AirPods Pro and AirPods! What is the difference between them? Which is better for you?🤫

Blog 30 October 25, 2020 at 00:00 Am, by @otto.magazin.eng

💬 Apple has two wireless headphones : AirPods Pro and regular AirPods.

Which one is the best? Which one is the most suitable? How can you save money? Read this Article:

Hello guys, bring your coffee, and welcome to OTTOMAGAZIN +, Apple officially released the AirPods Pro.

There is also the AirPods second generation, which was released early 2019.

The second generation supported wireless charing. You could buy the whole package, and you can also buy it without the wireless case.

You could also only buy the wireless case if you already have the AirPods first generation.

The specs and features on this one are still supported. You can also buy these AirPods from Apple’s website.

Apple issued a series of headphones. The new one doesn’t replace the old one, rather gives it more features.

If you think the new features on the new one are great for you, then they would be great for you, if not, the older generation could be a great option too.

AirPods Pro supports noice cancelling. If you enable it, you won’t hear your surrounding.

Enabling it will isolate you from your environment.

Some users need this feature, while others don’t.

The second feature on this AirPods is the ambient sound.

You can turn this mode on by pressing and holding on the stem of the headphone.

You can turn on and off these modes using the phone too. You could also enable it momentarily to hear someone speaking to you.

These AirPods come with internal mic. This enabled a new feature on these AirPods Pro.

This mic will determine if the ear tips used are great fit or not to give you the best experience.

The box contains different ear tips. You can try them to get the right fit.

Don’t change both of the tips. Sometimes, ears can be different. Experiment with the silicone ear tips to get the best fit.

Even if the medium ear tips are good, try the other tips, they could be even better.

AirPods 2019 and AirPods Pro have a chip called H1. This chip will enable lots of features.

Both AirPods are kind of similar, but the Pro come with additional features, and you can enable them from you device.

If you go to Bluetooth and open the connected AirPods Pro, you can try different settings.

With Bluetooth 5, you can connect 2 headphones together.

This has become easier with these two versions.

You can listen to content with someone else.

If yo care about noice cancelling, water and dust resistant, battery, bigger size, then the AirPods Pro is a great option for you.

If these things don’t mean anything to you, then save money and buy the 2019 AirPods version. If you have the older generation, that doesn’t come with a wireless charger, then you’ll be fine.

Technically, there is not much difference between it and the 2019 version. Save your money.

It is up to you to choose between these two headphones, the 2019 AirPods and the AirPods Pro.

There are also standard iPhones and iPhone Pros.

Who knows, maybe Apple will release a Pro Apple Watch.

There’s also an iPad and iPad Pro.

Pro is for people who demand more.

But these Pro devices come with a higher price, and it is up to you to decide if they are worth it or not.

This is how they look when you wear them.

What’s important is that you should save money by choosing the most suitable device for you.

Once you wear the the AirPods Pro, it will cancel the noise around you, unlike the 2019 AirPods version. Once this mode is enabled, you won’t hear noises around you even if you’re not listening to content.

But this consumes the battery. Something else is that you won’t be able to know your surroundings.

If you are in a crowded place and want to speak with people around you, then the 2019 version is better for you.

The Pro version could be for people who need these new features.

This is the end of this article, You can charge these headphones wirelessly using your phone, and You can charge them using a Samsung device.

They also work with Android devices, but the best experience will be with iPhones.