Apple introduces « passkeys » and how do you increase protection❓ And more iPad mini leaks, P50 Pro and others…

17.06.2021 at 08.30 pm


The most important article you’ll read today to know the latest news of technology. so What is also happening in the cryptocurrency world after one of the most famous characters have withdrawn?

And how Apple will change passwords. And will there be laws to limit the speed of wireless charging?

I’ll also discuss the new iPad mini design. And the latest leaks about the Huawei P50 series. We’ve seen the design and colors of the devices. And like I said before, how will Apple change passwords.

During the Harmony event, Huawei revealed the design of the P50 device. And now more leaks and images have surfaced. Huawei’s CEO confirmed that the reason why the device hasn’t been released yet is because of the US sanctions on Huawei. And that Huawei preferred to announce the device along with the new Harmony OS, which will come pre-installed on the new devices.

The leaks suggest that the device will come with a punch hole in the top middle of the device to house the .front facing camera, And the back comes with a new camera module design.

There are two circles, the top contains 3 cameras and the bottom contains the fourth and a flash. The CPU will be the Kirin 9000. The battery of the device will be 4300mAh. It’ll support 66W wired charging and 55W wireless charging.

Let’s wait for its release and whether it’ll be available in our region or not. And of course the confirmation of these leaks.

We’re currently experimenting with a new TV from Sony. It is the A90J with an OLED display. The screen is high quality, and the team here is pushing it to the limits. And soon, you’ll know more details about it.

Let me know what you think. The smartphone market has been developing lately, especially when it comes to screens and cameras. But we haven’t seen any significant changes with the batteries. We’ve seen good battery enhancements with some devices, though. One of which was fast charging.

In the past, each new generation of a device used to come with a bigger battery. The charging speed also used to improve. We’ve seen this lately with Chinese companies, where some announced charging speeds with more than 100W.

Do you remember when used to think that 18W was fast?

But when we tried 65W we felt a difference. And when we try the 120W there will be more bigger difference. All of this is ok so far, but we might see limits to the wireless charging speeds. The ministry of industry and IT in China made a law that says that wireless chargers shouldn’t exceed 50W.

But why did they make this new law?

Because use faster wireless chargers might affect things around it. And that there are lots of sectors that might be affected, too. According to the ministry, these sectors include flights, shipping, astronomy and space. And that fast wireless chargers might affects some of the readings.

Do you think that this is going to change and that we’ll see wireless chargers that support higher speeds and from afar?

Or we’ll see a new technology to solve this problem?

We we were excited for wireless charging, new laws have limited it.

Let’s wait and see what happens next, Let me tell you an advice about Dark Mode on iPhones and Androids. This feature has been available for 2 years now., What’s the idea behind it?

Lots of users think it is just for aesthetics, but that’s not true. The idea is that lowering the light, especially at night will be useful for your eyes. And if the screen is OLED, then it’ll use less energy. But this depends on the screen itself. But in general, users will benefit from it.

Some users didn’t like it because they’ve used the light mode all their lives. I advise you to try it. Go the settings, then screen and turn it on. Or you can enable it to work automatically.

Using this mode will make you not only used to it, but also prefer it. Lots of users ask for apps that haven’t supported it yet to support it. It is worth trying.

Facebook is working on a new smartwatch with two detachable. cameras. The cameras can be detached and directed however you prefer. I am not sure how? it’ll be done, but these are the leaks.

One of these cameras is dedicated for video calls. The other will support autofocus and shoots 1080p videos. The watch will be made from stainless steel. It’ll support LTE, fitness tracking and other health related features. It’s said that this watch will be released in 2022, It’ll cost $400.

Facebook used to make smart devices before. They made a phone in cooperation with HTC. But the device wasn’t popular. They also made a Portal device, which I used and was great. But did Facebook learn from its past mistakes?

The HTC device used to cost $99, which users thought was expensive for what it offers. The device used to run Android, but users thought it was too Facebook-y, even for users who like Facebook.

Let’s see how things will turn out with the upcoming watch. Facebook, with their problems with privacy, will make a watch with 3 cameras and say your privacy is protected. This is impossible.

Jon Prosser, who is problem for Apple because of his almost right leaks, have leaked information about the upcoming iPad mini. The leaks suggest that the iPad will come with sharp edges. It’ll also come with a single camera and a fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button. It’ll also come with a USB-C port.

The screen size will be either 8 or 9. The previous generation came with a screen smaller than 8. It is expected to come with black, silver and gold colors. The CPU will be the A14 Bionic.

I think CPUs are not a problem with Apple devices, the reason is that all of their CPUs are fast. The new iPad mini is also expected to support the 2nd generation Apple Pencil considering the new design of it.

The support of the Apple Pencil depends on the design not the ports. iPad mini popularity is high, and users like the new design. It is expected that this iPad will score high sales. We’ll get a number of them and give them away to you.

Apple lately have focused a lot of privacy:

We didn’t give it much attention at first, but with time, companies like Facebook were angry because their business model has been affected. Apple has changed lots of things in this field.

For example, users can know the data any given app, like Facebook, gets from their devices. Users now can stop apps from tracking them. Google, at first, didn’t show any reaction, but later, they confirmed that they’ll do the exact thing as Apple.

Users rejoiced their privacy, but then billions of passwords were leaked. For more information about this, watch the previous article.

With all what’s Apple has done, they wait to raise the bar of privacy again. The solution for them is called passkeys, not passwords. Apple didn’t announce this feature in the latest event.It was probably because it wasn’t ready back then. But after the event, Apple fully explained it to developers in closed sessions.

According to developers, Apple told them that this feature might be added to iOS 15. It might not be released at first, but it’ll come later. You’ll still need passwords, which is normal. If a hacker tries to hack one of your account, even if they have the password, they won’t because they’ll also need Face ID or Touch ID.

The idea is great. It offers more protection. Especially that Face ID and Touch ID are stored in the device. No one will be able to hack it because it built in the device. But there are problems attached with this new features, and we’re not sure how Apple will solve it.

Firstly, if you want to sign in to a new device, how would you transfer the fingerprint sensor to the new device?

The fingerprint isn’t stored in the iCloud. It is stored in the device itself. How can I sign in to another device in case I lost mine?

If the device owner wants to sign in from an Android or Windows machine, how can they do it?

Will we witness a new cooperation between big companies to develop a mechanism for this passkeys feature?

Honestly, I don’t think this is going to happen. I expect that there will be a more practical way. I also think that passkeys will be directed to apps and platforms.

Let’s wait and see. The idea is great, but it is not mature yet. Hopefully, we’ll see it soon. This is the end of this news article. Hopefully you liked it.

how Apple made a smart move to deter authorized maintenance companies! Good.

See you soon.