Apple! What’s the story behind the M1 CPU?🤔 and Huawei have let other companies to sell and announce their new devices!😯 is Huawei forced to do it or not?😰

November 13-2020, at 06:30 pm

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In this Article will be different, I’ll discuss news as usual, but there are facts that we should know in the tech world, We’ve understood it in the past few weeks, especially with the new stats, and Apple’s latest event.

But I’ll start with Samsung news as they’ve become 2nd best selling company in the USA in the 3rd quarter of 2020, The pandemic have caused confusion in the smartphone world.

There are devices who weren’t released on time, while other companies have intensified their smartphone production, Samsung was one of the winners in the US market.

The reason because the new iPhones weren’t released on time as usual, Users have shifted to anther companies. The cursed Samsung to become 2nd biggest phone selling company.

But do you know which company have occupied the 3rd place in the US market? This company will one day come to the Arab World, but for now, we’re not in their interest.

This company is LG. Can you imagine that?

Let me continue with Samsung with their One UI 3.0 update, Supposedly, the new update will arrive to a number of new devices soon.

These devices include the S10 and Note 10 series, The Z Flip 5G and Fold 2 will also receive this update.It is expected that there will not be a delay of the software in some contry, since always the English version comes first.

Soon a new list of devices that will receive this update will be announced, The new UI comes with better shortcuts and better adoption to foldable screens.

More and more companies take advantages of Huawei’s situation, OnePlus is of these companies, OnePlus will announce their OnePlus 9 device earlier than expected.

The new OnePlus 9 is expected to be announced in Mars 2021, Also, there are a number of users who are facing problems with the latest OxygenOS update.

This update is an OTA update, and you don’t need cables whatsoever to download it, OnePlus company acknowledged this problem and advised users to backup their devices before they update.

And here, I’d like to explain something, OnePlus uses Android with their devices with OxygenOS on top of it all the over the world.

This version of UI is called HydrogenOS in China, HarmonyOS from Huawei might be released in beta version in 18th of December.

Huawei is working on their own OS, where they’ll depend on their own services other than depending on Google, This means continuity and a way forward for them.

Huawei president said in 2019 that Huawei’s comeback will be in 2021/22, and this could be their comeback, They’re preparing to comeback in 2021.

Anyway, their OS will be available for developers with limited devices, These devices will include Mate 40 and Mate 30 series, I wish them luck, especially that the Mate 40 device is exceptional. I experienced it first hand in my review of the device.

What’s happened with Huawei with the ban have obstructed their way to become the first and best company in the world. Competition is still there, and I hope we stay optimistic and that things go back the way they were for Huawei and other companies.

These pictures are for a new Xiaomi upcoming devices, These devices are the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro. And considering these photos, you’ll notice that these devices come with the same design as the S20 and S20 Plus.

And it is related to the curviness of the screen, Anyway, these are the new Xiaomi devices, Xiaomi company are indeed competing strongly.

The Chinese manufacturer continues releasing new devices, These devices are expected to be officially announced in January.

If they do announce them in January, then it is a positive step from considering Huawei’s situation. These companies announce their devices earlier than expected.

They are replanning for 2021, considering what’s happened with Huawei, the pandemic and the many devices released lately. It is believable that a company like Apple to release 5 new devices in one year?

There are a lot of things happening in the smartphone world. I don’t think these steps are correctional, rather, they are a re-approach. What do you think?

Let me now discuss one of the biggest event to have happened in the tech tech, that is the Apple Event in 10th of November, Why is it one of the biggest events ever?

It is not because they announced 3 new devices, Apple have announced 3 new devices, Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, These devices have the same CPU, and that’s why this event is very important.

Apple have rearranged their laptops with their own perspective, These three devices will come with the M1 CPU, but how?

This is an unusual thing in the computer world. We know that there are i3, i5 and i7 CPUs. The higher the number the better the performance.

Computer manufactures use these CPUs to give their devices the best possible performance, Mac mini device works well with the i3 CPU. MacBook Air device works well with the i5 CPU.

MacBook Pro device works well with the i7 CPU. This is what we’ve been used to when it comes to computers. But now, Apple will have their own approach, similar to their Watches, iPads and iPhones, where a single CPU is added to the whole series.

For example, the latest iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max have the same A14 Bionic CPU, The iPads follow the same method, Even the least capable iPad comes with last year’s CPU.

This year, Apple depended on their A14 Bionic CPU, Even the iPhone SE comes with last year’s very powerful A13 Bionic CPU. I mentioned this in the review.

Apple will follow this method now, which is a positive and negative at the same time, The negative side is that lots of companies try to give their computers the best possible CPU.

We know that there’s a competition between Intel and AMD, where each company try to give more core, more threads and better capabilities to their CPUs.

Each company provide a lot of capabilities to their CPUs, This means that computer manufacturers take these CPUs and try to build the best laptop around it.

Computer manufacturers take what they need out of these CPUs and try to make an expensive or cheap laptops with high, medium or primary capabilities.

They take these CPUs and create what they want out of them, But Apple created the M1 CPU and wants to use it in 3 different devices, This CPU will be available with the Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13.

Apple wanted to create a single CPU for these 3 devices, and that’s exactly what happened, But each CPU is measured by its thermal capabilities.

If you give these CPUs more power, it will provide better performance, Give these CPUs better cooling system, and it’ll provide a better higher performance. We see this implemented with Intel CPUs, But if you give the CPU a moderate power, it’ll provide you with a balanced performance.

And since Apple have made the software and hardware, they can control the amount of power it requires for programming, That’s how they were able to balance its performance.

The balance in this CPU is excellent, They indeed have stirred the market with this CPU, What shocked me is that they use the same CPU in the Pro version and the Mac mini version.

We’ve never seen before a Mac mini device with i3 CPU and a MacBook Pro 13\ with the same CPU, But this is what Apple have done with their new approach.

Probably, big CPU companies will stop creating powerful CPUs anymore, Probably, Microsoft will use their own CPUs from now on instead of depending on Intel’s CPUs.

Now, Samsung create their own Exynos CPUs, and so is Huawei with their Kirin CPU, Other companies such as MediaTek make their own CPUs, and make them available for all.

But this is in the smartphone market, and it could happen in the computer market too, PS5’s CPU is custom-made by AMD and so is the Xbox’s CPU.

This is the new approach, Apple event was one of the most important tech events lately. I like Apple’s new approach, This is the end of the article guys.

The MacBook Air comes with 8 cores CPU and 8cores GPU using the M1 CPU. It also is fan-less without a cooling system.

This CPU is capable of having a 2TB of storage.

See you soon guys in the next reviews.💪