😵💥💥💥

Review 150: 23.04.2021 at 04:00 pm


🕷 Hello guys!🎃 how are you all today? Good? Very nice, so Welcome to a new article of Super Car Modified, When a Japanese car customizes an American car the result will be a magical blend Right?😍😍😍

This is the case here! Cadillac Escalade with a Japanese body kit, This is the only car with this body kit !

Before we start the article..dont forget your cup of coffee guys and Let’s start:😎

Now we start our test-drive of the 2018 model of Cadillac Escalade Platinum, Why did we bring this car to Super Car article ?

First of all Cadillac is a legend in this car category, A luxury car, It has great options, specs, engine with giant wipers, But the car we have today has a very unique body kit.

The only one of its kind in Asia! This body kit was made by Zero Design, a Japanese company, ( Do not worry, this is not a publicity, it is just a review guys! 🙃) The body kit includes a very distinct design for the front bumper, Many modifications were made to the lower part.

The rear bumper is different too than the stock bumper, The rear tailgate spoiler is also different, The side skirts are different too, compared to the skirts on regular Cadillacs.

We will talk about the wheels but let’s have a round of acceleration first, The car has 24 Ferrada wheels, it’s a very famous American company.

The car’s tires are giant, They’re 305 mm wide, It feels like a Porsche GT3, or other high performance cars which use huge tires.

The front and rear wheels are 10 wide, The car looks lower than any regular Escalade because it was fitted with modified springs.

lower in the front and 3 in the rear, The car was fitted with giant brakes, The wheels are 24 but the brakes are giant, The front and rear brakes are Wilood A very famous brand.

An expensive brand! 🙈

The front brakes are 16 and the rear brakes are 14/ 6 pistons in the front and 4 pistons in the back.

The disc brakes are cross drilled, to provide the best performance possible for a car this big, The car engine was not modified.

The car’s owner is happy with it he doesn’t want to increase the horse power, because the car is very huge.

So you need 800 or 900 hp in order to feel any improvement in acceleration. For him, the body kit is good enough and I respect that 🙈

A unique car with a special body kit and a great sound, because it has a modified catback exahust from Fox.

and there is the remote control button, You can turn off the exhaust system, Very quiet, almost silent! or I can turn it on and listen to the V8 roar! to enjoy the ride!

Escallade is so insulated inside that you don’t get to enjoy the V8 roar, like sport cars. Even though it’s a huge engine; a 6.2L V8 generating 420 hp, but you can’t hear it!

Using this Catback button you can enjoy listening to its sound and have fun!

🕷 One of the nice features in the car, is that it has modified sway bars, Right now I’m driving fast in a roundabout.

🕷No sway at all! If we were driving a regular Escalade the car would wobble.

The sway bars did a great job improving the car stability, so that you can enjoy driving the car.

The exhaust sounds great! You enjoy your time when you open it! The car’s interior was not modified at all. But frankly speaking, the latest generation of Cadillac Escalade, the 2018 or 2019 model is legendsry! With all the specifications and options you can think of! Head-Up Display, Lane Keep Assist, rardars, etc…

The advanced gearbox with good shifting times, All these good things! Comfort, luxury, good seats, good colors…The sound system is really awesome.

You don’t need to add more speakers for a better sound experience, and you can turn on the exhaust by this button!

The rear-view mirror is digital and you can turn it off as you like, Cadillac is no stranger to these features!

Damn❗ 😒😜

🕷 See you soon guys on the next reviews an Tech news…

I love this car really!😩

🙄 i’m here baby! 😍 Oh, i mean this lovely Cadillac Modified! 😁