After the US blockade 🇺🇸🔥, the Chinese giant « Huawei » challenges « Google » with a new operating system to compete with Android! 🇨🇳 😈

17.01.2021 at 04:30 pm

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If you feel that your phone has become very heavy and you are playing your favorite game on it, then you will think of changing it to a better one, after consulting your wallet of course 😂, and if you are not an expert in phones, you will seek the help of your experienced friend electronically (the phone expert) and let’s assume that his name is William He will ask you about your interests in phones before he recommends the best phone for you, and the most important question William will ask you is do you want an iPhone or a phone running the Android system? It is a very important question for William, because the mobile operating system determines many situations in your interactions with him, so if you choose an iPhone, you will imprison yourself in a park Apple Store, and this garden if you enter it is difficult to exit, And if you choose Android, you will take for yourself Greater freedom to work with a wider range of devices, but what our friend William doesn’t know is that this question will soon become more complex! Instead of comparing only iPhone or Andriod, the question will turn to: Do ​​you want an iPhone, Android or Harmony OS? 🙄

What is the Harmony System? Is it different from iPhone and Android? Is it really going to eat OS market soon?😨

We will answer these questions in this article by OTTO Magazin, but before that bring your favorite coffee and you are welcome.

In October 2003, an engineer named Robert founded with 3 of his friends a company that aimed to manufacture digital cameras, but digital cameras were not tireless at the time, so they decided to work in another field, which is mobile operating systems, and Nokia and Microsoft were the dominant market players at the time, but they It does not meet all the needs of the user, as it was not smart. Hence, the role of the company that was founded by Robert and his partners came to create a new system that is smart and comfortable for the user, and it is an open source system, so that everyone can see his code and modify it accordingly. It is commensurate with their needs, thus developing the system from all parties, not from the company only, and from here the Andriod operating system was launched, and this is what attracted the attention of Google, which applies the rule of what you do not know to make, buy it.

In 2005, Google acquired Android for $ 50 million, and it is considered one of the most successful deals that Google made in its entire history, so what will Google benefit from buying an open Android system that everyone can modify? 🤔

Google’s plan was to develop a group of Google Mobile services, which would make Android services better, in addition to technical support from Google, these services are the source of its income, in addition to its series of phones that will operate with this system, and Google continued to work on developing the Android system until a year 2007, where Steve Job announced the release of the first smart phone, the first fully touch screen mobile without buttons, shocked the whole world, not just Google, and therefore users turned to using it and relying on Apple’s iOS system, after selling about a million and a half of this IPhone after only 6 months of its launch on the market.

But Google did not remain idle, as it announced the launch of the Android system that will compete with the iPhone system strongly, as the iPhone is a sealed black box, which does not give the user the freedom to modify or change. Indeed, it contracted with only one communication network, which is at & t, and Apple was the first company to prevent telecommunications companies from modifying their system, and this is what caused the long-term exclusion of the mediator role that telecom companies were playing to sell phones, but this crisis did not last long, because in September 2008, the first Android phone, the J one, was launched in the market, and this is what telecommunications companies were looking for, and from here began the strong race in the market between the Iphone and the Android system.

And over the course of 12 years of competition to this day, each one is trying to win over the other, as Android came out of Google’s robes, and entered into Samsung phones, then Huawei and Xiaomi, Oppo and others, while Apple is still locked in its black box, and in the midst of this Conflict and racing, there is another giant preparing to enter this race to change the world, and wants to clash the world like Apple did in 2007, this giant is the Chinese company Huawei, and because of the war against it from the (former) President Trump’s administration, it has become almost impossible to use Google services such as Play Store! Thus Anrdoid system on its devices became a problem!🙆‍♀️

As usual, the Chinese decided to do something different, so that Huawei would not remain at the mercy of Google and the US government, and were making its own operating system, which is the Harmony OS, and its goal was not only out of the clothes of Google and the US government, but also its long-term goals, so that Huawei aims to create a unified operating system that unifies the operation of all electronic devices with one system, which is Hermony OS with the help of 5G technology, which is much ahead of Huawei in its industry globally, which is called the Internet of Things, this is Huawei’s main goal to dominate the world in the near future.

One operating system, speaking one language, and communicating with each other efficiently, and this is what the Internet of Things will need Huawei announced on September 10, 2020 that the first version of the Harmony OS will be launched during the beginning of the New Year 2021, although it still suffers from a problem The silicon chip industry, due to its complete dependence on American patents, beginning with design, manufacturing and distribution, although it has a stock of chips ending until the middle of this year, 2021, after which the fate of the chips will be unknown! 🙊 There are also doubts about Huawei’s ability to manufacture mobile phones that will work with the new system alone, but with the fall of President Trump, Huawei’s hope has become great with Biden to lift the ban and for Huawei to return to its use of Andriod and then Harmeny OS, but it will not be able to use this system alone, because it is On its own, it will not attract the attention of developers to invest their time and effort in making copies of the Harmony system, so Huawei will need at least Chinese companies such as Oppo and Xiaomi in order to leave the Andriod system and adopt the new Harmony OS, and this is a somewhat difficult decision, as it is considered a great risk of leaving the system. Google Stable, 🤷‍♂️ for a completely different OS! It will probably be an unwise decision! 😈

The only hope for this crazy thing is the pressure of the Chinese government 🇨🇳 on Chinese companies to rely on the Harmony OS, and this is not excluded from the Chinese government, especially as it will not hesitate to assert its technological superiority over Western countries, especially the United States of America.😈

See you in the next reviews.👋