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15.06.2021 at 05.30 pm


This is the most important article you’ll read since I’ll discuss lots of data breaches and how powerful Apple is. To remind you, your coffee.☕

I’ll discuss lots of stories about hacking and theft. Anonymous threatens Elon Musk. What’s the reason?

And the information of 8.4 billion users have leaked, and there’s a chance that one of your accounts is exposed. And Apple compensate a user with millions of dollars because they leaked her data. I’ll also discuss phishing on the App Store, which you might be a victim of.

This article is full of stories. Let’s start:

A few days ago, Apple announced their latest operating systems for their different devices. They released it in the WWDC21 event. The event was disappointing because Apple didn’t release any hardware in it. Apple focused on privacy in their operating systems. You can read the summary article of the event. I’ll leave a link of the article.

We used to say that iPhone 6s won’t support iOS 15. The reason being that this iPhone’s hardware won’t be compatible with the new OS. The device does support iOS 15, but not all the features. This device is nearly 7 years old, yet it still supports the new OS. Thanks Apple for this.

The same thing applies to Mac devices. The new update will be supported with MacBooks released in 2015. There are also other devices from 2013 that will support it. These devices are now 9 years old, yet they still support the new OS. Apple is flexing.

Devices that won’t support the new OS will still receive security updates. If your device isn’t in the list, you’ll still get security updates. This is one of Apple’s strengths in the market.

Hopefully, other operating systems, like Android will do the same thing Apple is doing.

Hopefully, Windows and Harmony systems will follow the same approach. It’s great to buy a device that still receive updates after 5 or 6 years. Thanks to Apple for supporting this. I am not saying that the iPhone is the best smartphone in the world, but this is one of its strengths.

The idea is great. What do you think of it?🤔

Lots of us expected that Apple will focus on AR during the event. We’re excited for their upcoming glasses. Apple mentioned that there will be lots of enhancements that will be great for developers

The question remains: where is the glasses we’ve been waiting for?

Leaks suggest that we’ll see it in 2022. The evidence is a paper directed to investors from Apple. The paper was to encourage investors to pour money. One of the data is that there will be a glasses to be released in 2022.

There will also be a lite version of it in 2025. Apple will invest 4 years in this field. Apple will continue investing in AR and their upcoming glasses.

The project will be great. The parts of this glasses will be supplied to Apple from the same iPhone 13 suppliers. Apple is happy with their suppliers. They promised their suppliers that part of the upcoming glasses project will be done by them.

The leaked information suggest that the glasses will weigh between 200 to 300g. It’ll also come with a Mini LED screen. You’ll be able to see different information projected on it. The glasses is also rumored to come with 15 cameras. This week we’re experimenting with the RTX 3070 Ti from Nvidia.

We made a review about it. It is available here, We’re also experimenting with the WF-1000XM4 wireless headphones from Sony. It is the king of Noise Cancelation from the premium category. It is also packed with lots of technologies. Stay visite us to know more about technology. This could be the 3rd article in raw where I discuss cryptocurrencies.

Today’s topic is about cryptocurrencies but from a side no one expected: I’ll remind to read the other articles where I also discussed this topic.

The hacking group Anonymous fights for the weak on the internet. Anonymous published a video threatening Elon Musk. Previous, they hacked different personnels and governments in the name of weak people. Anonymous issued a video where they attacked Elon Musk.

They threatened Elon Musk and exposed their business and how he manipulate the market. They asked Elon Musk to stop manipulating the cryptocurrency market. They said that his manipulations and moves harm small investors.

Why are these people being fought?

We’ll see whether Elon Musk will keep tweeting about cryptocurrencies or not. In the video, Anonymous exposed Elon Musk’s and his family’s history.

According to them, Elon Musk made shady deals in the past. Anonymous confirmed that they’ll keep exposing Elon Musk. There could be lots of actions between one of the biggest hacking group in the world and Elon Musk.

We’ll see whether Elon Musk will keep manipulating the market or not. You’re supposed to add your devices to the Find My apps, whether they are iPhones or Androids before you lose them. If you lose your iPhone, you can visit the iCloud website to know the location of your device. You can lock the device forever, or show up a message on the screen so that if someone finds it they can call you. If you have other devices from Apple, this would help you, too.

After you activate the device, visit the Find My app and add your device to it. If your device is Android, you can sign in to your gmail account and search for Find My Device. And Google will start looking for your lost device that’s connected with the same account.

Follow the instructions to find it. There’s also an official app for them to locate devices that are signed in with the same account. The name of the app is Find My Device.

It works the same way as the Find My app from Apple. Reports from CyberNews confirm that a 100GB file containing 8.4 billion passwords have leaked.

What happens with big files that has passwords? They leak of course. The file name is Rock You 2020, and it contains passwords for different platforms.

The same thing happened in 2009, which allowed hackers to hack accounts around the world. They stole what they could of data out of these accounts. There’s a website that you can visit to check whether your accounts have leaked or not.

There’s a term called Completion of Many Breaches. It is a number of hacks together, and the biggest is the Rock You 2020. It is the biggest data leaks including Netflix and LinkedIn data, and happened few months ago. The leaked accounts passed 3 billions. But now, they’ve become 8 billions. It’s become frightening now.

Some wonder why would someone publish these leaked data. They are experiments that take place in closed forums and hackers get paid. Someone pays for hackers to get these files that contains data about certain accounts. And then, these data get compromised.

The possibility of of your accounts being leaked is 1%. The Earth’s population is 7 billion, and the leaked data contain 8 billions accounts. At least, there’s a number of your accounts that have been leaked.

I advise you make sure of your passwords and enable 2FA. Problems will start now with the leakage of these data. The App Store have strict polices and Apple make sure that all laws are applied to all apps.

Lots of users don’t worry about installing apps from this store. In a court hearing, Tim Cook confirmed that without these strict polices, the App Store would be chaos.

A report from Washington Post says that 2% of the most 1000 apps in the store scam users in a way or another. It could be through fake reviews. These apps will scam you get money.

Most of these apps are for reading and scanning codes. But they’ll show you notifications saying that your iPhone or iPad contains viruses. And to get rid of these viruses, you should install certain apps.

Amazon app is safe, but some reviews suggest otherwise. According to the report, the damage these apps have caused reaches up to $48 million. An Apple official confirmed that no one is perfect, and that no matter how tough rules are, someone will curl around them.

He also confirmed that the percentage is small and proves that Apple does a great job in this regard. He also confirmed that the $48 million number is very small compared to the $1.5 billion that was stopped last year. I told you that a girl was compensated with millions of dollars, but we’re not sure whether she is a victim or the employees are dump.

Let me summarize the story for you:

A student took her phone to a certified by Apple company to fix it. Employees got private photos out of her device and published it on her Facebook account. This is a stupid thing to do. They didn’t get any benefit out of it. In exchange, the girl got millions in compensation because of it. An Apple official confirmed that Apple takes privacy seriously.

Apple dealt with this case in a smart way. They forced to the company to pay the money to the girl from their own. They got out of it by saying that this company isn’t owned by Apple and the employees are not employed by them. This company has lots millions of dollars because of a stupid mistake.

Other companies that work under Apple’s supervision have learned the lesson so that they won’t make the same mistake again. These companies will now focus on the employees and learn from the mistake that has occurred. There’s a footage that reminds me of this story.

Apple has done the exact same thing with the rest of companies. Other companies have learned this lesson. This is the end of this article news. It was full of important information, and that’s why it is a bit long.

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