Big screen turns into a mobile❗ Samsung The Sero 😵😵😵

Review 220: 17.09.2021 at 07:00 pm

If feels like there’s a connection between my phone and the screen. When I change the orientation of my phone, the screen does the same. When the phone is in landscape mode, the screen does the same.

🤡 What’s the story behind this screen❓ hahaha hahahah

Welcome Joker, Let me introduce you to the new The Sero screen form Samsung:

When my device is connected to this screen, the screen will do the same as my device. The screen comes with lots of technologies. Koreans have implemented lots of ideas in it. The content has become vertical now. We all watch more vertical content now than before.

Samsung might have been right by saying that this screen is the future. In general, the screen gives you the impression that it is directed towards young people. It’s also directed to users who enjoy watching vertical content, which we’ve started to see everywhere. Vertical content is available on most apps, and basically our smartphones are vertical. When this content is displayed on a bigger screen, it’ll be more attractive. The popularity of vertical content compelled Samsung to make a vertical screen.

The screen size is 43″ OLED with 4K 3840×2160 resolution. It supports HDR10+. The screen comes with a simple design and can be attached to a base. It looks like a frame that’s installed on a dedicated base. The screen supports lots of technologies. I’ll discuss these technologies in this review. But for now, let’s discuss the technologies that smartphones support with vertical content.

This is the main goal of the screen. By the way, this is a full functioning regular screen, too. It’s not a smart tablet with touch support like the ones I’ve reviewed before. It is not similar to the WM55R screen. This is a different device. It’s basically a smart TV. But can be used in vertical or horizontal aspect. Samsung calls the vertical mode Portrait Mode.

The screen runs Tizen OS from Samsung. It supports Arabic and many languages, a web browser and apps like Youtube, Netflix and others. You can adjust the settings of the screen using the SmartThigns app from Samsung. It also works with other Android and iPhone devices.

The screen supports SmartView feature to work with Samsung deices. And MirrorCast feature to work with other Android devices. And of course AirPlay from Apple to work with iPhones. This screen will offer you lots of capabilities to broadcast content on it. You can watch vertical content on it, similar to the way you watch on your smartphone. You can watch TikTok videos on it instead of watching them on your phone. Or you can use it to watch Reels videos from Instagram. Or you can watch snaps on it. It also supports vertical mode, similar to any other screen. You can also connect it to different supported devices.

These devices include PS and Xbox. You can also use to watch content fro Netflix and other platforms. The screen comes with 3x HDMI 2.0 ports. One of them supports eARC to connect your home theater to it. There’s also 2x USB ports and an RF port. You won’t need a receiver with this screen as it already comes with an integrated one. It’s suitable for horizontal content form platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Shahid, OSN and others. It also supports bluetooth 4.2 You can use bluetooth to connect a mouse and keyboard. It also supports WiFi 5. You can hide the cables in a dedicated area in the base. It’s easy to install. There’s only 4 screws to install it, but you might need help since it is a bit heavy.

The screen comes with the Quantum 4K CPU. It supports different technologies and modes. Dynamic mode, Film Mode, Producer mode among other are included. It also supports AI Upscaling technology to increase the content’s quality to 4K using AI. You don’t need to turn it off as you can show beautiful portrait photos on it. You can download more if you want. You can change between these beautiful photos to choose the one that fits well with the decor of the place. It also supports a feature called Adaptive Picture. This feature will adjust the brightness of the screen depending on how bright the room is. It’s also very beautiful in landscape mode The screen is amazing in both modes; vertical and horizontal.

Did I tell you about the sound experiment?

The screen comes with It supports 2 modes: standard and subwoofer mode. At the base, there are 60W speakers. With Dolby Digital Plus support. The speakers support 4.1 channels. They also come with a good subwoofer. After experimenting with it, the audio experience was great. The audio quality is good. It’s even better than the audio quality of some of the popular screens out there.

Watching content on this screen is different. Especially with the vertical content, since it’s displayed on a big screen. And even with horizontal mode as a regular TV. The experience was good. The colors are great with YouTube and Netflix. The black level is good, but there might be some light leakage.

We tested it and there was some light leakage. But the colors are indeed beautiful, whether in standard or dynamic mode. If there was an object preventing the screen from changing orientation, it’ll restore to the previous mode. We tried gaming on it using PS5 and Xbox series X. We tried different games like Forza Horizon and CoD. All of them offered good performance and satisfactory response. I wished if the screen had come with an HDMI 2.1 port to benefit from these devices.

Let’s discus the price:

This screen costs 1866,59 USD, The screen comes with a high investment, but it adds an aesthetic touch to the place. I am now sitting on a stage along with the screen. But the screen is supposed to be placed on the ground. Sitting next to it would be different if it was on a stage, but it is not logical to shoot a video like this.


it is something new to watch content on whether on vertical or horizontal mode. This could be the future of screen, since most content now is vertical instead of horizontal. The audio quality is excellent and does its job. The quality of streaming is also excellent. No one wants black bars while watching vertical content. And this is what’s expected. The next screen I am reviewing is the QLED 85″ from Samsung. The review is coming soon. Stay tuned.


the design might not be suitable for all homes. It’s best to buy wheels with it. The wheels are sold separately. It’s good that they sell wheels, though. But I wished that they came in the box. The price is high compared to its size, but for vertical content, this could be a great choice. Especially the design, since it feels like it comes from the future.

A screen that works in vertical and horizontal mode? We had never seen something like this before.🙈

Samsung made it because vertical content in Korea is very popular, and it’s becoming so in the rest of the world. Imagine watching Facebook connect on it. Imagine if apps like TikTok, Instagram and other are supported with the Tizen OS from Samsung. This would enrich the experience. The screen supports playing content from USB storages. It runs MP4 and MP3 files. We connected a camera to it using a USB port, but it didn’t work. Releasing this screen was a bit strange at first. But it has some logic in it.

There’s nearly a year since this screen was released. I am now convinced that Samsung have the right to manufacture such a screen. Vertical content is becoming more and more popular. This screen could be the future of screens.

A screen that supports vertical and horizontal content and can service you no matter where you are. This is the end of this review.

Guys, see you soon, there is many new devices to review.😇👋

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine.