And WhatsApp did not back down from its policies!💥🤫IPhone 13 with a fingerprint and another foldable 🤨😈

21.01.2021 at 00:30 pm

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User think that WhatsApp retreated from their new policy. They didn’t retreat!

Xiaomi might face the same obstacles Huawei has been facing.

Apple excelled with their new innovations and their upcoming devices are more than we expected.

Hello Guys, bring your hot coffee ☕😈, because i have a hot news guys 🔥 i just wrote article about a new project in KSA, (Learn about an industry that never loses!) , so, I’ll start this article with news from KSA too.

Huawei will build one of their biggest stores in KSA. It’ll be their biggest store outside of China. The store will be in Riyadh, and soon more information will be released about the products that will be showed in it. I visited some Huawei stores in China.

We found their main products displayed there among with other technologies. These technologies are usually not shown to users. There are also interactive experiences and cafe shops.

Hopefully, Huawei will return to competition soon.😊

Samsung have released their new S21 devices. We’re starting to know more and more about these devices. I tested the Stylus that comes with a silicone case. I found that it is very logical that the Stylus come with a cover. The efficiency of the Stylus is very good. I’ll test it thoroughly and showcase its capabilities.

Stay with us to know more about in the upcoming article reviews.😈

The idea of supporting an external Stylus is actually great from Samsung. Note series lover might think this new S21 Ultra device is a good option for them.

My mission now is to compare the Exynos 2100 and SD888 CPUs.😜

USA added Xiaomi to their blacklist of companies that deal with the Chinese army. There’s a law passed in 1999 that states that any company that deals with the Chinese army is a threat to the national security of the US.

Thus, US companies shall not deal with these companies. Xiaomi has been added to the list by a decision taken by the president Trump. Xiaomi confirmed that they have no connection with the Chinese army. They also confirmed that they’ll follow official procedures.

Hopefully, they won’t face what Huawei has been facing.

Xiaomi is the third biggest phone manufacturer worldwide. Samsung, the biggest phone manufacturer in the world, has a perfect relationship with the US. They have cooperations with Apple.

Huawei, the second biggest phone manufacturer in the world, has been facing problems with the US since mid 2019. These problems have affected their growth and competition.

Will Xiaomi be next, where they’ll be deprived from Google services?

Will US companies be forbidden from selling Xiaomi their technologies?

Xiaomi brand doesn’t actually only include Xiaomi. It also includes Poco and Redmi.

Let’s wait and see. If this happens, then the International competition will be affected.🔥

💥 To all those who thought WhatsApp will retreat from deleting their accounts, you’re wrong. WhatsApp only postponed it. It’ll be postponed until May this year.

WhatsApp confirmed to users that their conversations are secure and encrypted. It also confirmed that their conversations won’t be shared with Facebook. We’ve seen lots of users shift to using apps such as Signal and Telegram.

Speaking of Telegram, we have a group there. Join it. WhatsAp only delayed the change of their polices to May. They confirmed that they won’t delete accounts, but the new policy of sharing data with Facebook will remain the same. The data will be shared if users interact with Business accounts for better marketing. But the encryption will remain the same.

When you interact with a Business account such as DHL, the data might be shared with Facebook. What do you think now? Will you continue using WhatsApp? 🙊

More details about the ISOCELL HM3 108MP sensor from Samsung and how it provides better experience. And how it deals and merges high ISO photos with low ISO images. And how these hybrid photos are better for users.

Samsung have provided lots of details about the sensor, which supports high photography capabilities. We’re testing this sensor with the S21 Ultra device. I’ve started the experiment.

I should say that this device supports lots of accessories. Other devices support accessories too, but the accessories of this device have caught my attention. The creativity with this device is better than of the previous version. I’ll review these accessories on the magazine soon. Latest news from Apple is that they’re working on a number of devices.

Such as the MacBook Pro 14 and 16, These MacBooks will come with the M series CPU. Touch Bar The design will be similar to previous designs, but this time, Apple will remove the Touch Bar.

USB-C Thunderbolt 4 More ports will be included other than the USB-C and Thunderbolt 4.

Apple will released their Pro versions with better and higher performances for Pro users.

This will continue with other devices, too. They will release a new iMac device with better design and a more powerful M Series CPU.
Apple is working on these devices, which is exciting. They’ll also release a new Lite version of the Mac mini, which will be smaller with more adaptability from users. If true, then I am very excited to review these devices.

Hopefully, this year will be great for newer technologies. The most important thing is the Xiaomi and Huawei not to be prevented from competing. Let’s continue with Apple. They might release the iPhone 13 with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Reports suggest that the new iPhones will either be called iPhone 12s or iPhone 13. Hopefully they don’t go back to the S naming anymore.

If true, then Apple will add a new secure unlocking options, which is the in-display fingerprint sensor. Apple has never released a device with an in-display fingerprint sensor before.

The fingerprint sensor used to come with the home button. It’s great if a new secure unlocking method is added to iPhones. Also, 120Hz refresh rate is coming the new iPhones.

Only the Pro version of these devices will support it. Other versions won’t support it. What’s more important is the new iPhones Apple will release this year. Hopefully, these devices will be great.

Reports confirm that Apple is testing new iPhones with a foldable screen.

Apple will enter this market that many companies are excelling it.

Have your read the news about the leaks of the foldable Xiaomi device?😴 woke up from sleep! 😁

The idea is that Apple waits to release new technologies to study how users will adopt them. When they release them, it’s after they’ve considered everything about them from other companies.

I don’t know, hopefully, Apple will enter this market. Let’s wait to see whether they’ll make a new design or release a device with similar design to the others.

New photos have been leaked, and we’re not sure whether they on purpose or y mistake about a foldable Xiaomi device! This device looks very similar to the Fold design from Samsung. I think this design is the best when it comes to foldable devices.

There are no details about the external screen of this device. The device runs MIUI from Xiaomi. It’s expected that this year will be great for Xiaomi.

Hopefully, what happened to Huawei won’t happen to them. If you’ve reached this point in the article, then you like these news article, good men 😍

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