Apple have changed their strategy this year, and probably they’ll change it even more next year! 👽Samsung have made a new CPU and cooperated with a Chinese company! 🤔

November 18-2020, at 02:00 pm

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Let’s discuss this tech news together guys, and bring your cup Coffee, don’t forget it:

Let me start it with Google, who have changed their Google Photos app’s policies.

Google Photos app has been around for a while, but lately, it was updated with new features, These features include editing photos and videos from the app itself.

It also supports more advanced features, It’s worth mentioning that Google have changed their no-limit storage, polices which is currently supported. Before, they used to support storing files no matter how big in Google photos app without a subscription.

This means that a lite version of your videos and photos will be stored on the device and a full-sized version will be stored in the cloud. This will change starting from next years, where there will be a monthly subscription.

I’ll let you know whenever more information about this subscription service in our region are available, In addition, there will be new policies updates.

But rest assured, your files stored in the cloud won’t apply to this new policy change. I’ll let you know more details whenever we get them, as there are lot of changes happening.

OnePlus 9 is getting closer and closer. And like I said in the previous episode, this device is very similar to the Galaxy devices, especially the Note.

This is the rear design of the device, and it is expected that there will be two version of this device.

OnePlus 9 is the new device from OnePlus, and it’ll be released earlier than usual. And like the title of this episode suggests, there will be lots of changes.

Even Apple’s policies will change next year, continuing the change already happening this year, We received the new iPhone 12 mini. Let us know what information do you want to know about it!

Leave your questions in the comment section. We’ve also received, the new MagSafe Wallet made from genuine leather, It is strange for a company that cares about environment to use genuine leather in their products.🤨

Speaking of Apple, the new iOS14.3 beta version shows us, a new headphone icon that Apple is expected to release soon. By soon I mean either by the end of December, or at the beginning of next year.

These headphones will be over-the-ears, where Apple will enter a new market with a new product under their umbrella. These headphones will not be under a secondary name like Beats.

Apple has been trying to do this lately, And since I am speaking about Apple, let me tell you the changes expected from them next year.

Apple, and for the first time have released 5 new devices this year, These devices are the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and iPhone SE 2nd gen.

But it is expected that Apple will release a 6th devices next year, It is expected that Apple will release 6 new devices in 2021, Ming-Chi Kuo is a known leaker, and is known to leak accurate news.

This guy said that Apple is working on releasing a new, iPhone SE Plus next year. He also said few things about the upcoming iPhone 13, which is the new series from Apple for next year.

He said that these iPhones will come with the A15 Bionic CPU, He said that there will be the main 4 devices, iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max and 13 mini.

But wait a minutes, the new iPhones have just arrived, and now, we’re talking about the new iPhone 13s?

Yes, he also said that Apple, and for the first time in their devices, will use Soft-Board batteries in the new devices.

These new batteries will provide better efficiency while using a smaller place inside the device. This means that internal parts of the iPhone will be developed or that the new iPhones will be lighter.

He also said that the new iPhone Pro and Pro Max will come with the biggest sensor in the iPhone’s history, He stated that the iPhone SE Plus will come with a 6 screen, and that there will be lots of new leaks coming.

Despite the amount of leaks this guy leaks, but also it feels like confirmed things are always attributed to him. Despite him being….., anyway!🤭

The new upcoming iPhones from Apple will be a new different game for them.

This year, they’ve released 5 new devices, And if they release 6 devices next year, this means that they are trying to intensify their production just like other companies.

They want to reach a bigger user base, It is true that these iPhones are expensive, reaching up to approximately more than $800.

know that they want to compete in the mid-range market, We don’t deny that Apple’s old policy was to release a number of old and new devices, ranging from cheap to expensive.

They had a catalogue of devices instead of releasing, lots of devices every year. Apple’s policy have changed, and now they want to release more devices just like all other companies.

I’ll discuss Samsung news now:

They’ve released a new 1080 CPU with high capabilities.

This CPU supports cameras with up to 200MP, This CPU can also edit HDR10+ videos ON the device.

It also supports high speed processing power with AI integration, The idea is that Samsung releases their CPUs just like Intel and Qualcomm.

Let’s say these CPUs come with 40 massive capabilities, And those who want to use these CPUs in their devices can benefit from, let’s say, 10 capabilities out of the 40 available. They can minimize these capabilities, too, Meaning that they can produce the device they want with the capability they want.

Samsung also announced a new cooperation between them and Vivo, It is clear that Vivo will be the first company to use this new CPU in their devices by officially adopting them.

S21 and S21 Plus covers show that there’s a difference between the sizes of the screens of both devices, The length and width of the S20 will be similar to that of the S21.

There’s a actual difference between two photos, It is expected that these devices will be officially announced at the beginning of 2021.

Companies are racing to announce their devices earlier, Some users published videos showing the durability of Volvo cars and their security level.

While in fact, these tests, where 10 cars were dropped form 30m high face down. These tests were actually trainings with rescue departments to help them save lives of car passengers.

These tests were to train rescue teams how to deal with accidents and the new materials these cars are made from.

These accidents could be falling from a high place or crashing to other objects in high speeds, for example. These videos show the cooperation ability Volvo has to work with rescue teams.

These tests weren’t done to test these Volvo cars, Volvo did such tests before to show us how durable their cars are.

Those who published these videos weren’t accurate this time, This is the end of this article.

See you in the next reviews.👋