Apple TV 4K 2021 entertainment device ❗ Worth buying ❓

Review 171: 27.05.2021 at 08:00 pm


🕷 Heros, This device will make any screen a smart screen. And if you have an iPhone, you can stream its screen on your TV using this device.

Let me introduce you to the Apple TV 4K 2021. And in this Rreview, I’ll review the Apple TV 4K device guys, It is the new Apple TV box from Apple.

First thing first, this is an entertainment device. You can connect it to your screen and use for apps such as YouTube, Netflix and other streaming platforms.

You can also use it to watch Apple’s now Apple TV+ platform. You can use it to watch TV series, movies and sports. It also supports live broadcast form satellite channels.

You can also view photos, videos from your iPhone, iPad or MacBook directly. The feature is called AirPlay, and it is available in all Apple devices.

And You can browse your iPhone and watch content from it on the big screen. You can also use to listen to different music services such ask Apple Music, Spotify and others. It also supports Podcast apps.

Too, You can also play iOS games on your TV. There are a number of supported games. Controllers such as PS5 controller is also supported on this device. It’s also possible to run a fitness app and exercise in front of the TV.

There are lots of use cases, and I’ll mention them in this review. Apple TV 4K device would be great if you have an Apple ecosystem. It’d work great if you have an iPad, iPhone or a MacBook. If you don’t have one of these devices, then there are lots of other options available for you in the market.

These other options let you watch content from different streaming platforms on your TV. There are also other smart TV that come with these technologies out of the box.

Apple TV 4K device offers something different and additional value to Apple’s ecosystem. The new version of the Apple TV 4K comes with the same regular design.

The box itself is small with shiny black sides. There’s an Apple TV logo on the top and bottom of the device.

On the back, there are three ports: power, ethernet and HDMI ports. The HDMI port on this version is HDMI 2.1. This means that it’ll support more frames.

You can also connect the device to the internet using WiFi instead of the ethernet port. The power plug will be compatible with your country.

There’s a point worth mentioning about how easy it is to connect the device to the ecosystem. We’re used to this from Apple devices. You can enter your credentials manually like with any other new device.

Usually, with Apple decides, you can use your iCloud account. The device will ask you to bring your iPhone next to it. And once both devices are near each other, a prompt will appear on your device asking you to connect it.

Everything is done so easily, and the device will be ready to use. You can then start to watch content from TV+ platform. Once you’re connected, you can continue watching from where you left off. And all of information will be available in one place.

The device runs tvOS, which is similar to other systems from Apple. The experience will be familiar and similar. This system is designed on run on TVs. It is not complicated to use, rather is very easy to and clear to use.

The device comes with the A12 Bionic CPU inside. It is one of the best Apple CPUs in the last two years. And honestly, it offers great performance when it comes to graphics and performance in general. It even offers high level of audio processing.

Using it, you can watch 4K@60fps content. It supports HDR content, and with the HDMI 2.1 port, there’s a possibility that more formats will be supported.

The content itself, though, must support these technologies.

This is an important point. If you’re watching content through services such as YouTube or others, your internet speed will be enough to give you excellent video quality. If you connect it to the internet using the ethernet port, you’ll get better internet speeds.

Even if your WiFi speed is high, you’ll also be fine. The content, though, must support these technologies. If the content you’re watching doesn’t support HDR, then it won’t work.

If platforms, TV screens and TV boxes don’t support HDR or HDR10 technologies, them the content will play with the supported technologies.

What if you want to watch content that doesn’t support 4K?

The device itself will upscale the content’s quality. The process will enhance the quality of the content. The content will then look better than before.

You’ll notice the difference, especially if you watch the same content on other platforms.There’s a great feature supported on this device to adjust the colors of the screen. Instead of manually adjust and calibrating the colors of the screen, you can go to the Settings then Calibration.

This feature will adjust and recalibrate the software and hardware. A green square will appear on the screen. Bring the iPhone next to it, and the device will automatically start calibrating the colors on the screen.

How lit the room is will be considered. The colors will be adjusted to give you the best outcome.

Then, the best settings will be applied. It’ll be done automatically. The device supports Dolby Vision. You can see it with the screen savers.

Screen savers appear automatically. The screen behind me is now showing screen savers. It does that automatically.

The screen savers on the Apple TV 4K are shot using high technologies with Dolby Vision support. Speaking of Dolby Vision, let’s now discuss audio.

The device now supports Dolby Atmos for surround sound. The technology is excellent, and will provide a huge difference. What’s great about this technology is that it doesn’t rely on a number of speakers.

But it’ll benefit from it if available. But it mainly depends on the technologies supported in the screen itself. Which is excellent. It also supports wireless headphones. If you have wireless headphones from Apple, they’ll pair easily.

Let me reiterate again, the content itself must support these technologies. The headphones and content itself must support Dolby Atmos so that you can enjoy it.

Now we’ve arrived to this remote control:

The design is similar to older remote controls but with a new style. The design of this remote control is actually amazing. It comes with flat edges, making it easier to hold in the hand.

The buttons are easily accessible. It is also good that they’ve moved the Siri button to the side. This will minimize the accidental taps on the button. And when you need it, it’l be available in its new convenient place.

Reaching it is better and more accessible now. There’s the menu button that supports touch input. There’s also a back button and the TV button, where all the content can be found. There’s a volume rockers and on/off button. And there’s the Siri button on the side. The device supports WiFi 6.

This means that the WiFi connection will be more stable. And the internet speed won’t be affected. One of the main features with WiFi 6 routers is that they support Beaming.But you won’t benefit from WiFi 6 unless you have a router that supports it. But the device works with all WiFi connections. By the way, I made a number of videos about WiFi 6.

With all of these technologies, the device is an extended investment. WiFi 6 isn’t that popular yet.

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies are also not that popular. These technologies were released in the past few years. This device is an excellent extended investment in case you don’t have a smart TV or another TV box. Which is excellent.

There are great features supported on this device, and I’ll mention them quickly now. You can use your iPhone as a remote control instead of the remote control that comes with the box.

You can access the remote control on your iPhone front the lock screen, the main menu or by using Siri.

When trying to type something on the screen, a notification will be appear on your iPhone to let you type, which is easier. The level of integration between the device and iPhone is high.

You can also connect two wireless headphones to it at the same time. It is a great feature if you want to watch content with someone without disturbing others.

🕷 Let me conclude this review with an important topic. Is the Apple TV 4K worth it or not?

🕷 If you watch content from the TV+ platform, then it is worth it, especially if you have a big screen available. If you don’t have, and are more interested in watching content from YouTube, then there are other options for you. And these options are not expensive.

If you don’t mind the audio quality, the new technologies or the extended investment, then the Apple TV 4K device might not be a good option for you.

If you don’t have a 4K screen, then this device is also not a good option for you. If you don’t have different devices from Apple, then not everyone will benefit from this device.

Thus, a huge part of the technologies inside the device won’t be taken advantages of. If you have the 2018 or 2019 version, you don’t have to upgrade. But if it is older, then it is time to upgrade.

This device will help you watch content in a beautiful way.

🕷 See you soon guys on the next reviews…

🤡 Look, it is time to upgrade, Whether you have the 2018 or 2019 version! 🍏