Are you thinking of buying a smartwatch! whether it is Samsung, Huawei or Apple?😳Let me simplify it for you to make it easy for you to choose!😈😈😈

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Are you thinking of buying a smartwatch, whether it is Samsung, Huawei or Apple? Let me simplify it for you to make it easy for you to choose!

Hello again guys, i know that most people find it difficult to chosse the right Smartwatch for them! so, your Coffee or Tea and let me help you:😈

We make great review, and it would be great if you read them, because the Smartwatches have become a necessary tech for people. They keep track of your health, heart rate, and most importantly, you can check the notifications received on your phone.

The watch is on your hand, making it easy for you to check the notifications. It is better than taking the device out from your pocket and check it, especially if you’re in a meeting.

Anyway, smartwatches are a lot, but there are three that are very popular. These watches are Apple’s, Samsung’s and Huawei’s.

I will review the latest versions of these smartwatches. I will discuss the main differences to make it easy for you to buy the most suitable one for you.

Let’s first discuss the designs:

Apple watch has a square design. It is built around iOS, But if you are looking for a circular design, then go for the other two, which are built around Android OS.

These two watches are the Samsung Galaxy Active and the Huawei Watch, These two are the latest versions available.

The Watch OS is more compatible with the iOS, but if you are an Android user, then I advise you to choose between the Galaxy Active and the Huawei Watch GT.

I also advise iOS users with these two watches, but I must state that the Huawei Watch GT doesn’t support all the features on iOS.

One of the most important points is all languages support, The Apple fully supports all too. The Galaxy Watch supports too many languages like a Arabic in notifications, The OS is also available in Arabic too.

The Huawei GT recently supported all languages in notifications.

One the more important points is if you can change the watch bands. All of us sometimes hate the band colors and decide to change the band.

You can change the bands in all of the three watches, but you won’t find Huawei Watch bands except in Huawei stores. Samsung bands are available on Amazons and there are lots of options, But the queen of bands and availability is the Apple Watch.

You will have lots of options even from huge brands like Hermes and small businesses, who also try to create creative bands. All three watches supports IP water and dust resistant but with different criteria, but all of them resist water until 50m.

All will be okay when you swim with them, but you should go deep in the water. You could damage your watch, that’s why you should look for the IP rating of your watch. All three of them resist water and dust.

Let’s discuss the battery:😈

It is a known fact that battery longevity depend on the user, But let’s be realistic, Apple Watch Series 4 lasts for 18 hours, according to Apple, But it lasted for 2 days and half for me personally.

You can charge the Apple watch while you’re working, studying. You can charge it for half an hour or an hour, You can also charge it while you’re in the car.

According to Samsung, the Samsung watch’s battery lasts for 45 hours, but personally, it lasts for two days with me, But it is up to your usage.

The Huawei Watch GT, Classic or Sport, lasts for 14 days, which is an exaggeration, For me, it lasted for 7 days, But there is a problem that everyone faces with Smartwatches.

You will have time to charge the watch every day or two days.This way you can benefit from it, But if it is not charged and you want to pay, it might be depressing leading you to not wear them again.

The last point I want to discuss is the paying method: Apple Pay is enabled in many countries and it might be enabled in your country. With Apple Watch, you can normally pay with it.

Samsung Pay isn’t yet available in all countries, but the infrastructure is ready, the problem is from Samsung, Huawei Pay isn’t also available. The only watch that you can pay with is the Apple Watch.

Let’s discuss the price:😈

The Apple Watch that doesn’t support eSIM costs Approximately, 453 USD for the regular version, There is also a Sport version, and it is a little more expensive.

The Samsung Active costs for the 42mm version, Approximately 319 USD.

The Huawei Watch costs Approximately 220 USD for the 46mm, It is the Sport version.

The reason behind this review is to know which watch is more suitable for you.

You can benefit from Smartwatches, but it is an additional benefit. It is not really necessary.

Check for the watch that has a great style and benefit you while driving and get it.

I didn’t include the ability to make a phone call through the watch as I didn’t see anyone using it except for a very few people.

It is not practical.

Sport people know how to connect the watch through Bluetooth. Every watch has its own method in connectivity.

This is the end of this reviewo, I hope I made it easy for you. Participate in the poll and let me know what watch would you choose.

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See you in the next reviews…