An electric and luxury car coming from the future! 😮Mercedes Mercedes Vision EQS 👽

Review 72: 20.01.2021 at 00:00 am

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Mercedes decided to make future cars by making the EQS. Let me explain what Mercedes said about this car. Guys, how are you? and this is the Vision EQS car, I wanted to write a review about this car for a long time in the modified cars section, but since it is an unmodified car but rather a smart car, I decided today to talk about it.

This car is made for the future. The final version of this car could look similar to this one. If you noticed, the car has ambient lights. The lights are also on the front grill. It also contains a number of cameras and sensors. The pattern of the lights is decided by the car itself.

If feels like you are standing in front of a huge screen not a front of a car. This is how Mercedes decided to make the Vision EQS. This is Mercedes’ vision for the future. Mercedes said that in 2039, the future of cars will be different, where electric cars will the basis.

This car has lots of technology and internal cameras. It is a 4 seat car, where the 4 passengers can interact with the car separately. The driver won’t be doing anything, as the car will drive itself. The car supports different heating and cooling settings for all 4 passengers.

The lights and sensors are different in this car. The back of the car doesn’t contain anything as it is an electrical car. The lights are very beautiful.

Let’s take a look at the steering wheel. The steering wheel has a minimalist design. When the windows are closed, you can’t see what’s inside it. But when you turn on the car, the front panel and buttons will appear.

The lights change with modes. They are also interactive. It has morning and night driving modes. The Vision EQS will be able to support this among other things.

Mercedes are know for making beautiful cars. It is a luxury car. This is what’s different with this car. Mercedes are trying to make futuristic luxury cars. In the roof of the car. Notice how many air condition vents there are.

Every passenger will have their own air condition vent with different settings. There are no side mirrors as it comes with cameras and sensors. The car is very beautiful.

This is the Vision EQS from Mercedes Benz. Let’s wait to see if the future will be like this. my God, Mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little.

See you in the next reviews 👽