🕷 Audi RS7 with 780 hp Modified !💥💥😍

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🕷 Hello Guys! Welcome to a new article of Special Car program, Today’s car is Audi RS7 An elegant luxurious high-performance car. But the car we have today is an extra- high performance car, Before we start this review Don’t forget to bring your cup coffee guys:😇

Let’s start the action with this 780 hp car!🤫

The V8 sounds amazing! 🥴 Let’s start the article with a round of acceleration, My God! What a beast!

The torque has pushed me back in the seat!

🕷 Let’s start with the mechanical specifications of RS7:

The stock version without any modifications, The car features the famous Quattro permanent all-wheel-drive system.

This is an advanced and complicated system, It switches between RWD and 4WD as needed according to the ECU reading.

This is a smart car that makes it easy for you! This is about the drivetrain, The beating heart, the engine that is providing this exceptional performance on the stock RS7, is a 4.0 twin turbo V8 engine.

It generates 552 hp and 700 N⋅m, The car accelerates from 0 to100km/h in 3.9s, Its top speed is 280km/h.

Forget all the numbers I just said! This car can do much better! The torque is 1000 N⋅m!

So when I stepped on it, I was pushed back in the seat, It pulls you back! From 0 to 100km/h in less than 3.9s, and the top speed is more than 280 km/h.

All performance figures are better and its engine sounds much better!

The stock engine sounds great but this engine sound even greater, Let’s have a round of acceleration from a standstill, without Launch Control, The car’s traction is unbelievable!

Not a single horse is wasted! The car’s acceleration is amasing! Very refereshing! Liten to the exhaust! Fireworks!

🕷 What modifications were made to the car ?🙄

As we all know, the first thing to be modified are the air filters, the lungs of the car, To deliver more air to the engine, The car has modified air filters.

The car has modified downpipe exhaust to the middle of the car, The rest is the original stock RS7 exhaust. The car is equipped with a methanol injection system, which we talked about in previous reviews.

Methanol is a mix that cools down the combustion chamber and improves the engine’s performance.

Especially when you drive in hot weather, The car performance improves drastically, Even in hot temperatures 35° or 40°C Methanol improves the car’s performance.

The most important modification made to the car is ECU reprogramming, Because it coordinated the work of all the other modifications.

So that the horsepower is fully delivered to the wheels in a safe manner, Everything is calculated. The car is equipped with MRC ECU, This company offers 4 maps as we said before 4 different programs for combustion.

The first program, map 1 is the regular RS7 program Map2, with the filters and downpipe it increases horsepower. The timing and the boost of the car increase, It’s different than the usual boost control which just increases boost.

There is a certain timing according to the engine cycle, All these things change, The amount of fuel delivered to the combustion chamber is different, And our dear camel is blocking the way!

In map 3 timing changes and methanol system become operative, We saw the tank in the back!

The pump sends the methanol mix to the combustion chamber, When you hit the throttle, the ECU interacts the mix is delivered to cool down the engine, and the engine performance improves.

In the 4th program, timing improves, the amount of delivered fuel improves, and it uses race fuel for a more powerful combustion.

Lets step on it and see for ourselves!

My God!😱

Incredible performance! You’re talking about RS7, it has excellent disc brakes !

Modified braking pads, technology, reliability! When we say Audi RS\nthis means excellent brakes and suspension.

The suspension is stock and as you can see..780hp and it does not swing or jump or anything!

You feel confident driving this car, This is the advantage of German cars, You don’t get nervous! The engine is powerful and so are the brakes.

Let’s take a short brake to talk about a special Mopar product for car care.

Today we will talk about Mopar’s Touch Up Paint pen, This pen has 4 main functions. Sometimes you find scratches in the car’s body the paint is scratched up.

This makes you angry because you have to paint the whole door to treat this little scratch. This pen does all what it takes without sending your car to a shop, You can use it yourself. or you can go to the dealership and they will use the pen to fix the scratch.

The process is very simple as we will see in a minute, The main idea is that the pen is made by Mopar. They have all the colors of FCA, what ever color you’ve picked for your car they have it! Don’t worry!

There is the box, let’s open this! A holder for the pen! It’s so easy and simple! Nothing is complicated with this pen!

It goes as the following…… If the car is scratched here You clean the area using this part here.

Then you pull it off and here we see a paint pen, You use this part to apply the color of your car, to fill the scratched paint, after that we twist off this section.

Here you have a brush, Of course the color is different than this car. When you come here you will find the right color for your car, We are just explaining how it is being done.

This color is called PVP according to the naming code of Mopar, Using this brush you can rub the paint on the scratched spot. so that it looks consistent with the car’s body.

Finally, you flip the pen upside down, This section is called clear coat which protects the car paint.

So when you apply it this layer protects the paint, Easy and simple it takes just few minutes.

Better than repainting the whole hood or the whole bumper, Just to treat a small scratch, Everything is easy and simple with Mopar!

We said this car has 780hp, But can the gearbox withstand this power? Yes! It did a good job until this moment. An 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox, ZF is a great gearbox it goes wothout saying! It withstands a huge amount of power and is very reliable, This car is supposed to.

I can’t continue the article! The sound is amazing!😍😍😍

The car is supposed to be further modified soon, The turbos will be upgraded. When it gets the upgraded turbo it’s supposed to generate 900 or 950hp.

Can you feel the energy? When the rpms reach 4000 you get its full power, The stock RS7 boost is 1.3 bar.

On this car with its maximum power the boost is 2.0 bar, The amount of air forced into the combustion chamber is unbelievable, and the amount of air getting out from the engine, is unbelievable too! As you can hear.

Price of the Air Filter: 790 usd, or 730 euros.

Cost of ECU Tunining with Multiple Maping: 2.450 usd, or 2.260 euros.

Downpipe price: 2.042 usd, or 1.890 euros.

and Methanol Kit price; 1.090 usd or 1.000 euros.

Frankly speaking…The modification job is amazing! 🦾 The car was modified in Stuttgart.👏👏👏

🕷 See you soon on the next reviews and news… 🕸

Yeah dear! i love this monster! 😍😍

The modification job is amazing!👄👄

🙄 i love US Car modified! 😍😍

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