Amazon Echo (4th gen)! Worth buying?😈

Blog 47: November 29-2020, at 00:30 am


We are having a great time with the new amazon echo sporting a new one, futuristic spherical look this is the fourth generation amazon echo and we are reviewing it right now.

Hello guys, bring your cup coffee as always and welcome to this new article review before buying your device.😈

this is the smart speaker of the future and you know it, because has shape, like a sphere, spheres are the shape of the future gaze, it’s a new design, okay, a bit bulky actually.

yes, we may not be as impressed by the great and all-powerful sphere as we are supposed to be, but here’s the good news, everything else about this gadget makes it one of the best smart speakers have we ever honestly tested.

the sound quality is great is great, ago make smart home things super easy, so you should just drop everything, and run and buy it, such once this is the fourth generation of 100.

Amazon echo comes in three colors glacier white carbon and twilight blue has a built-in zigbee receiver, so you can finish with a glut of smart home hubs, it works as a bridge for the new ones, curb protocol to extend the reach of your devices and packages in some adaptive audio technology, basically Amazon packed in amany of the functions they used to save for their most expensive echo with the zigbee hub and the best sound and it still only costs one hundred dollars! so cool!🤪

so from the beginning if you like spheres or not, this the device is quite attractive, apart from the new physical features, you will be surprised to hear this, you can still give a variety of voices command this gadget and it will respond.

Freaked out, so yeah, pretty much the same things you could do anywhere of Amazon smart speakers forever which said that Amazon updates its assistant every time its wizard is actually good.

but one of our problems with this device is that it is a safe update, Amazon did not reinvent the wheel is shaped like sphere, not wheel are different, so the difference is reduced to hardware.

and let’s take a closer look at that starting with the sound quality, the new echo has a three-inch woofer , double-shot tweeters and uses dolby processing to try to deliver great sound quality when Time to play some music and rock out, that’s smarter and a additional tweeter about the latest generation echo google just released one hundred.

The smart speaker of a dollar is also called Nest Audio, and that one also promises to have really good sound quality.

honestly they both sound great even with more complexes, Both tracks keep the parts of the music quite different.

for a much less muddy sound than previous generations of smart speakers, the echo in particular is a big step even over the last generation echo, my wife said he had a lot more fun listening, to hip-hop in the echo than in the nest audio and I trust my wife, it’s much cooler.

that I in acoustics, I would give Nest’s audio a light edge, I think it’s a bit lighter, in the midrange,but the echo is clearly more powerful, it is clearly echo still sounds great the verdict the new echo wins this.

And has louder on almost all volumes at maximum volume echo may sound a bit muddy, but nest audio fills up much earlier, so when you’re at that comparable higher point great sound quality, especially for a hundred dollar smart speaker.

you can even pair two of them to get stereo sound, or pair it with a fire television transmitter and use it to play the audio from your television, why not!

finally, the smart home I mentioned the zigbee hub, that means your echo can talk to low power smart home devices such, as light bulbs and door sensors without the need for intermediary hub.

your echo can also be used for Set up those devices honestly, it’s great, it’s super fast, is a cool feature, and there is sidewalk that means your echo will take a slice of your wi-fi signal, and convert it to low power bluetooth and radio frequencies that you can send further which wi-fi for your outdoor smart home.

Gadgets can still connect to the cloud without needing to be near your router, like I said, new hardware is great.😍

If you’ve been curious about smart speakers, this is a good device for Start up your smart home, keep in mind you still get the same wizard with the new 50 points.

so if you have doubts, you can start there, but in general I really like the new echo and it’s 100 price means our newest one is worth buying.😈👍

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See you in the next review.🤪