Apple started removing chargers from the boxes! πŸ™„πŸ˜• Soon a big change to YouTube!πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ

October 16, 2020 at 01:20 pm ByΒ @yassine.magazin.eng

Apple have removed the charger and headphones from the box! But there’s a particular market where the box includes a headphone, where others don’t.

Other companies have followed Apple’s steps and will remove the charger from the box, And of course, I’ll discuss the upcoming Mate 40.

Hello guys 😍 , bring your cup Coffee and welcome, we have so mucth news today:

Let me start this article with Apple news, i think You’ve watched the event, the summary and my analysis of the devices and what to expect.

Hopefully, in 23rd of October (if not before), I’ll post lots of content about these devices.

Honestly, removing the charger and headphones from the box is really bothersome! 😠

Apple says the reason behind removing the charger and headphones is to protect the environment, We don’t approve of what they did, but they did it anyway πŸ˜’β€¦

Unfortunately, whenever Apple does something, lots of other companies follow their steps, which is really annoying for users.πŸ˜“

But after searching, we’ve found that all devices in the French market will indeed include headphones in the box!

In all other markets, the box will only include the device itself and the charging cable.

And in other markets where the website hasn’t been updated yet, all iPhones come with a charger, headphone, and everything else.

What is exactly happening?πŸ€”

Apple says it is because fo the environment, but let’s way and see if other companies will follow their steps or not.

LG did actually release a device in India without a charger in the box.

The Indian market is very competitive as the population there exceeds 1 billion, yet a phone was released without a charger.

Let’s now discuss the tech details, The new iPhones come with 5G support among other enhancements to the camera.

Yet, the prices of the iPhones haven’t changed, and there’s a new iPhone mini with a new price category.

But Apple will remove other parts from the box to compensate for the new technologies. Is it related to financial aspects other than protecting the environment? We don’t know! πŸ˜’

Sometimes, companies tell us different reasons on why they’ve done a particular step if it brings them more profit.

Enough with Apple now. Let’s discuss other news:

Lucid, who announced a new electric luxury car to be released in September 2021, have announced a new even more luxurious card to be released in 2022, The price of the car is expected to be 139K USD, Lucid wants to be a luxury electric car manufacturer and dominate the market.

OnePlus announced a new OnePlus 8T device with specs and prices no other company can afford, The price of the device will cost between 600 to 700 Euro.

It’ll come with a 4500mAh battery and 65w charger where it fully charges the battery in 39 minutes, It also comes with a 120Hz screen and powerful 48MP cameras, It comes with 12GB of RAM and a 6.55 screen.

With all these specs, the device will cost between 600 to 700 Euro, and it’ll be available in 16th of October.

OnePlus company is still on the path of their policy. They don’t want to dominate the market, rather they want a loyal fanbase.

When big Chinese companies become popular, they separate brands from each others. We all Xiaomi and Realme, and they release a lot of devices.

Realme has become a separate company and they sell very well, This is affecting OnePlus founders.

Carl Pei will leave the company and establish his own company, Carl and OnePlus founder have been working together for 8 years, and as a result, OnePlus brand is very popular now.

Carl Pei will have his own company. Most of the technologies found in OnePlus devices were developed by him.

South Korea says they’re independent and want to choose whatever 5G tech provider they want.

This has been stated by a high profile South Korean authority personnel regarding the provider of 5G to the Korean telecommunication companies.

This is South Korea’s reply regarding the pressure applied on them by the US on not working with Huawei.

Is your coffee expired or cold? I recommend a second cup and pay attention with me:😜

USA says Huawei uses their technologies to spy on users for the Chinese government, but they haven’t provided evidences until now.

Huawei is being fought, but the Koreans decided to work with them, What’s your opinion about this? Do you think it is a good response by the Koreans or not?

For me personally, I think it is a good response, as Korea itself is a tech manufacturer.

The next event we’ve been waiting for and very excited about is the Huawei Mate 40 event.

A new teaser shows that the new device might come with 6 rear cameras on one of the Mate 40 devices, Or Huawei might announce a new line of devices.

Huawei pre-released their Huawei Studio headphones even before the event.

This proves to me that the Apple is indeed working on their AirPods Studio headphones, But Apple might change the name of their headphones from Studio to something else.

In their event, Huawei is expected to release a number of products, one of them the Huawei Mate 40, Mate 40 Pro and Mate 30e, But let’s wait to see what the Mate 30e will look like.

It’s also expected that they’ll announce Huawei Studio headphones.

Huawei is a huge manufacturer with lots of technologies. No on can deny their ability to compete.

It would be a lot different if Huawei wasn’t being fought by certain companies.

YouTube might make an unexpected move, where they’d make the platform a shopping platform! πŸ™Š We’re used to getting YouTube ads.

But YouTube is thinking of expanding their business model, which could be very annoying! πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«β€¦

With the new step, YouTube will show ads of their merchants where you can click on the ad and be referred to another site to buy it.

Can you imagine that? 😫

As if we need more ads while watching YouTube videos! πŸ˜’

It is very strange from YouTube as they gain a lot of profit despite other competitors such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Shahid and others.

YouTube wants to gain more profit by making their platform a store, too.

This would be the first store from Google. By the way, the pixel is coming at the end of this month.

Let’s wait and see what happens with YouTube! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

And since you’ve reached this part of the article, let me thank you.

See you later.πŸ‘‹