🕷BMW M4 780 HP… Ideas of best Modifications 🔥😈😈😈

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Hello Guys! the star of today is 780hp BMW M4! Let’s start the action!

But Before we start this article…Pleasse take you cup coffee and welcome with this extraordinary BMW M4, The car has 780hp with all kind of great sounds! The turbocharger sound is great!

This car was modified according to a smart scientific method, They could generate more horse power, But the guys made the right decision, so that the car can live longer without any problems, and can be used on daily basis.

About the modifications…Where to start!

Let’s start with the exterior because the car looks really great! You can immediately recognize the wide body kit, The car has a Liberty Walk full body kit, with widened front and rear wheel arches upgraded spoiler, side skirts, and rear trunk.

all are original Liberty Walk parts, The car looks really wild! The car has modified shock absorbers adjustable KW 4-way coilovers.

We can see the car is lowered. Great looks!

Let’s step on it! My God! What a great car! With burnout and action all the time ! All kinds of drifting!

The car has ADV.1 wide wheels They look great, The car has semi slick tires to hold the car and control it, The car is very powerful!

The tarmac isn’t perfect so you need more traction, The car has front and rear modified brakes StopTech Big Brakes, you will see their great performance.

Even though the brakes of BMW M4 are strong, but the car is very powerful, So you need a great deal of brake force, About engine modifications…The exhaust sound is a true melody!

The engine’s inner parts are stock M4, The pistons,crankshaft, rods, heads are all stock, Where does the horsepower come from? The car has stage-2 Twin-turbo.

Fully modified, The car also has downpipe, uppipe, full headers, A fully modified exhaust system, The car’s intercooler is stock, The car has 2 software programs, one for normal fuel and one for high-octane fuel.

With its full powerr of 780hp the boost is 2.0 bar, Which means the turbochargers sound really great, The boost, G-force, 0-100km/h time, top speed, quarter mile time…

transmission fluid temperature, engine temperature, air temperature, Everything is under control!

My God! Like this to 140km/h, on a narrow street, Keep up with all the action ! What a beast!

Some will ask: Why would you modify an M Power car?!

These are high performance cars that are really pleasant to drive, But when you modify an M Power car you can enjoy it to a great extent, The joy you get from driving an M Power car is multiplied many times.

The great sound, and the great melody! and Handling becomes more pleasant, Because when you drive a more powerful car you need to regain control on it.

It feels like dancing with the car on the twisting roads, All kinds of fun!
What a legendary car!

The car has modified headlights, not the regular headlights of stock M4 cars, A toy on the streets!

The car’s paint is very unique, it’s not Nardo Grey, but i like the Grigio Medio, A very rare color of Ferrari cars colors.

on a BMW car! It looks really great with the body kit!

so Let me remind you of the most important modifications made to this supercar:

Price of Pure Turbos:….. 5.000 USD / 4.450 EUROS.

ARMA Intake…..2.500 USD / 2.200 EUROS.

Price of Eisenmann exhaust , Center X-pipe:…….2.500 USD / 2.200 EUROS.

Price of Rear muffler…..4.000 USD / 3.550 EUROS.

Price of ADV.1 wheels,……….11.500 USD / 10.170 EUROS.

Price of KW HLS suspension…… 9.000 USD / 7.950 EUROS.

Price of Liberty Walk body kit, ….15.000 USD / 13.250 EUROS.

Price of StopTech Big Brake kit……….5.000 USD / 4.450 EUROS.

Price of Awron gauge, ………….990 USD / 875 EUROS.

Price of OssDesign headlights……..3.000 USD / 2.650 EUROS.

Price of paint job…..8.000 USD / 7.077 EUROS.

The car goes from side to side ! The car programmer is called Piter! he did a great job with the car’s software, He could generate more horsepower, but when I was talking to him, he told me they could increase the power to 900hp.

but this will cause problems to the rear axles, and they might break, So 780hp is enough! You can enjoy the car and its great sound, and at the same time , you preserve the car.

The car is really great ! Take care!💪

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