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12.07.21 at 00:00 am


I enjoyed in Switzerland😍, especially after I got to see the first fully electric luxury car from Mercedes Benz. Apple will have their own academy in KSA. What is this academy? And why is it only for girls? I’ll also discuss the upcoming Unpacked event from Samsung, where they’ll announce their foldable devices. Let me remind you to bring your Coffee and Enjoy the news article.

Let’s start guys, Surely, you’ve watched the stories on different social media accounts about the EQS car from Mercedes. The car is actually different and very beautiful. The car is fully electric. Mercedes decided to add all the technologies available to this car. Usually, electric cars don’t come with lots of technologies. The reason is that companies want to save more battery by reducing supported technologies. The car is amazing, and I’ll make a first impression full review about it soon. Check this technology. This is the Mercedes EQS car.

Officially, Apple will bring an academy dedicated for girls to KSA. The academy will be for girls older than 18 years. Apple cooperated with Princess Nura Bent Abdelrahman university and Twaiq academy. Through these cooperations, girls will be able to develop app for iOS platform. In general, male developers are more than female developers. This is a universal thing.

This doesn’t mean that girls can’t handle technology, on the contrary, this is an opportunity for them to become developers. This means that they’ll help with the economy and will have an income through developing apps.

This will bring new opportunities for them. The academy’s capacity is 600 graduates each year, and the preparation program will last for 30 days.

They’ll start with the preparation program and then there will be a program that extends to 10 months.

Android users are used to using the 3 or 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate the system.

These buttons are dedicated for navigation. But with the latest updates, there’s is a navigation bar to help you move between apps instead of the old method. It is similar to the navigation bar found on iPhone X and higher devices.

Apple inspired this feature from an old device. Let me know which device Apple inspired this feature from in the comment section. If you prefer the navigation bar on Android devices, you can go to the settings app, then screen then visit the navigation bar and then you can choose it instead of the traditional buttons.

Our Visitors asks: « Are the Buds Pro suitable for watching TV series and Movies? Are they comfortable in the ears? And can you watch movies with this without any problem?

There won’t be any lag when watching movies. It’ll work perfectly. This in case the device you’re using with it supports it. The headphones works perfectly with Samsung’s TVs, smartphones and tablets. But with devices from other manufacturers, here could be a bit of delay. But this is not supposed to affect your experience.

I also advice you to check the silicon ear tips. Ears could have different sizes. Use the right ones for maximum comfort. And yes, these headphones are great for movies.

Finally, Nintendo announced the new Switch device, but it is not the Pro version. It is just the OLED version. The only difference is that it comes with a slightly bigger 7″ OLED screen.

The screen of the current device is 6.2″ LCD panel. The speakers are also enhanced to provide better audio experience. The device also comes with a better more practical stand. It also comes with an integrated ethernet port.

The onboard storage has been increased to 64GB from 32GB.Not all people need this device. And the screen isn’t 4K. Most people were waiting for a 4K version, but Nintendo decided not to release it. The price of the device is $350.

The release date of this device will be soon. I don’t think upgrading to this device is necessary. If you don’t have a Switch device, then it
might be a good option for you. I have 3 versions. Upgrading from the Lite or the regular versions wouldn’t be worth it.

I am waiting, though, for the 4K version. It’d be worth upgrading to.

In my experience, the Nintendo Switch is the best device for kids and teenagers. Nintendo actually care about families and parental control. Through this device, and unlike other devices, you
can simply control what games your kids play.

The games on this device don’t support direct chat with others. This device offers high security and safety measures.

We’ve got a number of new devices from Huawei. We’ve also got devices like the Realme GT, Realme 5 and Realme 8 5G. There are also new headphones. I’ll start testing these devices to prepare for the review articles. Let me know what you’d like to know about these devices in the comment.

In August 11, there will be an Unpacked event from Samsung. Samsung will release their Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds 3 devices. I’ve discussed the specs of these devices in previous articles. You can read these articles by checking our magazine I’ll discuss the leaks suggesting the release date of these devices.

Leaks suggest that the Fold 3 will be available in August 27 in USA and UK. And later, it’ll be available worldwide. The release date of the Flip 3 device hasn’t leaked yet. Most leaks suggest that it’ll be available mid September.

The headphones and watch will probably be released at the beginning of September.

The S22 Ultra won’t come with a 200MP main camera, instead, it’ll come with the same 108MP camera. But it’ll come with a more advanced sensor.

This sensor is expected to enhance the autofocus by 50%. Autofocus with this version is better than the previous version.

Samsung is working on enhancing it even more with the upcoming device. The CPU is expected to the first of its kind, that is the SD895.

This CPU will be released first with the S22 family. The screen sizes will be as follows: the regular version will be 6, the Pro version will be 6.5, while the Ultra version will be 6.8.

All screens will be OLED with LTPO technology. These screen will offer better refresh rate. There are rumors that suggest the screens will offer higher quality resolution.

Where does Samsung want to go with their screens? They basically offer the best screens in the market.

Let me now discuss the last news. There are a number of leaks about the upcoming Apple devices.

The first leak suggests that Apple will use the same design as the iPhone XR and 11 with the upcoming iPhone SE 3. Apple will follow their design and parts recycling method with this device. Which is a smart method from Apple. What’s important is that the fingerprint sensor will be embedded in the side power button. This method is similar to Apple’s method with the latest iPad Air.

Honestly, it is a great method, since we’ve found that a dedicated fingerprint sensor is better. We’ve also found that the side fingerprint sensor button is easier and simpler. Other leaks suggest that Apple will ditch the iPhone mini with the iPhone 14 series. Apple will replace wit with the iPhone 14 Max.

Notice that I haven’t said Pro Max. Instead, I said iPhone 14 Max. The reason being that the iPhone mini hasn’t met the sales expectations. Even though I think it is a great device. It’s price isn’t tempting, though, since the price difference between it and the iPhone 12 isn’t much. Buyng the regular version would be a better option.

This is the end of this review. I wish you a great weekend. I also wish you great time with your family and loved ones.

See you later.